10 Best Places to Buy Salvia Divinorum in the U.S

If you are here, you must know about Salvia Divinorum. In case you do not know much about what salvia is, let us have a little introduction to this psychedelic herb.

Salvia Divinorum is a plant native to the southern region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Salvia Divinorum has traditionally been consumed by chewing the fresh leaves. However, Modern day practices involve smoking the dried leaves, swallowing, and infusing Salvia Divinorum into the bloodstream.

It is a potent hallucinogenic herb whose active ingredient salvinorin A is responsible for all the psychedelic effects it produces. In the U.S, it stays in a legal grey area, and thus, many states prohibit its sales and possession. Sale and purchase of salvia are entirely banned in Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Delaware, North Dakota, Florida, Tennessee, and Minnesota.

If you are looking for Salvia Divinorum online or offline, make sure it is legal in your state by searching for its legality in the U.S on google. Salvia is legal in states other than the above-mentioned ones. However, it is always a better idea to look for the rules and regulations in your state.

It can be crucial to decide where to buy the best quality salvia and which market would provide 100% original herbal extract. With the increasing popularity of salvia, the concerns regarding its organic purchase are getting higher among the users.

There rises a need to develop a comprehensive guide for buyers to help them know the best places to buy Salvia Divinorum leaves and extract online and offline.

Where to Buy Salvia Divinorum Online

While searching for a reliable online store that sells top quality salvia, you may see several options popping up. It becomes hard to determine as to which online option you should opt for. Especially, when every other website claims to provide the best quality salvia.

Therefore, it is pivotal to smartly identify the online sellers you can rely on for your orders. Here are a few tips that might help you in assessing the authenticity of an online store.

  • Buy from a retailer that you know or someone you know have already purchased from them. It is always better to rely on the tried and tested website.
  • Always book your order with a site that offers secure shipping and easy refund policies. Sellers that provide real salvia products would make the return and refund policy easy to build customer’s trust.
  • Only buy from those online shops that offer a money-back guarantee. A company that facilitates its unsatisfied customers to return the product is more likely to deal with genuine products.
  • Never choose that online place to buy salvia Divinorum, which has more bad reviews on its site than the good ones. Verified customer reviews, both good and bad, help provide the customer with valuable information regarding the product.
  • Do not place your order on a website that brings ad pop-ups every time it is opened, it is more likely to be a scam.
  • It might be tiresome for someone to keep all these points in mind and decide one right online place to buy Salvia Divinorum. This is why a thorough guide has been put together below to help you purchase salvia Divinorum from an authentic online retailer.

1. Salviaextraxts.com

Salviaextracts.com is one of the best online stores with a wide range of strengths. The company claims to have 100% organic salvia exclusively made with fresh and dried salvia leaves. The company states that it has its unique extraction method that yields purely natural Salvia extract

Available Strengths:

  • They offer Salvia Divinorum in eight different strengths, i.e., 10x to 140x
  • Salvia tincture is also available in 1-ounce quantity.

Pricing: The price range is from $15.95to $75, depending upon the strength and quantity you choose.

Shipping Policy: Order is delivered in 1-3 business days all over the U.S. Payment is accepted via debit card, credit card, bitcoin, or cash on delivery.

2. Arenaethnobotanicals.com

Extracts of different strengths and leaves of Salvia Divinorum are available at arena ethnobotanicals. Arena ethnobotanicals claim to provide organic salvia leaves grown and prepped in its greenhouse, and produce the extracts using organic methods.

Available Strengths:

  • Salvia Divinorum standardized extract available in strengths ranging from5x to50x
  • Organic Salvia Leaf is available in 1 oz (28 grams), ¼ pounds, and 1 pound.

Pricing: Price ranges from $11.99 to $289.99 depending upon the dosage form and extracts strength.

Shipping Policy: Internationally with a standard shipping rate.

3. Salviahut.com

A mix of dried and crushed salvia leaves with a particular amount of organic salvia extract is what the company offers to its customers. The items purchased from this website are not supposed to be consumed by humans. All the products at Salviahut.com are intended to be sold for research, collection, and education purposes. Salvia hut claims to deliver America’s #1Salvia.

Available Strengths: Salvia extract is available in 10 x to 140 x strengths.

Pricing: The price range is $15.99 to $74.99, depending upon the desired concentration.

Shipping Policy: delivery is made in 3-4 business days. Payment is only accepted in bitcoins, eCheck, and cash on delivery. The company offers an easy refund within 30 days of purchase.

4. Salviaseller.com

Salviaseller.com is a Netherlands based online store that delivers salvia Divinorum all over the world (except Somalia and Australia).

Available Strengths:

  • Salvia divinorum extracts are available in strengths from 5x to 20x.
  • Salvia divinorum dried leaves are available in 10 grams to 500 grams.

Pricing: Prices vary depending upon the strength and quantity of salvia, ranging from $7.50 to $260.

Shipping Policy: The order gets shipped in 1-2 business days. An order refund request can be made within 45 days of purchase. Ships internationally, except Australia and Somalia.

5. Thebestsalvia.com

This online store claims to be the best salvia seller in the market. Their main product is salvia Divinorum extracts, which are purportedly lab tested for quality assurance.

Available Strengths: Salvia extracts available in strengths ranging from 5x to 60x

Pricing: The price range is from $17 to $205, depending upon the strength and quantity of Salvia Divinorum in the pack.

Shipping Policy: Thebestsalvia.com ships to all over the world. Shipping is free in the U.S and takes 2-4 days to arrive. International orders may take 10-20 days to reach the customer. Credit cards, bitcoins, and cash through the mail are accepted as the mode of payment.

Where to Buy Salvia Divinorum Offline

You can find salvia Divinorum in smoke and vape shops all across the United States. Finding a good store that keeps organic salvia extracts is one step towards getting onto a ride of enjoying salvia to the fullest.

Organic extracts are typically prepared with no chemicals or synthetic elements, and thus, they are the safest form of salvia for consumption and possession.

A few things to keep in mind while purchasing salvia for personal consumption, particularly in that offline space, are listed below.

  • If you are trying salvia for the first time, make sure that the shop has enough space to accommodate an experienced friend with you, who could help you with choosing the right strength and be there when you try it.
  • Salvia divinorum is possibly the most potent legal high that would give you an intense trip. Thus, an environment free of extra objects should be preferred to avoid any likely mishap.
  • Try to make sure that salvia extracts offered by an offline capacity are exclusively prepared by them or are lab tested.
  • It would probably be the best idea to opt for an offline store where your friends go. Since it is easy to trust the tried and tested one.

The following are some best offline places to buy Salvia Divinorum in the United States.

6. Monsters of Rock

The store remains open seven days a week. It has its own parking lot, and no prior reservation is required. “Monsters of Rock” is a bit expensive, but sells high-quality Salvia Divinorum.

Address: 461 Blossom Hill Rd, Ste F San Jose, CA 95123.

2. Sunburst Smoke Shop (Arizona)

The shop remains open seven days a week. They have three locations in Arizona. Along with salvia, they have other products too that include hookah, shisha, rolling tobacco, and much more.

Business website: https://www.smokeshopinphoenix.com/


1. Head Office:

4347 W. Bell rd
Glendale, Arizona 85308
Phone: 1-602-547-4030

2. Sun Burst Smoke Shop 2

20851 N. 83rd Ave #4
Peoria, AZ 85382
Phone: 623-444-4123

3. Sun Burst Smoke Shop 3

10630 N 59th Ave # 105
Glendale, AZ 85304
Phone: 623-444-4234

3. Salvia Extract Tobacco Shop (California)

The salvia extract shop opens from Monday to Saturday. The company uses its exclusive extraction process to get organic Salvia extracts. They run an online store too.


2420 Sand Creek Rd C-1
Ste 203
Brentwood, CA 94513

4. Hi Times Tobacco Shop

A wide range of salvia extracts is available in the Hi Times tobacco shop. Credit cards are accepted. They are open seven days a week.


2374 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone number (510) 486-0988

5. All-Star Tobacco

The All-Star Tobacco shop is open seven days a week. The shop has a parking lot for the convenience of customers. They accept credit cards.


5464 Moreno St
Montclair, CA 91763
Phone number (909) 985-2300

Things to Consider Before Buying Salvia

Before purchasing Salvia, it is essential to take a few factors into considerations. The vast pool of Salvia variety in the market can often confuse a buyer, lead to wrong decisions, and result in a money wastage.

Hence, it is better to conduct research and identify your requirements before purchasing Salvia.

  Know The Types of Salvia

In a drug store, there are several types of Salvia products available.

While investing, you must know which kind of Salvia is best for your needs. Typically, Salvia categorized into the following types:

  • Fresh Leaves: The fresh Salvia leaves are present in the purest form (picked from the plant). A majority of consumers use fresh leaves to chew or process into extracts. Comparatively, the fresh Salvia leaves are the least potent. However, the ease of use and massive availability makes them a popular choice amongst consumers.
  • Dried Leaves: The dried Salvia leaves are smoked or processed into the extract. Available in shredded form, it brings about stronger effects than fresh ones.
  • Extracts: Being the most potent, Salvia leaves extracts are best to experience immediate results. The leaves (fresh or dried) are crushed to obtain the leave juice. As a general rule of thumb, even the slightest of dosages of extracts with higher Salvia concentration.

Check The Credibility of A Seller

Before you finalize the product, it is of immense significance to verify the authenticity of the Salvia. The shop seller may mislead an inexperienced buyer and may supply a product that does not meet your needs.

Hence, check the product thoroughly before purchasing it. Check whether the seller provides a lab-test report for the right amount of Salvia extract in the product.

Ensure whether the Salvia leaves are from a verified and authentic source. As a buyer, you hold the right to question the seller about the origin of Salvia. However, if you do not deem it appropriate, then you should research the seller and its shop on the Internet and other reliable sources. It is suggestable to read buyers’ reviews online from some authentic sites. You may also judge the online or offline shop’s reputation through their social site activity.

Search Where It’s Legal or Illegal

Like most other countries, the use of this herb is strictly prohibited by the law in the USA. There are only a few exceptions like Florida and North Carolina, where it is legal for medical purposes. Also, as authentic sources claim, it will become illegal in Maryland real soon, as well.


This blog wrapped up a few of the best online and offline places where you can buy organic salvia Divinorum extracts dried leaves and fresh plants. Most of the online shops, ship salvia Divinorum in discreet packaging and tend to label it as a tea herb or other.

If you are new to Salvia, then avoid taking strengths more than 20x. If the herb is illegal in your state, then don’t dare to indulge in any sale and purchase of Salvia Divinorum.




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