Sacred Kratom Overview

Kratom is a new topic of discussion in many pharmaceutical circles. The substance attracted a significant amount of attention ever since its inception. This attention increased the public demand of Kratom products.

This response to the material called for an increase in supply as well. Many brands emerged to cater to the needs of the general public.

In these circumstances, many brands came forward that were selling substandard Kratom products and strains. These shady sellers can completely ruin a person’s health instead of making it better and providing relief.

Legal action could also not be taken against such brands because of their vague websites. It became essential to procure Kratom from a reliable and trustworthy seller.

The substance is legal in all but six states and three counties of the US.

Therefore, legality is not an issue but finding a good brand is a requisite. It is imperative to thoroughly gather information about a vendor before deciding to buy its products. There are trustworthy and reliable brands in the market, and these brands work persistently to provide the consumers with nothing but the best.

Sacred Kratom is one such Kratom provider that has left no stone unturned in making sure that the customer’s experience with the substance is positive.

About The Brand

The brand is currently leading the Kratom vending business in the US. The brand was founded in 2016 and has since progressed by leaps and bounds. The company has only one aim: to satisfy their loyal customers.

They work relentlessly to make sure that their products are up to par with the expectations of its customers. They are continually trying to concoct new and exciting products to attract customers.

The idea of customer ease and satisfaction in mind when designing the brand’s website design to formulating its product range. There are blog articles present on the website that are informative for customers venturing into the world of Kratom.

This article is all well-researched and is useful for new customers. Their range of products and strains make sure that Sacred Kratom caters to customers of every palate.


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Credibility And Transparency

Another important tell-tale characteristic of a good brand is always the credibility. Word of mouth travels fast in the kratom industry. The brand’s reputation can gauge the quality of a specific brand.

When it comes to reliability, Sacred Kratom does not disappoint. Ever since its inception, the brand has attracted a loyal customer pool.

There is a magnitude of positive reviews of the company present all over the internet.

The brand sources its Kratom from ethically grown plants in South Asia. The company contacts independent farmers to source their Kratom.

Sacred Kratom provides plenty of benefits to these farmers and gives them opportunities to affiliate themselves with an international brand that cares about their products.

The company uses the plants grown by the best cultivation practices and zero toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

The brand believes in customer care and makes sure that their products are tailored to customer needs and requirements.

All of their products are tested in a third-party lab to make sure that there is no compromise where quality is concerned. The strains and products are tested for artificial flavoring, heavy metals, and toxins, etc.

This rigorous testing and conscious quality control make that this vendor is one of the most reliable and honest brands in the Kratom market.

Top Products

Sacred Kratom abides by all the FDA regulations regarding the sale and use of Kratom. They make sure that their customers do not have to face any legal repercussions because of their products.

For this reason, the brand prioritizes purity in its products. They source their Kratom from farmers spreading all over South Asia. They have adopted this practice to obtain rare and unique strains.

The brand is selling its strains in a variety of forms. This wide range is instrumental in attracting customers with specific tastes. The product range of this Kratom vendor includes:

Sacred Kratom Capsules

These capsules are a customer favorite. This preference is because these capsules are easy to transport and use. They can be kept in a bad while traveling without fear of spilling or wasting. Customers prefer these capsules because they kick in faster than traditional pills.

The brand uses the best type of Kratom and machine packs them into a vegetable capsule. The pricing of these capsules starts from 19$. The potency of each tablet manufactured by the brand is 750mg of a specific strain in each capsule.

These capsules are all third-party tested and are of the most excellent quality. Their bestselling strains when it comes to pills, include Bali, Borneo, and Maeng Da.

Sacred Kratom Powder

The brand makes sure that only the best quality products reach their shelves. Their Kratom powders are one of their bestsellers.

They have an extensive range of various strains available in powdered form. The brand chooses leaves from nothing less than the best plants. These leaves are then dried and ground to a fine powder. This powder is then carefully packaged to maintain freshness.

Many people prefer to use the Kratom powder when assimilated in a beverage because the beverage can trump the bitter taste of Kratom.

These powders are also available in a range of different prices. The starting price is as low as 9$, which makes it perfect for people on a budget. Some of their famous strains available as powders include Bali, Borneo, Sumatra and Maeng Da Kratom.

Bali is probably one of their best-selling strain and has more than 25 alkaloids present in it. There are a large number of reviews raving about the product currently present on the brand’s website.

Many customers claim to have gotten actual relief from these products.

Sacred Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are distinct from the traditional kratom extracts. The brand uses special extraction techniques to make sure that there are maximum active ingredients present in their extracts.

Their Kratom extracts are enhanced to maximum levels to provide the most exceptional quality and the most relief. The extracts are made from pure, high-quality Kratom powder.

The powder goes through a one of a kind extraction process that extracts ultra-pure 7OHM and Mitragyne alkaloids from the powder.

These extracts are then sold. The brand currently offers five different derived strains, which include Enhanced Bentuangie, Enhanced Maeng Da, Ultra Enhanced Indo, Bali extracts, and 50x extract. The prices of the extracts are slightly higher, but the quality makes up for it.

Does the brand make false medical claims?

Although Kratom is believed to provide relief to its users, the FDA has strict rules against Kratom providers and brands making severe medical claims.

Although eastern medical practitioners believe that Kratom can have serious medical benefits, there has not been enough scientific research to prove this claim.

A few pieces of research conducted in 2018 have shown Kratom to be relaxing towards patients of anxiety.

Moreover, they are believed to react with the opioid center of the brain and lessens pain.

Although there have been a large number of online reviews raving about the medicinal benefits of Kratom, the FDA has strictly banned any medically severe claims.

The brand is in complete compliance with the regulations set by the FDA and makes no medical claims. They rely on their customer feedback to speak for them instead. And their customer pool does not disappoint in this regard.

There are several consumers raving about the brand’s products online, and those reviews speak volume.

Social Media Activity

In the current age of social media, any aspiring business needs to be active and have a social media persona.

Sacred Kratom is active on all the leading social media platforms and answers every customer query there. They regularly update their social media timelines and feeds whenever a new offer or bundle comes up.

Not only are they active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but the brand also has a YouTube channel. All of these platforms attract customers towards the brand.


There is a multitude of brands in the market that sell substandard goods.

Furthermore, these brands put out false contact information and make it impossible for the customer to reach them when their products fall short.

Contrary to this, Sacred Kratom has nothing to hide and prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else. They have no cards under the table and are completely transparent with their customers.

They can be contacted via email, and the brand’s team responds in record time.

Furthermore, the brand also has its address on its website. They are also active on social media and responds to every customer query there.


  • The prices of the extracts are slightly higher than the extracts sold by traditional brands. Although, the quality provided by the brand to its customers make up for the somewhat high pricing.
  • They do not have a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the products because they cannot resell it. Furthermore, legal action can be taken against a customer if they make false claims about damaged products. A defaulting customer is also added to the no-sell list, and they can never buy another product from the brand again.

Our Experience

No review can be complete without the firsthand experience of a user. The brand’s capsules were ordered, and they lived up to the hype. The pills are easy to carry while traveling, and they also come into effect faster than standard Kratom capsules. They are vegan-friendly and are budget-friendly as well.

From the ordering of the pills to the delivery and usage, the brand does not fail to deliver. There are bonus packs available as well that make it easier for the customer to choose what they need. Every aspect of the experience is designed to facilitate the buyers.

Shipping and Refunds

The shipping of all the products from the vendor is exceptionally efficient. The brand dispatches its order on the very same day that the address is confirmed. If there is any issue with the customer address, the customer is contacted.

The shipping is free within the US, apart from the states where there are legal Kratom restrictions. They have a strict refund policy if there is any product damaged or missing. Your order can also be canceled via email if it has not been dispatched yet.

Video: The History & Truth of KRATOM


In the current Kratom market, several Kratom providers are selling inferior grade products.

Sacred Kratom, however, is leaving no stone unturned in providing the best quality Kratom products to its customers. The website of the brand is easy to use, the delivery process is smooth, and the products are nothing but the best.

The brand is leading the US Kratom market through the relentless efforts of its team.

They have used both traditional practices and scientific techniques in perfect synchronization to create the most excellent quality products.

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