CBD oil near me vs online

Though shopping has been revolutionized to a great extent, all thanks to e-commerce, but many still prefer to shop the conventional (offline) way; even for their CBD Oil.

When you read about all the tremendous blessings offered by CBD, you’re most probably curious about, Where exactly can you get your hands on CBD Oil near you?

Until recently, consumers that wished to purchase CBD products had limited options; mostly available only online or except for a few licensed stores/shops dealing with medical purpose Marijuana.

Though the industry is still a newbie, the overall acceptance and popularity of Hemp-derived CBD appear to be on the fast track.

Today, these products have swayed their way into the market and are available at several retail outlets like Head Stores, Vape, and Smoke Shops etc.

Before getting hasty and taking any significant step, be sure to read this particular article. We genuinely care about you guys and don’t want you to deal with any consequences in the longer run.

Finding a good store that has genuine CBD Oil products near you can be a nuisance; especially if you are a freshie.

Many individuals are still oblivious to what they exactly need to look out for before making their purchases, let alone knowing the right place to shop.

CBD − A Legal Chemical Labyrinth?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound extracted from the Hemp part of the plant Cannabis sativa. Unlike its psychoactive cousin THC, it does not wipe you out! Instead, it has gained the status of being the ‘Millennial Elixir’ to cure major medical illnesses and disorders.

From soothing your night routine to easing that acute pain, you always complain about providing vast levels of relief from that unwelcomed guests called Anxiety and Depression.

Read, Everything you need to know about CBD.

Indeed a layer of ambiguity forms when CBD’s legality buzzes through our minds.

Ever since the passing of the ‘Farm Bill’ in 2018, Hemp-derived products like CBD have gained a decriminalized status.

Do bear in mind though, that CBD is legal only if the source is from industrial Hemp and the products have a maximum of 0.3% (or less) content of THC.

It’s a fact that CBD chemically remains the same irrespective of the source it’s extracted from; the compound (chemical composition) in general remains the same.

With the revolution brought into shopping by e-commerce, majority of it is done online these days; including CBD products.

It surely has brought vast levels of convenience and ease to our lives. Your fingers surely s working out!

With a few clicks, your product gets delivered right to your doorstep.

However, doubts remain as cannot practically check out the product physically, and many that seem to be perfect can be a huge rip-off.

And that’s where an alternative exists — CBD Head Stores

A ‘CBD Head Store’ or a ‘CBD Head shop’ is a retail outlet that primarily sells substances used for smoking including Cannabis, as well as accessories too, like bongs, pipe tools, rolling kits, psychedelic art and different kinds of herbs etc.

The history of such types of stores dates back to mid-1960-s (the hippie subculture era). The Head shops operation all started in the Golden Gate City−San Francisco.

Just after a decade of launching the first Head shops in San Francisco the “Controlled Substances Act of 1970”, came to petition under the presidency of Richard Nixon, and Cannabis (Marijuana) was declared illegal.

This was part of the “War on Drugs” movement. After this, some states allowed the partial use of Marijuana for medical purposes only, and Cannabis went underground; most states still declared a ban on it.

A head store can also be turned into a Tobacco (Smoke) Shop.

You may find the sign of a “Head shops” where drugs are not sold, and rather stuff related to tobacco, vaporizers and other Cannabis subculture merchandise may be sold.

Consumers also have access to various kinds of natural cure-all’s (CBD) stocked up that might seem to be unavailable at the local Chemist’s Store.

Note: CBD products sold at vape (smoke) stores and those at dispensaries have different sources from which they are extracted; while commercially available CBD is derived from Hemp, state-licensed cultivated CBD is extracted from Marijuana.

CBD Product Options At Head Shops

There are different products you can choose from as per your comfort level; from beverages like coffee to smoothies to smokes and vapes, lotions, oils/tinctures, and even edibles.

Some shops also even started selling brownies! Apart from this, you can find various cannabis/hippie culture merchandise like t-shirts, household decoration pieces, artwork etc.

Shopping CBD Near Me vs CBD Oil Online

When are you in the market trying to seek different CBD products, do you physically visit the nearest store in your vicinity or hit the online stores?

Online shopping is beyond convenient and a stress-free task.

With merely a bit of browsing, scrolling through the website, a few clicks, and you’re good to go.

However, every person has their personal preference over the way they’d want to shop for their CBD products.

While some feel more comfy and relaxed doing their purchasing via the internet, others feel like the experience of physically going to the store.

I personally like to purchase CBD oil products from near me shops or stores within a city.

Let’s compare the two (CBD online vs. CBD at local stores) and see which one is the best option to buy CBD, shall we?

The Online CBD Shopping Buzz

Online shopping has evolved dramatically over the last decade and has transfigured the business dealings totally to a whole new level. The world has progressed to become so fast-track and mobile.

Online businesses have surely outnumbered the conventional business style.

Here are some reasons why Online Head Store shopping is recommended over buying CBD oil locally:

  • Availability Of A Diverse Range Of Product Selection

One of the best reasons for internet shopping is it offers instant access to a massive product variety for you to choose from.

Though CBD products are more accessible than ever before, and every almost every grocery store shelf has CBD products.

In the case of store-based shopping, the product variety might be limited.

Also, note that if a product is in high demand, stocks might get drained quickly, too, and restocking is usually a time-consuming process.

This way, online shopping is generally advised if you’re seeking diversity. Not only that, but it also gives you the edge of knowing whether a particular item is in stock or not.

Moreover, if one retailer doesn’t have some CBD oil product(s), you can check out others within a zap!

Note: The availability of CBD might be affected by legality (check state drug policies), and you might not necessarily have products in some areas or a full range of products. Hence, online shopping is an alternative fix for this.

  • Exceptional Prices And Discount Offers

Apart from better selection, comes better prices; online shopping is cheaper! Since Head shops are actual physical stores, they have to pay for their rent, electricity bills, and taxes, and so to compensate for everything their products can be a bit costly.

Moreover, many online stores offer various discounts offering reduced prices, promotions providing free shipping charges, or even give free products, etc. They also offer loyalty points to valuable customers who may receive more perks like various sub-cultural merchandises etc.

  • Much Convenient, Less Fatigue And 24/7 Availability

You can also surf the internet and compare prices of different retailers for free and with convenience.Online Shopping reduces your shopping hours and fatigue.

You don’t have to travel from store to store or stand-in long lines or drive miles away from your vicinity (if CBD isn’t available in your area) anymore!

Just imagine driving out of your way for miles and hours, and finding out your CBD item ran out of stock!

Ouch, what a waste of your time and inevitably your fuel too, right?

With the rising fuel prices, transportation costs can surely make things go out of budget.

It lets you order whenever you want and wherever you are without allowing you to exhaust yourself.

You may even shop while casually smoking at your home or taking CBD Oil in places where it might seem like an embarrassment.

Unlike a physical store (having limited opening hours), it operates 24/7.

What a huge sigh of relief! Was there a better way to simplify your decisions than this?

  • Discreet Shipping

Many shoppers feel hesitant with the idea of others knowing about their purchase. Those who want to be low-key appreciate online stores that protect the right to their privacy and make shipping discreet.

Just go online, select your CBD product, add it to the cart and click checkout once you’re done. Viola!

With this, no one has access to your package, no one can look inside your stuff, and no one will even know what you ordered.

Smart Choice, Huh!

On the contrary, when you shop from a physical store, you may never know who you may run into and who might poke their nose in your business.

  • It’s A One-Stop-Shop People!

Yeah, these kinds of shops are a One-Stop-Shop, meaning you can buy your product as well as their accessories (if required) all at once from the same place. No need to walk or drive to other shops to buy accessories etc.

They are giving you more time and space to carry the rest of your tasks throughout the day, Wow!

  • Fast Cash Payment

Yeah, we all have those days when we don’t have any loose cash or change or even visit stores that demand to bill through cash only. That surely can be a bummer.

Online shopping has the perk of letting you choose your payment method.

Just enter your debit/credit card number, and you’re good to go.

That’s fast!

The Perks of CBD Oil Local Shopping

The Digital Way Can’t Surely Substitute The Conventional Way Of Shopping

While shopping online has its perks, so does the conventional way of physical shopping.

A significant chunk of the overall population still holds sentiments with this style of it; direct product contact helps to establish a level of trust and satisfaction.

CBD head shops are popping up across the entire country.

Here Are Some Reason Why The Old-Fashioned Way Still Hasn’t Lost Its Charm:

  • Access To Physically Inspecting The Products

The conventional style of shopping grants individuals to thoroughly examine the products before purchasing; this saves individuals from getting tricked into buying bogus products.

It also reduces the chance of frauds to operate in well-established stores, as they (and their products) would be under constant public observations. Avoid shopping from shady businesses or stores.

In comparison to online shopping, store-based shopping can be safer.

Sometimes products on display over the internet may be a scam, especially when it comes to sites claiming CBD products to be a 100% cure.

Always make sure that the website is authentic and keep the general guidelines in mind.

  • One-to-One Customer Dealings

Many people prefer the one-to-one style of customer dealings. Personally interacting with the salesperson, its’ self is a huge bonus and brings more contentment than the digital experience.


Individuals have the edge to get suggestions, ask their queries and concerns, and even build connections spontaneously.

CBD experts can always guide you about the different products on display and general CBD guidelines (if you’re a freshie) on the spot.

Though, always be aware of sneaky sales associates!

On the contrary, if you push an email through, it can have a delay sometimes; the answers to your queries can take up longer than expected.

Thus, human interaction can never ever be substituted for real!

  • Buy Your Products On Spot Without Having To Pay For Shipping

Though online shopping is less time consuming. However, you are forgetting that the delivery process isn’t; depending on the company’s shipment policies, it might even take up a week.

Moreover, in addition to that, you’d have to pay for your shipment to be delivered too.

It’s completely natural to be excited for getting your hands on the thing you want and that too ASAP.

Shopping physically permits you to skip the entire shipping process.

  • Easy Return Policy

Today, almost every CBD brand store guarantees a return policy and offers your products to be replaced if you’re unsatisfied with it in any way.

The same policy and process exist with online businesses; however, the deal is trickier.

For instance, you may be required to report your complaint (fill in details and descriptions as a formality), ship back the product, and wait (for the process and delivery again) for the replacement; only after it has been thoroughly reviewed.

An alternative fix to avoid all the turmoil?


Use Online Tools To Locate CBD Oil Products In Your Local Residential Area

Now, the question is, What options do you have to locate CBD products near your area?

Now that CBD is pretty much legal in 50 states, it is easy to access stores in your area. Finding CBD Oil in your vicinity (provided it is legal in your state or region) is effortless.

Thanks to the internet and navigation tools. Various kinds of online store locators have been established that assist consumers by connecting them with the local CBD Head Stores (retailers like Brick and Mortar stores having CBD products), different Hemp Farms, Smoke Vape/Shops, and medical Marijuana (Cannabis) dispensaries.

They also help in locating various cafes that are now serving food items and beverages infused with CBD.

There are many kinds of retailers (of various categories) like health and wellness, beauty retailers and even apparel and accessories retailers that offer CBD products.

Here are a few:

  1. Walgreens Boosts Alliance (Health and wellness retailer)
  2. Ulta Beauty (Beauty cosmetics retailer)
  3. Urban Outfitters (Clothes brand)

New CBD listings stores and locations are updated on a regular base.

Note: Dispensaries are the hottest places to shop for CBD. But, make sure that if you are to buy your CBD product from one, then check if it has been authorized by a doctor officially on record with the medical marijuana program.

Trustworthy CBD Near Me & Online Options To Explore

Alright, for those of you who love online shopping; here’s a list of renowned and authentic CBD product brands we have made. Check them out by directly visiting their websites.

In addition, checkout this table (below) we’ve constructed showing a comparison between different CBD brands in terms of the price of their products (general) and their CBD Oil content (mg per ml).

Brand Oil Type Bottle Size CBD Concentrate/Bottle Price/Bottle Price/mg


Buy CBD oil from CBDPure
Full Spectrum 60ml 600mg $79.99 $0.13

Verified CBD

Buy CBD oil from VerifiedCBD
Full Spectrum 30ml 750mg $63.95 $0.085

Bluebird Botanicals

Buy CBD oil from Bluebird Botanicals
Full + Broad Spectrum 30ml 250mg $24.95 $0.099


Buy CBD oil from PurCBD
Full Spectrum 30ml 250mg $39.99 $0.15

Nuleaf Naturals

Buy CBD oil from PurCBD
Full Spectrum 15ml 725mg $99.00 $0.13


Buy CBD oil from PhytoLogica
Full Spectrum 30ml 1000mg $98.00 $0.098

Select CBD

Buy CBD oil from Select CBD
CBD Tincture 30ml 1000mg $65.00 $0.065


Buy CBD oil from Nuvelio
Full Spectrum 30ml 300mg $59.99 $0.19

Veritas Farms

Buy CBD oil from Veritas Farms
Full Spectrum 30ml 250mg $39.99 $0.15


Buy CBD oil from Geovana
Broad Spectrum 30ml 1500mg $149.00 $0.099

Palm Organix

Buy CBD oil from Palm Organix
Full Spectrum 30ml 500mg $59.95 $0.11


Buy CBD oil from Endoca
Full Spectrum 10ml 1500mg $129.00 $0.086


Buy CBD oil from Proleve
Full Spectrum 30ml 500mg $35.00 $0.07

Every Day Optimal

Buy CBD oil from Every Day Optimal
Isolated CBD 30ml 600mg $69.99 $0.11

Joy Organics

Buy CBD oil from Joy Organics
Broad Spectrum 30ml 500mg $59.95 $0.11

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying CBD Products Near You Vs Online

So you want to get your hands on CBD…


If you hit the shopping spree with little knowledge, make sure that the salesperson over there holds useful knowledge about CBD. This way, you are surely in the right zone.

They will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect product(s) that best suit your required needs.

However, like always, we strongly encourage our readers to do their research homework beforehand.

Just make sure you follow the guidelines we have set for you guys before taking any step:

  • Before Starting Anything, Always Consult Your Doctor First

A doctor might not be a CBD expert, but he/she surely knows about your health condition and your medication doses.

They will guide you regarding the types of product you should go for, the dosage amount to be taken, and whether CBD may interact with other medicine(s), you are currently on.

  • Always Purchase Hemp-derived And Check For The Brands/Products Third-Party Testing Lab Reports!

Historically speaking, what was once illegal has now been legalized in the majority of the states across the US. It’s imperative to check the selected product’s purity and potency.

If a plant has any contamination, so will the outcome (product). Well established brands and companies always hold considerable regard for their product’s transparency.

Those who do will quickly permit you to have access to essential details for verification of their product(s) quality. With that said, always check and go for brands having a third-party lab report.

Usually, notable brands and companies display the results on their websites.

In case they don’t, ask them for it.

Look out for things like the product’s Cannabinoid profile, Terpene profile, Heavy metal, Toxins and Microbial screening results.

  • Make Sure To Check Out The Extraction Processes

CBD is majorly extracted from Hemp, mainly the stems, flowers stalks and leaves of the plant.

Considering the fact CBD is a consumable product, and manufacturers must use safe extraction processes (mainly CO2 extraction and Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol); clean and potent oils are extracted this way.

  • Quality Should Always Matter Over Quantity

Recently the FDA conducted numerous product tests, and to your surprise, many were found to have little to no CBD as well.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all vendors are cheats, but it’s better to be cautious than be tricked.

Always bear in mind to check the exact amount (milligrams) of CBD in the product you’re paying for.

Just because it might be a massive bottle of CBD Oil, doesn’t necessarily mean it is reliable.

In this case, check our product quality reviews, but do not follow them blindly as they can be a scam as well.

Do not ever go into buying a cheap product; make a little investment over a quality product for your betterment.

  • Do Check The Product’s Price Tag Before Making Any Kind Of Purchase

Strictly avoid trying to buy an overpriced product. Try verifying the actual prices, go online and visit the website of a particular brand and from their start comparing.

Also, read online comments and feedback from other customers and consumers; usually, the ones who are regular consumers.

  • Look Out For Products Having “Propylene Glycol”

Always remember that your products should have every kind of detail, including the ingredients like “Propylene Glycol”.

Propylene Glycol is an organic solvent that can degrade into formaldehyde (chemical) when burned at high temperatures.

Formaldehyde is toxic, that can irritate the nose and eyes, and even increase the risk of asthma as well as cancer.

Some vape oils might contain this compound, so it’s best to stay alert and go for vape products have oils free of Propylene Glycol.

  • Go For Reputable Brands And Make Sure They Are Having Good Customer Service

This is crucial. Always go for those CBD brands or vendor that has an overall good reputation and are trustworthy.

The brand should have excellent customer service and be willing to help you with every query you put forward without any hesitation.

Always note the company’s brand image in the eyes of the public.

Rich quality brands have a sound portfolio; they have strong marketing, an authentic and very active website/ social media accounts that respond to all queries promptly.

Go read online consumer reviews or consider some customer’s experience into reference; always make sure that the source is authentic.

The better the brand the better, the products as well as their prices!

The Bottom Line

Alright, so we’ve pretty much jotted down everything…

Though, the industry is generally becoming accepted, however, its legality still remains ambiguous, especially when there are no regulations over it.

One can most certainly never be aware of what they are signing up for.

CBD consumers desire premium quality products and that too at a fair price.

They want to know whether or not they are purchasing from a notable company valuing transparency, and that provides them with access to essential details like their lab results etc.

Getting the perfect, safe and reliable CBD products in general and physical stores in particular, especially at a lower price and exceptional quality can be somewhat tedious.

Make sure that you keep the guidelines in mind and consult CBD experts (including your doctor) before taking any major step.

This will most certainly help you access the quality you seek.

You can collect more information from the best CBD blogs and authentic online reviews from regular consumers.

Always watch out for fake products, scammy reviews and fraud companies.

It’s high time to start getting awareness as well as spreading the right word about the positive effects of CBD.

Though the picture is quite clear, both options to buy CBD oil locally vs. online are valid, but the choice is ultimately yours!

Our main goal is to inform our readers regarding maximum content about CBD as possible and help them make the right choice every day!

With everything said, shops safely, spend wisely and always stay happy people!

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