CBD Flower

CBD flower is a cannabis plant bud that has many magical effects. It is used to extract oil and available in many forms like vape juice, drops, and medicines to cure seizures and epilepsy. The dried CBD flowers are used in CBD rolled cigarettes.

CBD? It is not a new thing for many. A remarkable advancement happened a couple of years ago when CBD was declared legal in all 50 states of the USA. After this advancement, everyone started taking CBD products, and it was the start of a million-dollar market. 

Certain conditions were imposed before legalizing CBD. THC comes from cannabis or hemp plant. If CBD is removed from THC, then it becomes legal to use and can be used as a food supplement in medicines and more commonly in recreational products like vape, CBD flowered cigarettes, etc.

One can only differentiate CBD from Marijuana by its THC level.

Marijuana contains a higher level of THC as compared to CBD. It is the only difference; otherwise, it is virtually indistinguishable.

People are using it for relaxation purposes, and it has the quality of easing the mind without making its user feel high. Instead, people who get high after using recreational drugs take CBD flowers to normalize themselves.

CBD flower is used to extract oil, which is used in multiple products. Nowadays flower is also used in cigarettes in replacement of tobacco. There is a long list of companies that are doing CBD flower cigarette business.

How does CBD Flower look like?

CBD flower doesn’t look like rose or African Daisy. It seems like a bud — ball-shaped flowers with small edges around it. Its color is green, which varies from light green to dark green.

Light color signifies a high-quality product. A combination of bright green and purple is a symbol of the best quality flowers.

If a flower is giving red or brown or yellow shaded color, then it is not good to use.

CBD Flower

Trichomes are small white crystal hair which is not visible with the naked eye and can be observed through a magnifier. If CBD flower is handpicked and handled with care, it will have a lot of trichomes on it. Flower with the highest number of trichomes is best to use. Machine plucked flowers lose trichomes while processing.

Trichomes contain CBD substances which is the actual essence. CBD oil is stored in these white crystal type hair. More trichomes ensure higher potency. It is up to you. If you can find a frostily looking CBD flower, you have the best flower in your hand.

The pistil is a female reproductive part of a flower; CBD flowers are covered with brown, red, or orange color pistils. These colors are observed to measure the maturity of a flower. 

The third measure to find the quality of Cannabidiol flower is moisture. If a flower is too wet or too dry, then it is not right in condition. Moderate humidity in flowers is best. 

In short, if flower bud feels tight looks dense, and in shape, then it is best.

What are the Benefits of CBD Flower?

If we explore the benefits and harms of CBD, we can say that with very few harmful effects associated with CBD flower — it has a lot of benefits. From medicinal use to recreational products, it is being used everywhere.

In the 1940s, scientists started working on CBD. Initially, it was used in medicine over time CBD proved itself to be the best natural remedy for many diseases; some are mentioned below:

CBD is antibacterial. It resists many infections; that is why it is called a superbug killer. It is a natural antibiotic product that works much better than many well-known antibiotic medicines produced artificially.

CBD is a cancer fighter; it stops cancerous cell growth. There is strong evidence supporting CBD against cancer. It is claimed by many researchers that CBD kills tumours.

It is neuroprotective; the existence of CBD in the human body prevents strokes and traumatic injuries. Research shows that it is useful for both glutamate and hydroperoxide.

It is used for seizure control. Studies showed that CBD is the only remedy that showed significant change; it controlled a 23% chance of seizures. Till today this number is highest.

For a high sugar level, diabetic patients CBD is the best thing to use. It works like insulin and controls glucose level in blood.

The immune system fights with dangerous germs and CBD helps the immune system to fight with different diseases. 

Unlike tobacco CBD is good for the cardiovascular system; it clears the blockage in artery veins; with CBD usage, one can avoid heart diseases.

Many reasons cause heartburn or inflammation; CBD reduces inflammation effects. 

Constipation occurs due to small intestine contractions while CBD reduces small intestine contractions and helps in the cure of illness.

If someone is feeling nausea or vomiting, then the best remedy is these fantastic flowers.

CBD is a good pain reliever; it relaxes muscles and gives a soothing effect. And the best thing is unlike marijuana; it does not make its user feel high.

One of CBD flowers relaxes the body while another type reduces anxiety and gives an energizing effect to the body. It works much better than coffee to activate brain cells.

There is an endless list of CBD benefits on the medical side. It is being researched, and still, it is giving amazing results in the cure of many diseases.

No other natural plant has ever proved itself this much medically beneficial. In medicine, it can be called as Jack of all illnesses.

It can be used in many forms like in edibles, or it can be vaporized through the vape. Also used in tinctures and ointments and more commonly it is being used in cigarettes.

What are the Types of CBD Flowers?

CBD is an inherited form of the hemp plant. It is genetically modified with a lower amount of THC in its chemical formula.

There are two types of CBD flowers named Sativa and Indica. Both have different effects.

Sativa is good for the mind, and it activates brain cells. It acts like taking coffee. It increases the concentration of the mind without harming it.

Whereas Indica is good for body relaxation. After its use, one can take a good nap. It relaxes the whole body. It is a treat for the body after a hectic routine.

These types are further modified, and now CBD flower is divided into four categories.

Smokable Hemp Flower

Hemp is illegal to use as it contains a higher level of THC, which makes its user feel high. Smokable hemp is a modified form of Hemp plant which contains legally allowed THC levels in its formula. 

The legally allowed THC level is 0.3%, and this is the only value that differentiates hemp from marijuana.

CBD Dominant Flower 

It is a genetically modified formula with 5:1 ratio, CBD contains five whereas THC includes 1 percent of the product. That is why it is called CBD dominant flower. It is a daytime product because it is used to invigorate the mind.

CBD: THC Flower

A balanced formula contains almost equal amounts of both CBD and THC. It ranges from 60-80mg per gram. 

For tobacco addicted, this thing is the best substitute. It helps in getting rid of tobacco. 

High THC: Low CBD Flower

This type of flower contains a higher level of THC as compared to CBD, while the CBD level is still higher than marijuana. It is the best relaxant. It can be used for better sleep.

These four types of flowers are best known by the following names:

Canna Comforts

Introduced by Jamie Evans, a strong believer in CBD. Canna Comforts contains a higher level of CBD as compared to THC; Sativa lovers like this. It energizes the mind. Canna Comfort is rolled in Elektra. Having 15.87% of CBD.

Secret Nature CBD 

This variant is being grown in multiple states, and it has Indica dominant strains with CBD around 18.5%. It has a sweet fragrance and feels very light. The best remedy for headache. It is the best medicine. 

Cascadia Bloom

Best gift for anxiety, stress, and chronic pain patient. Cascadia Bloom provides a combination of different CBD flowers. This company is producing high-quality flower tops to users. Highly recommended product these days.

Starseed Botanicals

Best suggested taking at the end of the day as it is relaxant with a dominance of Indica at the level of 19.53%. Ganesha Kush is the best-known product of Starseed Botanicals. 

It is being used for the treatment of insomnia. Because of the higher amount of Indica strains, it works best for relaxation.

It has a particular flavour, lemon and pine combination. 

Tweedle Forms

It is a hybrid combination of Sativa and Indica flowers. With the highest amount of CBD level in it. Approximately 22.9%. 

It is the best choice for pain, inflammation or depression. 

All these variants and products are legal to use in the USA as they comply with the ruling of maintaining THC level lower than 0.3%. Mostly these products are packed with a laboratory certificate mentioning THC level on every packet.

CBD is an excellent gift from nature, with the highest number of benefits and very few harmful effects can be recommended to everyone. And can be taken in many forms, purest form is CBD flower cigarettes.



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