Story Of The Brand

The vendor is relatively old in the market. Salvia Extract was founded in 2003 and considering how it has survived this long, one can safely assume that it is a trustworthy and legitimate vendor.

While their primary focus is on Salvia, they have also dedicated themselves to Kratom. The office and manufacturing facility is based in Idaho Falls, ID.

But keeping all this aside, more important questions should be considered, such as: what kind of products Salvia Extract offers, what is the overall quality of the products like, and are the prices reasonable. This article aims to answer all such questions.

Key Features Of Salvia Extract

1) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered By Salvia Extract

Kratom is mainly available in 3 forms; capsules, liquid extract, and powder. There are many strains available, like; Green Rush Gold Extract, OPMS, Maeng Da Kratom, Thai Krato, Bali, and Indo.

For capsules, 3 and 5 counts or 30 grams’ sizes are available. For powder, customers can choose from the following; 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 100, or 8 ounces. For liquid extract, there is only one option, which is 8 ml.

2) Are The Products Lab Tested?Lab testing

No indication has been made on the website that the products are lab tested. This problem is seriously concerning, especially considering the fears of the FDA with regards to heavy metal and Salmonella poisoning. General contamination is also a concern.

3) Packaging Quality Of The Productspackaging cardboard box icon 0

The packaging of the products is simple: plastic bottles and packages. When it comes to shipping, the packaging is also a significant aspect. To respect the privacy of the customers and to ensure good customer service, the vendor offers discrete shipping. The product is shipped in a plain box or envelope with no product labels (except for a return address label).

4) Quality Of The Product Overall

The reviews of the product indicate that the products are of high-quality. The positive reputation of Salvia Extract, in the market, also shows that customers are generally satisfied with the products. However, the fact that no lab results can prove this can be concerning.

Another essential factor to be considered is the fact that Salvia Extract is GMP compliant (standards set by FDA). This compliance indicates, to some extent, that products are of good quality.

Moreover, on every product’s page, the representatives have continuously mentioned how they are dedicated to preserving the natural aspects of the product.

5) Shippingshipping and delievery

The services of USPS are used for shipments. An attractive feature is that the vendor allows you to track your product anytime by providing you with the delivery confirmation number. The orders are usually processed within 1 – 3 business days, allowing quick shipping.

However, the vendor has warned that during holidays or busy season, the orders may take longer to process.

There are many options available for shipping. There is First Class, which takes around 3 – 7 business days. 2 -7 business days is the usual option. Lastly, there is the option of Priority Mail, which takes about 2 – 4 business days. But beware, this last option is expensive.

6) Alternatives Of Kratom Offered By Salvia Extract

There are three alternatives offered; Salvia, CBD, and Kava. Salvia Extract also has the option of wholesale for many products. However, they will not deal with non-registered businesses.

For Salvia, mainly extracts and tinctures are available. The prices range between 15 USD – 168 USD. There are many options available in terms of quantities.

In the category of Kava, only one product is offered. This product is called OPMS® OPK Kava Extract. It costs around 43 USD, and the size available is five counts.

For the category of CBD, many forms are available, such as; vape oils, edibles (gummies mainly), crystal dabs, and creams. In terms of quantity, there are not many options. And the prices, in this category, range between 19 USD – 70 USD.

The Most Popular Strains Of Salvia Extract

Of many products, Maeng Da Kratom is one of the highest-rated products. Reviews suggest that the effect of this product is to allow the user to recover quickly when in pain. Moreover, it causes one to be more mentally alert and also improves mental cognitive abilities. Aside from helping with fatigue, it also elevates the mood of the users.

Another popular product is Kratom Kaps Bali, which is harvested from Red Vein Kratom. Red Vein also has many benefits, such as; pain relief and sedation. It also helps with depressions and stress, which in turn improves the mental state of the user. It allows the user to have a better sleep cycle.

Lastly, O.P.M.S. Kratom Silver Malay Special Reserve is another high-rated product. It helps the user in becoming more focused and provides mental clarity. Aside from helping with anxiety and depression, it also helps those with headaches.

Pricing Of Products By Salvia Extract

In the category of Kratom, the capsules’ prices range between 25 USD – 40 USD. And the powder forms’ prices range between 27 USD – 168 USD. And lastly, the liquid extract costs around 53 USD – 141 USD. When considering the quantities of these products (highlighted above), once can conclude that these prices are high.

For example, a powder form Kratom from Salvia Extracts, which is the size of 8 ounces, costs between 45 USD – 50 USD. (And these prices go higher in the case of OPMS line). But when you compare this with the product of Kats Botanicals; The same form of Kratom, with the same quantity, costs around 30 USD – 40 USD.

One way to overcome this problem is the discounts that are frequently available. Another is the Affiliate Program by Salvia Extract, which is attractive. Customers who avail this opportunity earn around 7 – 12 % of the product advertised.

How Active Is Salvia Extract On Social Media Platforms?

Salvia Extract is not only present in the usual social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), but it is also present on sites like YouTube and Pinterest. This factor is excellent as it allows the customers to remain in touch with them. Moreover, it will enable Salvia Extract to stay in touch with those who don’t prefer the more common platforms.

However, it should be noted that while Salvia Extracts has all these accounts, they are not active on them. The latest posts that were made was on Twitter in 2018. If Salvia Extracts want to continue to remain relevant and be better than their competitors, it is recommended that they become more engaged in such platforms.

Negative Aspects Of Salvia Extract

Some may classify the Refund and Return Policy as very strict. Refunds should be made within 30 days and only if the product is unused and sealed. Moreover, the costs of sending the product back will be paid by the customer. What makes this more unappealing is the fact that the vendor reserves the right to refuse refunds and returns. So if there is even a slight indication of the product being opened (even though, in truth, it was not), the return will not be allowed.

Salvia Extract is also quite strict and unyielding when it comes to payments through credit cards. If they suspect that a customer is committing fraud (even though, in reality, they are not), they will not process the order. This strictness may be inconvenient for many of those who prefer this method and only employ this procedure.

There are occasions where Salvia Extract has made some medical claims by highlighting the benefits of some of the products. And on each product’s page, they have also made a separate section for dosage. The same actions have been conducted on their blog.

However, these medical claims are not extremely specific; hence, upon some mishap, they can’t be held accountable. And even if the claims are specific, they still can’t be held accountable. This factor is further reinforced by the section of “Terms and Conditions” and a Disclaimer (present in every page), which relieves Salvia Extract upon any liability whatsoever. It should also be noted that in the section of dosage, they have recommended that the user should start with the minimum dosage only. They have also warned that different individuals may have different effects.

The online vendor has also not been evaluated by the FDA. Adding the fact that no lab results have been presented (that ensure that the product is safe), this deters potential customers from buying from Salvia Extract

Our Verdict

That being that no lab reports have been made available that ensure the safety of the product. However, this fear may be alleviated by the assurance that the vendor is generally GMP complaint. Other factors in favor of Salvia Extract may be; the wide range of strains available, the option of capsules and the excellent customer service. And these factors may help make the informed potential customer the right decision.

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