How To Pass A Urine Drug Test With Baking Soda?

Drug tests are two scary looking words, even for non-users. This is mainly because the consequences of failing this test might be huge such as losing a job, failing college application, and so on. You never know what might come out!

Drug testing is when a biological sample from your body is tested for substance abuse. The most common drug test is urine screening. The reasons include it’s painless, easy, quick, and cost-effective nature.

The urine drug test can confirm whether you are on prescription medication or using illegal drugs. They can also determine whether you have used drugs in the past few days or weeks, even if effects have worn off.

The practise of conducting drug tests is becoming common around the world, and with its prevalence, more and more hacks (home remedies and store-bought solutions) have come to the surface.

One such hack for urine drug testing is baking soda. Now whether this is 100% effective or not, it is popular for sure.

So, let’s dig in and find out how you can use baking soda to pass a urine drug test.

Baking soda drug test set by step instructions

White, odorless, and powdery, baking soda is sure a jack of all trades with its many uses and benefits.

For instance, it is used to treat health problems like acidity or indigestion, works great as a mouthwash or teeth whitener, helps in removing stains or dirt from household furnaces and fixtures, can be used as a deodorizer and in baking eatables like cakes.

Recently, baking soda has been increasingly used as a home remedy to reduce toxins to pass the cut off levels of urine drug tests.

Let’s see how this is possible.

Step by step instructions

The baking soda method is pretty cost-effective and easy to use as it includes only water and baking soda.

The instructions are easy and understandable! Here’s a guideline you can follow:

1. Get a large glass that can hold 16 fluid ounces or more and fill it with water.

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2. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda and ensure it is mixed well.

3. Drink all of it down as quickly as possible. If you drink it slowly, you might feel like vomiting so better do it fast!

4. For better results, you can drink another soda solution. Not recommended if you have low tolerance in general or have underlying kidney issues.

5. Try to pee a few times within an hour after you finish drinking. This will help in detoxifying.

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6. Continue drinking water 3 hours before your test.

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7. Go and submit your urine sample within a 5-hour interval of finishing the method.

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Scientific backing to this home remedy?

So far, there has been no scientific study that proves baking soda can help pass a urine drug test.

It is just a home remedy and, most likely, an anecdotal one.

Despite being a home remedy with no scientific basis, many people still are using it, especially those who use methamphetamine.

The reason is that people claim it is scientifically proven that our body tries to achieve homeostasis, so pushing so much salt into the body will make our body focus on processing it and hence flush the salt out.

Since methamphetamine has a similar structure to salt, they will be flushed out, too, as per the claim. The water further helps with the process of flushing.

Another reason is that the method is cheap, ingredients are readily available, and it is generally safe unless you have underlying health issues.

So, these characteristics usually make it a popular hack.

Accuracy of the baking soda method

A few searches here and there on social media sites would show many accounts of people using baking soda for passing their drug tests: the most common reports being those of college students.

While there were many positive affirmations about the trick working, for some, not only did it not work but also led to pretty nasty side-effects. Many articles dismiss this hack by claiming it’s just old wives’ tales or a myth.

We believe the variation in accounts of people is mainly because of the different frequency of substance use and the condition of the person.

Bodyweight, mass, etc. play an essential part in determining the efficiency of any such hack for you.

People with positive affirmations used the solution as per their bodily measurements and drug use, which also reduced the possible after-effects of the solution for them.

Pros and cons of the method

Now let’s see summarized pros and cons to get a holistic view of the entire process.


  1. Cheap method compared to many hacks or store-bought solutions for a urine drug test.
  2. Baking soda is readily available at every store.
  3. Safer than many other home remedies partly because baking soda has been used for various health remedies already and the fact a huge amount of water is used.
  4. Simple and pretty basic instructions to follow.
  5. Many accounts of positive affirmations of the method available online, you can even understand what proportions to use for your solution.


  1. Many negative after-effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, burning sensation, electrolyte imbalance occurrence if excessive use, etc. have been noticed. For people with underlying kidney issues, the effects can be fatal.
  2. Drinking too much water might dilute the urine, so you might be asked to give the test again.
  3. Too much vomiting might undo the effect of the entire process, which means all that pain endured for nothing.
  4. No scientific logic at all – the claims that the body processes the salt first because of homeostasis has been debunked. Plus, even if the body did process it first, it might still not work.
  5. Better alternatives available with better accuracy rate and fewer health risks. In cases of drug tests where the results are significant, then it might be better to use proven solutions.

For what its worth, this method is not all too bad to try for drug tests of a less severe nature, given precautions are taken, and your tolerance is high.

Alternative methods to pass the urine drug test

Baking soda is just one hack to pass a drug test in a few hours; there are many more alternatives that are proven to help.

You can use different options depending on what time limit you have to give the test.

Below are some of the highly recommended products/methods, with their accuracy and the time duration they take to clear the toxins.

Toxin Rid pills

This is supposedly the best detox pill for drug tests and has 3,5,7 & 10-day courses.

You take a pill every day and follow the other detox instructions given. If the instructions are followed right, this pill can reduce the toxins by 50% and help you pass the test.

They do take time, though, so better for drug tests within a 2-week interval.

There are other pills like Rescue 5 Day Detox, Herbal Pre-cleanse Formula, etc, with lower cost and less effectiveness but still, come recommended!

Ultra Eliminex

They are claimed to be one of the most effective detox drinks, with better accuracy even for daily users with a dense body mass or weight.

You can pass the test within an hour interval! But with its good results, comes the extremely high price. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive detox drinks out there.

Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean are also good detox drinks, with just a little bit less functionality and perfect for light users.

Synthetic urine

One of the most foolproof ways of passing the drug test is with synthetic urine.

It is not advisable for an observed test, but for an unsupervised one, it’s a golden pass to clear your drug test! But only high-quality synthetic urine will do the trick.

The two best products out there are Sub Solution and Quick Luck, both are pricey but of very high quality. Some brands with good results but on the reasonable end include Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz.

Naturally detox

This method includes eating foods that help you detox like vegetables or fruits, exercising daily, drinking loads of water every day, and not using any substance within the detoxing period. It’s almost free, but you need to put efforts!

If you plan to detox naturally, it will take about 1-2 weeks, depending on your use and efforts. Natural detoxing is also a guaranteed way to clear the test, with 100% positive effects.


Drug tests have become common all around the world, especially in workplaces because of the concerns of lack of productivity, safety measures, and increased spending on health care and insurance by companies.

Because of the drastic consequences of failing such a test, people are not only using home remedies but also store-bought solutions to pass drug tests. One such solution is the baking soda hack.

The baking soda method to pass a drug test isn’t scientific, instead just an anecdotal home remedy. It has proven effective at times, is very cheap, can help with short notice drug tests, and pretty much safe with proper precautions.

But it does come with health risks in the case of underlying kidney issue or excessive use, often very disturbing or painful after-effects and isn’t a 100% proven method so you know there’s a chance of failure.

So, should you use the method? Well, alternatives like detox pills, drinks, and synthetic urine come at a higher cost, and cheaper methods like natural detox take a longer time in flushing toxins out.

So, if you need to pass the test in a few hours, don’t have any kidney issues and take precautionary measures; you should give it a shot.


Some frequently asked questions about passing a drug test using baking soda are listed below:

Q. Can using baking soda help pass a drug test? What’s the accuracy of it?

A. Yes, it might if correct proportions used but there’s no guarantee. The accuracy isn’t defined as no such scientific research has been conducted. It is claimed to mask meth well.

Q. What ratio of baking soda and water to use for a drug test?

A. It depends on your bodily measurements (mass, weight) and drug use. It is different for light and daily users. Generally, the recommended dose is 3-4 tablespoons mixed in 16 ounces of water.

Q. What’s the time limit for the baking soda method to work for a drug test?

A. It is claimed to be 4-5 hours after you finish the entire process.

Q. Can the baking soda method work for heavy users?

A. It depends on the ratio and the drug as mostly said to work for methamphetamine usage.

Q.  What precautions to take before using the baking soda method for a drug test?

A. Ensure you don’t have kidney disease or any other underlying condition. The process often leads to vomiting and pain, so be prepared to experience that.

Q. What are some common effects of using baking soda for a drug test?

A. Vomiting, pain, burning sensation, and in excessive dosage, worse effects on the kidney.

Q. What other methods are there to pass a drug test apart from baking soda?

A. Natural detox, detoxing pills, detoxing drinks, synthetic urine, and some home remedies.



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