When you decide to go for a holiday to an exotic Asian country — the Indonesia and Thailand top the list of favorites. The peaceful, warm beach scenario is a perfect getaway from mundane daily life! The impact of the kratom growing in both these places is similar! However, some differences make one a preferred choice.

Kratom grows in the Southeast Asian region, and the properties of each species depend on the area of birth.

Indonesian kratom will have a different impact than Thai kratom, and then there are different types of kratom within each species also.

The vein color of the leaves plays an integral role in how every strain impacts users and improves health in subtle yet effective ways.

The white vein kratom is often called the mild and straightforward type of kratom.

Let’s see how the white vein strain of Thailand is similar and different from the Indonesian white kratom and what makes any of them better.

The white vein kratom

White vein kratom from all regions is a very positive supplement for users who want to feel stimulated and energetic. This type of strain does not have high pain relief quality, but they can enhance the mood and suppress depression and anxiety.

Some of the white vein variations may be stronger than others, but the effects are almost the same.

All white vein kratom types are an excellent supplement for users who suffer from depression or lack of focus.

If you want to be at the top of your game in daily office work or sports or any chore that requires energy; the white vein strains are the right choice for you!

White vein Indo kratom vs white Thai kratom: similarities & differences

The Indo white vein kratom grows in Sumatra, Indonesia. The kratom plant requires a humid, warm climate and the vagaries of weather create a small difference in the properties of this plant.

The white vein Indo kratom has a central vein that is light green, or almost white in appearance. This vein color makes the powder color much brighter than red and green white variations.

Indo white vein kratom powder is light brown and has a deep, nutty aroma.

This kratom type is known to be an energizing strain when taken in smaller amounts, but the same has a soothing effect if consumed in high doses.

The Thai white vein kratom is grown in Thailand and has a lot of physical similarities with the Indonesian white vein variety.

It forms a light brown powder when putting through the grind and also has a similar dense aroma.

However, the Thai kratom is known to be a little more ‘aggressive’ or potent in many ways, which includes side effects as well!

The chemical composition

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, has two main components; mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The Indo white vein kratom has a higher proportion of mitragynine than the 7-hydroxymitragynine, which makes it a milder pain killer than the red or green vein variations.

However, it is this composition that makes it an energizing and stimulating strain.

The Thai white vein kratom has both the, but it also contains a vast array of alkaloids that add to the energizing effect.

Thai white vein is a strain that gained popularity due to its strong stimulating effects, which are because of the alkaloids content in this specific type of kratom.


Indo white vein kratom has the same refreshing and stimulating effect as your morning coffee. The Thai white vein also possesses the same qualities as are mentioned here. This energizing effect is why a lot of people use these strains in the morning to

  • Increase focus
  • Feel active
  • Reduce depression
  • Improve cognitive skills
  • Memory improvement
  • Stay motivated, and
  • Increase work stamina

The white vein kratom types will help people who feel lethargic, slow, or inactive due to weakness or irregular routine.

When work requires focus and demands physical activity, the Indo white vein and Thai white vein kratom can be your magic trick! They have a nootropic effect, which means that they can improve cognitive skills and reduce depression.

The white vein Indo and Thai kratom can reduce anxiety by making you feel more confident and alert.

They work to improve memory since you are alert and your mind is at its best.

Focus and attention span improve considerably with this strain, and you will feel much more productive!

The Thai white vein kratom has a few additional effects, which are:

  • Euphoric properties
  • Significant pain relief
  • Relaxing
  • Better brain function, and
  • Long lasting results

Dosage and strength

The kratom from Thailand is considered stronger, especially the red vein kratom type. However, the white vein kratom from Thailand is also stronger than the other white strains.

However, the white vein kratom of any area is always milder than the red and green variation of the same locality.

Red Thai kratom is much stronger than the white Thai kratom, while the Red Indo kratom is stronger than the white Indo kratom.

Users always recommend starting the use of any strain with a minimal dosage and gradually finding the dosage that will kick in the impact you want.

With both Thai and Indo white vein kratoms, you can start with a minimum of 2grams.

However, the white Indo strain can be taken in higher amounts such as 7-8grams while the Thai white vein’s recommended optimal dosage is 6grams.

This difference in dosage is due to the Thai kratom’s full spectrum of alkaloids, which can be enjoyed with a smaller quantity than the Indo white vein kratom.

The “white Indo awake” and “White Thai gives you wings” effect!

Many people on social media have asked about the kratom strains that can keep users alert and do not cause drowsiness or sleepiness.

The Indo white vein and the Thai white vein top the list of kratom varieties that can hold a person awake and focused for long.

The Thai white kratom is more potent and has longer lasting effects, but both the strains will help you remain awake and energized for many hours.

Many users also claimed that the white vein Thai kratom gave them wings.

This statement explains the efficacy of this strain as an energizer, which can keep users away from energy drinks and opioids that stimulate and increase physical output.

Are the side effects a problem?

Unlike red and green vein kratom, the white vein strains do not produce uncomfortable side effects in case of a more substantial dosage.

Yes, you may feel slight side effects with both the White Indo and White Thai kratom such as nausea and gastrointestinal distress. But, the intensity of these side effects is very less when compared to other types of kratom.

Which strain is more energizing?

The Thai white vein kratom is more potent than all the other white vein varieties found in different regions of Southeast Asia.

This dominant strain is more energizing and has higher efficacy.

It also has more pain relieving properties than the other white vein variations. Therefore, a better choice for people who want relief from pain and want to feel energized and stimulated for daily challenges.

Opiate withdrawal and the white vein kratom

White vein kratom is beneficial in reducing opiate addiction. The way it works is that the alkaloids in kratom enhance mood and reduce sadness or depression.

This effect results in a positive mindset, and users often feel optimistic about themselves and their lifestyle.

People who are dependent on opioids for pain relief and sedation can benefit from the white vein Indo or Thai Kratom varieties. They energize and stimulate the senses, making the user feel happy and ready for life!

This, in turn, helps reducing or to discontinue use of heavy medication and stimulants.

The social media network can show us several examples of users who have remained sober after using Indo white vein or Thai white vein kratom.

Are white vein kratom more expensive?

The red, green, and white kratom varieties are almost the same price at all the competitive online shops and vendors.

The amount of Thai white vein kratom that you need per day will be lesser than the Indo white vein kratom.

Therefore, in the long run, the Thai white vein might seem more economical, but the price of all kratom strains are almost the same.

Forms of consumption

You can easily find kratom strains as dried leaves for tea, and it is a soothing way to consume the botanical supplement.

Another method of consumption is to swallow the powder kratom with water.

This method may not be liked by a lot of users who want to avoid the taste.

Try using kratom powder in different beverages and smoothies.

People like to take the white Indo or Thai kratom in lemonade or any cold drink as it refreshes and energizes you like a bolt of lightning!

You can also try the powder in smoothies and edibles.

Kratom capsules are a great way to consume your daily dosage since it does not have any taste. You will feel the same effect, but of course, no bitter aftertaste is a big plus!

Extract tinctures are also an effective method of consumption. The extracts are more potent and a stronger version of the supplement.

If you want to experience stronger effects, buy a bottle of the white Thai or Indo kratom tincture and feel stimulated all day long.

Why was Kratom banned in Thailand?

Kratom was banned in Thailand in 1943, although it was used by people in the country for a millennia! Users claimed that the ban was political and not due to health concerns.

However, a 2008 survey showed that more than a million people still used the botanical supplement for pain and anxiety.

In southern Thailand, seventy percent of the male population was kratom users! This statistic showed that health threat did not cause the ban, but it was to export all kratom to earn money and not let locals use it so export figures could soar.

In December 2018, Thailand kratom ban was removed.

What does research say about Kratom?

There is not enough research on kratom, but there is enough evidence and practical use that suggests it is a good alternative for opioids. Surveys show that kratom is a good self-medication substitute for prescription and illicit opioids in the U.S.

The use of kratom shows how users feel better without any side effects until they consume the supplement in extremely large doses.

Research has showed that kratom produces effects without the respiratory suppression produced by opioids.

The kratom types such as white Indo Kratom and white Thai Kratom provide energy to the mind without any long-term adverse impact on the human body. This research and practical inference is enough to encourage new users to try the energizing and invigorating kratom strains, however, it is suggested that the dosage must be minimal.

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