How To Buy Kratom Seeds And Plants?

Kratom is known as a herbal extract with magical healing and soothing properties. This evergreen tree grows up to 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, while some types grow to 70 feet tall.

The leaves of Kratom plants are elliptical in shape and have a heart base shape and a 2 to 4 cms long petiole. There are 40 alkaloid compounds found in these leaves, which are the reason for the active chemical reactions and benefits of the Kratom plant. The leaves can be chewed as they are beneficial for the treatment of different medical conditions.

These are sold as live plants and the dealers ensure fast delivery so that you get a fresh supply of plants. Different species of Kratom are offered at online stores and local shops too. Mytreesoflife is an authentic online supplier and deals with live plants as they offer a refund policy if the plant doesn’t survive during one month of purchase.

However, there are many other companies that are selling Kratom plants.

As you might be planning to buy Kratom seeds, having some general information is always important. These seeds are tiny and come as slivers. When planted, the Kratom plants get ready to be harvested in a year. Like every other plant, the seeds are the basis of different qualities that the plant has.

There are three types of Kratom strains, red, green, and white vein Kratom. The color of the veins is the basis of division of the types of Kratom. So there are different seeds for each variety and you can choose according to your requirements. Also, they have different names according to their origin such as Malaysian, Thai, Borneo, Bali, Indonesian, among many others.

How Are They Sold?

Kratom seeds are usually sold in bags and because of the small size, they are sometimes sold by weight and the number doesn’t matter. However, a packet usually contains 150-200 seeds.

How To Buy Kratom Seeds

There are many shops that are dealing with Kratom and state that they are selling authentic seeds. This might not be true as sometimes they sell the woody small part of the Kratom seed pod which is not actually the seed.

Getting Kratom Seed From Seed Pod

In my opinion, you should buy Kratom seed pods which are easily available and get the seeds out of them. The seeds come in pod heads with each head containing around 50 pods. The 50 pods also contain 50 seeds as well. The process is very simple:

  • The seed pods are shaped like a flower. You just have to pluck one part the seed pod and it will break apart. Then tap it gently to get all the remaining part.
  • You will see many woody pieces which are usually thought as seeds.
  • So you need to focus more. Look closer and you will find many tiny delicate strands, fine as hair, these are actually the Kratom seeds.
  • Keep them safe in a container or plastic bag or they can spread away with the wind.

Where To Buy Kratom Seeds And Plants From?

There are many online brands and local shops that sell Kratom. By following the tips mentioned below, be smart and find the best supplier of Kratom. It is important to find the brand/shop that sells the authentic quality of Kratom seeds as low-quality seeds will not grow well and your money will be wasted.

How To Choose The Best Brand For Kratom Seeds?

If you are tired of finding a brand that you can rely on with closed eyes, these tips would be extremely beneficial for you. Consider these points and find a website or a brand that fulfils all these standards.

1) Do They Sell Fresh Seeds?

Fresh Kratom seeds give the best results and if you want to get a Kratom plant at your home. A fresh supply of Kratom seeds is required.

So you need to check whether a Kratom company is selling fresh seeds. This can also be evaluated by the time they are asking for delivery as Kratom seeds lose their freshness within 2-3 days.

2) The Variety

Is the brand dealing with Kratom seeds of all three colors? This is an important thing that you need to check. The three colors are red, green and white and you might be interested in anyone or all three colors.

Each of them has a different effect on the body so find out if the company is selling all three of them or not?

3) Reasonable Prices

You need to search for different brands and find the one that is offering Kratom seeds and plants at reasonable prices and promises superior quality too. Live Kratom plants vary in sizes and 4-6 inches tall plants may range from $80 to $100 while the taller 12-15 inches plant goes high up to 150$.

The reasonable price for 20 Kratom seeds is $20 and that for 30 seeds is $30. So go for a brand that offers prices in the same range.

4) Lab Test Results

If you find the lab test results of Kratom seeds and plants on the website that you are ordering from, it means the products are authentic and you’ll get quality seeds and plants. Also, if the results are updated regularly, it ensures that the brand is specific about its products and is loyal to its customers.

5) Source Of Kratom

Kratom is only native to a few places in Southeast Asia. If a brand says that they source the Kratom seeds and plants from any of these sources, this is a plus point as the Kratom obtained from these places is authentic and original. So, this adds to the list of features that you have to consider while buying Kratom from an online brand.

These five factors shall shape your buying decision. Make sure you follow all these points because only then you will get the best quality Kratom seeds and plants for yourself.

Germination Of Kratom Seeds

The main part is the germination process. Go through these points and get your Kratom seeds at the earliest. The process of germination is simple as discussed below.

  • It is important to get a nice quantity of Kratom seeds if you want to get good results.
  • You can plant 5 to 10 seeds per pot.
  • Then cover it with a thin layer of fertile soil. Water the seeds regularly.
  • The germination process is completed.

How To Grow Kratom?

Grow Kratom 1

There are some secrets to growing Kratom. Do you wish to grow the plant for yourself? Just follow these simple steps and plant your own Kratom tree in your backyard. How cool does that sound! It’s better when you see the results in front of your eyes.

Once you have purchased the seeds from any shop, or got seed pods and got the seeds out yourself, the first step is completed. This easy guide will clarify the future process and help you set up a Kratom plant for yourself.

Consideration For Growing Kratom

Kratom has some special requirements and planning to grow them at your home means you need to fulfil these requirements too. The bullets below list all the specifications that you need to consider when planning to grow a Kratom plant or more.

  • Sunlight

You need a place which is not affected by direct sunlight as these plants grow in rain forests and do not grow under direct sun. Also, this can cause dehydration of the soil which would affect the growing process.

  • The Temperature

Kratom plants require a warm climate to grow and stay well. The range of temperature suitable for them is 75-85°F. So, make sure you plan to grow them under such temperature only otherwise Kratom plants don’t grow much in colder climate. The other way is to bring the plants outside during summers that were allowed to grow in a cold climate so that they can grow well.

  • The Soil

These sensitive plants come with a list of requirements. Soil, being the basis of growth, need to be rich in nutrients and fertile. A nitrogen-rich soil is best for the plant. The soil should not be damp to allow the growth of fungus, neither it should have the fast speed for drying up.

In easier words, find soil like that on river banks, and your Kratom plants will react nicely and grow with a good speed.

  • Nutrients

Kratom plant requires a lot of nutrients because it grows into a tall tree. Ample amount of water and plant food is required. Also, a good selection of fertilizer is also important, especially go for one with a good amount of nitrogen in it.

Once you see the seeds sprouting out, take a deep breath and enjoy the latter process. As the remaining part is not as hard as the germination part was. You just need to watch for these conditions and keep watering the plant. Also screening them for diseases and infections is also very important.

See how the plant blossoms out of a few seeds and enjoy the benefits of Kratom that you have grown from your own hands. Every day the plant will enter a new phase until it reaches the maturation stage until then, take care of it because it requires a vigilant person and the right techniques to get the desired results.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is banned in many countries like Australia, Poland, Romania, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand. In the U.S, Kratom is legal in some states while it is not allowed in other states.

So, it is important to know if Kratom is allowed in the country you live in or if you are in the U.S, you need to see the rules as different states follow their own set of rules regarding Kratom consumption and growing.

The Bottom Line

In this article, I have covered the main points that you should look for every brand that sells Kratom seeds and plants. After finding the perfect Kratom brand for yourself, you should share your experience within your social circle so that more people can benefit like you. The struggle doesn’t end here. Growing Kratom yourself is a tricky process.

Having discussed all the factors that play a vital role in the growth of Kratom, I believe that you will take notes and try these tips whenever you plan to grow Kratom at your home. I can assure you it will be a fun experience and watching the whole process will be exciting as you witness the fruit of your hard work in the form of a growing Kratom plant, from seeds that you had planted with your own hands!

If you have never tried it before and you are a Kratom user, it’s not too late. Order Kratom seeds of your favorite strain today and surprise your family and friends by showing them the plant after a few days.

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