5 Amazing Cannabis Accessories Available Online

Despite the dark ages of cannabis during its prohibition, the cultivation, distributing, and retailing of the plant never stopped. This corroborates the fact that the use of marijuana is widespread. During its ban, there were some legal ways to continue the business of cannabis, which is why you see it flourishing till the date.

The popularity of cannabis not only increased its demand but also changed trends to use it. In addition to the traditional way of smoking it, the new accessories made the use of cannabis easier with different options. There is a long list of cannabis accessories available online or local stores. However, the selection of these tools is a personal choice.

Having a wide variety of cannabis accessories will improve your smoking experience. Specific accessories like grinders, containers, rigs, pipes, etc. have their little contribution to make your experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Fortunately, it is easy to find these cannabis accessories for sale online.

Many web stores sell these cannabis accessories online on a lower price. You may also check your nearest smoke stations to find some of these products.

Here is a list of 5 best cannabis accessories available online in year 2019.

  1. BRNT Hexagon  ($180)
  2. Volcano Vaporizer – Classic ($640.00)
  3. LEVO Oil I infuser  ($280.00)
  4. Golden Gate Grinder (69.95)
  5. INDIVA Genius Pipe ($125)

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BRNT Hexagon  ($180)

The first in the list is this amazing Hexagon Ceramic Water Pip. It is handmade in Canada, and its unique design maximizes optimal usage. The down stem filters help to diffuse the smoke and makes your experience smoother and better.

The design of this hexagon bong is modern, minimal, and artistic. It not only looks good but also works well. This piece has been professionally designed for leveraging airflow.

This product is heat and cold safe. The manufacturers also claim it to be dishwasher safe; you can quickly clean it like other serve-ware. Similarly, you can also place it in the freezer before using it. This extra cold will chill the smoke and will maximize your pleasure.

Lastly, it suits you perfectly if you are a clumsy person. It is drop resistant, and its ceramic is more durable than the glass. You will see BRNT’s Hexagon’s name in best cannabis accessories list on every online forum.

Volcano Vaporizer – Classic ($640.00)

Volcano Vaporizer is a stylish cannabis accessory that is a modern alternative to combustion, which also keeps the premium standard intact. It is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, which is a German company. Markus Storz initially started his career as a graphic designer, and we can see his art in all his designed products. Combined with the skills of his partner’s technical background, this volcano vaporizer was developed. It is now a must-have for every cannabis user.

It is so durable that people are still using the Volcano’s, which they bought almost 20 years ago. It is now available in classic and digital models. The digital Volcano comes with a digital temperature display whereas the traditional model has a manual temperature set. Both of these Volcano Vaporizer models are available to purchase online at cannabis accessories stores.

Highest quality materials and manufacturing standards along with engineering precision resulted in this renowned and long-lasting vaporizer that the users love. It is perfect for individual use as well as for a bunch of friends partying.

LEVO Oil I infusion  ($280.00)

The LEVO Oil Infusion is one of the most famous cannabis accessories worldwide. This tool infuses the flavors from food, herbs, fruits, and more. It enables you to make your customized oils at home using the essential ingredients only.

It is so simple to use that even new cannabis users can try it. The design is sleek and modern. Many people misunderstand it for a coffeemaker because of the resemblance. However, it is smaller and does not take a lot of space in your kitchen.

It comes with essentials like stirrer, reservoir, dispenser, basket, and an instructions manual. Instilling cannabis in this appliance requires infusion cannabis in oil or butter. The same goes for other herbs, nuts or food ingredients, which you want to use for oil.

The LEVO infuser is dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean.

Order this fantastic infuser through a reliable cannabis accessories seller online.

Golden Gate Grinder (69.95)

Want to process the cannabis plant by yourself? No problem because Golden Gate’s cannabis grinder is a perfect tool for herb grinding. It is a powerful grinder that uses premium grade material aluminum in its body.

The Golden Gate Grinders comes in 4-Piece with a black finish and a neodymium magnetic top. This top locks the inner component during the grinding and prevents spills.

Its stainless steel mesh works for filtering the cannabis at best. Golden Gate Grinder is among the high-grade grinders, and it is worth every penny of its price. It is a silent appliance that offers two durable plastic scrapers. You can quickly clean it and not to forget; it comes with a lifetime warranty.

INDIVA Genius Pipe ($125)

You may not regard a “pipe” as a must-have cannabis accessory, but the Genius Pipe by INDIVA is among the best cannabis accessories available online. It is a magnetic tool that is easy to carry in your bag or pocket. It doesn’t spill, is 100% leak-proof and has a clean design.

Its sliding cover helps to preload the bowl and keep it with you when you head out.

Just pull it back and light through the tiny stencil of the lid. It is super easy to clean; you can disassemble it in seconds and wipe the pieces. Assemble it again once you finish cleaning.

After you smoke, slide its lid back, and it is all set to go back to your pocket without creating a mess. The best is that it does not even turn hot after you smoke it.

It stays cool, and that is why it is easy to keep in your pocket. However, its magnetic design may de-magnetize your credit cards.

So, keep these two things away from each other.

Genius Pipe Indiva

**Bonus Accessory

BRNT Briq Ashtray ($50)

One essential, yet useful accessory for cannabis users is an ashtray. Generally, people do not care much about it, and some of them even use bowls or mugs for the ash.

This Briq Ashtray from BRNT is a sleek and contemporary designed product that looks good on the coffee table or office desk. Briq is a fancy addition to your cannabis accessories, and honestly, it is worth all the hype.

The best about this ashtray is that its walnut lid works to mask the cannabis smell super fast. It is easy to use and clean. The ashtray is available in two colors; marble concrete and matte black.

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