CBD Potentiators – 5 Best Methods To Make CBD Stronger

CBD is one of the most frequently consumed herbal products around the globe. Millions of users have been benefiting from this plant for many years. Since it is an expensive product compared to many other herbal goods; therefore, it becomes necessary for you to get the maximum out of it.

Are you looking to enhance the influence of CBD oil to make your journey more exciting? You can do this by introducing a few things – CBD potentiators – to your CBD oil to get the job done. Doing this will provide you with an enhanced version of CBD oils followed by robust effects.

An interesting fact associated with CBD potentiators is; you can find most of them in natural sources. This guide presents an in-depth discussion on what potentiators are, where to get them, and how they work.

CBD Potentiators: Let’s Understand What They Are?

The word “potentiator” means enhancing effects. So, the substances that have proven effective in boosting the CBD influence are usually known as CBD potentiators. When you buy CBD oil and expose it to potentiators, you will get a stronger effect. It is the best way to enjoy extremely potent influence. To short the long story, potentiators are responsible for doing more with less material.

How Do CBD Potentiators Work?

The CBD potentiators are known for increasing the bioavailability of this herbal product. The potentiators allow your body to make the maximum use of CBD you have taken into your body. When most users buy CBD oil, they prefer to add potentiators to it.

Without going into the nitty-gritty of how precisely CBD behaves with your body, you can have a snack to give it a great boost. Several food items act as potentiators to enhance your CBD experiences. Let’s get into the details.

The 5 Best Foods that Make CBD Stronger

The items listed below will help you increase CBD’s bioavailability and maximize its potential.

1. Cocoa Powder

Many people have been taking cocoa powder or chocolate for many years to reduce the CBD dosage and reach its maximum potential. A couple of research studies have proved that cocoa powder and chocolate contain ingredients that efficiently activate the same receptors as CBD oils. Keeping this in mind, you can benefit from cocoa powder as a strong CBD potentiator.

If you are looking for a convenient way to increase CBD’s bioavailability, dark chocolate will surely lend a helping hand in this regard. Dark chocolate consists of more than 65% calories having fat. In addition, it also shares some useful antioxidants with Cannabidiol.

2. Olive Oil, Fish, Avocado

Are you on the hunt for increasing oral CBD absorption? Well, oils with higher concentrations of fat can do the job for you. A research study conducted in 2019 has endorsed this fact as well. If you prefer to take CBD on a full stomach, there are many food items containing higher fats.

Ingesting your CBD oil with avocado is a stunning approach to trigger its major properties. Similarly, salads with olive oil drizzled on top are also effective. In addition, to turn up the CBD’s overall impact, you can also consume CBD oils with albacore or wild salmon. They both will help you get highly potent results in the end.

3. Lavender/Chamomile Tea

It can do big magic for you. The presence of linalool content in Lavender tea is responsible for enhancing all the CBD properties. Linalool is a popular terpene that is derived from the Hemp plant.

Lavender is an excellent substance to take with your CBD to step up the terpene profile. If you are about to buy CBD oil, don’t forget to consume it with this tea.

Hundreds of users consider Lavender tea a top CBD potentiator due to its quick and fruitful results. Interestingly, it is easily accessible from the nearby herbal stores and is cost-effective, making it easy for you to try.

Like Lavender tea, Chamomile tea also comes with a popular substance known as alpha-bisabolol. It is one of the strongest CBD potentiators used by many well-known CBD brands. Taking a cup of chamomile tea is a great asset to give your CBD experience a solid boot.

4. Foods with Higher Fat

If you take fats into your body that are not necessarily healthy, they can even boost the CBD’s performance to add extra colors to your journey. If you are looking for different menu items to increase CBD bioavailability, it is a good approach.

Do you know? Meat, dairy, and other similar food items can enhance the bioavailability of CBD oil by up to 14 times. It can help you get some crazy outcomes, and this is what every one of us always looks out for.

Fatty fishes are also an excellent tool to amplify the influence of CBD. Fishes come with many nutrients, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. The top fishes with higher fats include; herring, sardines, trout, mackerel, and salmon. Consuming CBD oils in breakfast with eggs and salmon has done wonders for thousands of individuals. You can also give it a try.

5. Citrus Beverages & Food Items

One terpene – limonene – is common between hemp plants and citrus fruits. When it comes to boosting the terpene profile of Cannabidiol, citrus plays a crucial role, just like Lavender tea. Similarly, if you want to make your CBD journey more appealing, try taking sweet lime bars or lemonade to the most impactful experience.

Final Words

Do you want to get an extremely potent experience without increasing your CBD dose? The potentiators can efficiently help you do that. Taking cocoa powder, lavender tea, and high fatty foods increases the bioavailability of your CBD to a great extent. It convinces people to arrange these items when they buy CBD oil.

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