Kratom Storage Tips And Shelf Life Information

The demand and fame of kratom are now no longer limited to Southeast Asia. The popularity has risen over time, flown continents, and found its way into the hearts of many different parts of the world.

As people began to use kratom, they encountered the first and foremost challenge of ‘how to store kratom and how to enhance its shelf life’ to maintain the same pleasant effects of kratom overtime.

Almost all organic matter begins to lose its kick and decays over extended periods. Kratom, being no exception, also degrades over time, mainly due to the degradation of alkaloids found in the kratom.

To the fans of kratom, losing alkaloid means rendering the kratom unworthy and useless. You may wonder why. Alkaloids found in the kratom, are the main reason behind the stimulating effects caused by kratom.

Therefore, no one wants to lose them!

Many avid users of kratom struggle with storing kratom. Some wonder how their kratom lost its energy and potency just by sitting on the shelf. Others worry regarding the deterioration of their kratom.

Do not worry as we are here for you. We will not only spill the beans by giving you kratom shelf life information, but we will also lay out some tips for you to store your kratom worry-free.

But before getting into it, let me ask you, what do you know about kratom?

Is Kratom new to the world?

Kratom is not something new. It has been there for hundreds of years as a herb from a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia.

The miracle effects of kratom, such as calming, soothing, and energizing effects along with its ability to relieve pain and fatigue, made it quite popular around the globe. Today, many populations are well aware of its benefits, side effects, and usage, but a handful knows how to store it appropriately.

So, let us get to the task!

Kratom Storage Tips and Shelf Life Information

If you are a new kratom user, let us warn you to be careful with storing your kratom. Not only new users, but many regular users struggle when it comes to storing their kratom.

Pull yourself together, and do not worry as you can follow these simple tips and techniques to store your kratom effectively.

1. Do Not Expose Your Kratom to Air


Oxidation is the first and foremost vital reason to harm your kratom. While oxygen may be safe and necessary for you, it shortens the shelf life of kratom rapidly.

If you mistakenly leave your kratom exposed to air, you might notice the color of the leaves turning a little pale, and the kratom tends to lose its original scent gradually.  


The simplest method to avoid this problem is to store your kratom in a vacuum-sealed, airtight container, or plastic bag. If you do not have access to any such vacuum sealed airtight containers, simply use a Ziploc bag. However, do not forget to squeeze out the excess air before locking the bag.

2. Store in a Dark Place


Ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sunlight will definitely cause damage to the chemical composition of the kratom. The harmful effects of UV rays are not limited to kratom. You may have noticed that the packaging of a lot of edible products has printed caution to protect them from sunlight.

You may even see your solid furniture or curtains fading gradually as they are continuously exposed to sunlight. In the case of kratom, it will alter its potency and concentration, resulting in a weaker taste and an altered scent.


Your kratom would not survive long if you store it in a place where it is exposed to sunlight. Choose a cool dark spot, a closed cabinet, or even place it in the refrigerator.

No matter how small quantity you use every day or how much you have stored, as long as you put it back in the dark, sheltered place after taking out the required quantity, you can enjoy your kratom for a long time.

Store in a Dry Place and Protect Your Kratom from Moisture


In the battle to protect your kratom, your third enemy is the moisture or humidity. Even the slightest bit of moisture can cause the mold to grow and spoil your entire kratom, whether in the form of leaf or powder.

If you spot that the mold has somehow infested your kratom, discard the entire contents of that particular container without any hesitation. This is because if you end up consuming any of the molds, you can fall ill very quickly.


To prevent any of the moisture from getting into your store kratom, always try to keep your kratom in an airtight container in a dry place. Avoid storing your kratom in any location with high humidity like your bathroom, kitchen, or garden shed.

The steam from your food can increase the moisture in the kitchen while the rain outside can make your garden shed an unsuitable place for you to store your kratom. In essence, keep your kratom in either a Ziploc bag or a vacuum-sealed airtight container and finally keep the box in a dry place.

Store your kratom in a cool place


The temperature of the place where you store your kratom also effects how long will your kratom last.


Never store the kratom in any hot place like near the window, fireplace, or heater.

It is highly recommended to store your kratom in a cool place away from the sunlight, such as in a closet or cabinet. Many users of kratom, store it in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it as fresh as possible.

Some Additional Techniques to Store Your Kratom Safely for a Long Time

If you use kratom regularly, it is vital to take care and handle well to protect your kratom from any damage or harm. We have a few additional points for you to keep in mind so that you can store your kratom more efficiently. The benefit of these simple suggestions will surely outweigh the extra efforts it requires.

So, let us get into it.

A pro-tip for daily usage

The life of kratom also depends upon your handling. If you are a regular user, it is not a wise idea to pull the stored kratom out of its cold and dark place daily, not to mention that you will be exposing the entire bulk quantity of your stored kratom to moisture, sunlight, heat and air, every now and then.

That is why it is a smart idea to keep some quantity of kratom in a separate small container for everyday use, making sure that the bulk quantity is stored safely.

Hands and utensils must be clean and dry

This tip is quite easy to comprehend. By now, you must be knowing how moisture attacks kratom, just like a fierce enemy; therefore, it must be protected from any kind of wetness or humidity.

Make sure to use a clean, dry spoon to scoop out the desired quantity of kratom from the container. Additionally, if you are using a weighing scale, it is imperative to keep it clean and dry.

As you will be putting the extra kratom back from the weighing scale to the container where you have stored, the moisture on that little extra quantity of kratom may as well end up ruining the entire container filled with kratom.

All these tips and tricks will help you to go a long way to stop your kratom from turning rancid.

Signs That Your Kratom Has Gone Bad

The techniques and points we have discussed above will make sure that your kratom is unharmed and fresh. However, kratom may get bad and stale due to the many reasons discussed above.

In that case, it is highly recommended not to use kratom that has gone bad. That is why you need to know when your kratom has deteriorated.

What are the Signs That Kratom has Gone Bad?

It’s simple to identify a deteriorated product. Pale color, weak scent, visible mold, unfreshness, will help you quickly recognize that your kratom has gone bad.

It is no rocket science!

Kratom leaves, like any other organic products, are vulnerable, hence can be damaged by multiple factors. To conclude, always try to purchase fresh kratom. Furthermore, with a little extra effort, you can store and increase the kratom shelf life easily.

Keep your kratom in a cool, dry, and dark place, preferably in a vacuum-sealed airtight container or a Ziploc. Keep your kratom fresh for months just by keeping in mind the factors and remedies we discussed above.

Kratom does not get damaged readily, and the steps we discussed will ensure it stays fresh and lasts for a reasonably long time.

Enjoy fresh kratom!

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