10 Best Marijuana Strains For Pain

Pain and ache aren’t anyone’s friend; it’s an enemy many wrestle. Who wouldn’t want to see them vanish? But can you get rid of them? The simple and direct answer is, yes!

But hold on, when was the last time you had a nice activity without aches and pain taking a toll on them? A very long time ago? That’s exactly what about 1.5 million individuals in the world fight every day as the American Academy of Pain Medicine reports.

Apart from the difficulty you get from finishing up a task, you may have been experiencing depression, decreased energy level, inability to concentrate, and inability to sleep. This generally eats deep into your entire life reducing the quality of life you are entitled to. However, here is a quality way out.

I’ve earlier mentioned that you’ve got a heal! The solution I’m proffering is called “Marijuana.” Feel like taking a trip to get it now? Hold on, we’ve got a few things to highlight. You won’t only get an overview of the relationship between marijuana and chronic ache, but in addition, you will get the best and easily sourced marijuana strains for your condition.

Before we head-on into full details, let me narrow down your search, wouldn’t you want to know the type of pain marijuana strains is capable of combating? Yes, it’s nice we kick-start from there.

4 Common Types of Chronic Pains Marijuana Strains Can Treat

The four common various types of chronic pain you may have been battling with, and that marijuana, without stress, will surely defeat are itemized below:

1) Neuropathic

Medically, Root is nerve disturbance. Many with this pain often describe the uncomfortable ache as sharp and shooting. A few examples of the problem nerve damage can stem from are pain, sciatica, and phantom limb pain.

2) Idophiatic

Most people have given up on treating the ache, why? It’s been verified that this type of pain or ache is the most difficult type to treat, either physical or psychological, and top of it, it has no definite cause.

3) Nociceptive

This chronic pain is found in softer tissues of the body or organs through sensory nerves. Examples include arthritis, headache, and fibromyalgia, back pain, bladder pain, irritable bowel symptoms, and endometriosis.

4) Psychogenic

This name is derived from a psychological disorder. It is comforting a little bit to know that despite the fact that it didn’t have an origin, it has side effects. An example is anxiety and depression.

Having gone through this, it is unfortunate that the root of chronic pain can be different from person to person. Aside from that, combating the root can be filled with a lot of difficulties. And as a result, it has been tiring and burdensome to treat them with regular medications. Even if folks have tried applying it, it will still, however, do nothing to remedy the situation.

As a result of these disappointments from some drug prescribed and over-the-counter pills, many have resulted in taking cannabis or cannabinoids. But you may wonder why?

The current report from the National Academics of Sciences Engineering Medicine reveals that cannabis or cannabinoids were used in treating and curing adults with chronic pain and the further result shows that those treated with cannabis are very likely to experience clinically lowered pain symptoms easily. And it is interesting to know that a drastic relief in pain is leading benefit patients often mentioned.

There are two strong components of marijuana strains-Sativa and Indica. The question many beginners ask about these two components is that if it is effective for pain relief. Let’s highlight a few key points to help broaden our understanding. And that leads us to another subheading.

Sativa And Indica – The True Solution For Effective Pain Reliever

Weed constitutes thousands of varying cannabis strains, and the three included subspecies are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. In the application of weed for medical treatment, most especially the one that has to do with a pain reliever, two relevant and essential strains ring a bell – Sativa, and Indica.

For Sativa, the origin from the middle-east near Pakistan is short, stout and it’s very potent for relaxing qualities. Users most time are advised to use it during the evening time to help them users have a good sleep. Indica, on the other hand, has a combination of CBD and THC.

As a result, it goes a long way to treat full-body ailments such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia. But you may wonder, is there scientific research that shows that using marijuana as a painkiller is effective? Yes. And let’s examine that briefly, then we’ll turn to our main goal- the ten types of strain.

Excellent Scientific Research That Proves That Marijuana Strains Are Effective for Pain Relief

It is no gainsaying that the use of marijuana is gaining prominence among elites and what proves that, I’ll be revealing three of the leading scientific research that proves that.

  • A study from The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine Reveals that marijuana is beneficial for the substantial removal of pain symptoms.
  • WebMD, a home for Google cure has also shown from their vast array of medical prescriptions that weed is essential for the relief of chronic pain.
  • The US national library indicates that the application or use of weed correctly suppresses pain receptors. Therefore, why not utilize this great component and take the pain out of your daily schedule.

But just like any other medication, it is not every dosage of marijuana or type that is effective for every individual, and that is why with extensive research we’ve been able to come this far and tell you the best ten you can select from and get a thrilling outcome. An outcome that you will confidently be willing to discuss. So, I’ve compiled the list of 10 best Marijuana strains for pain, let’s have a brief look into it.

10 Best Marijuana Strains For Your Chronic Pain

As explained earlier, the intensity of pain and the appropriate type of strain for you is the most important aspect you need to consider. Because if one strain works with one person well, it is never a guarantee that it will do with you, also, the difficulty embedded in the search for the right one has necessitated the need for this compilation.

1) BlackBerry Kush Marijuana Strain For Pain

BlackBerry Kush Marijuana StrainThe origin of this cannabis originates from California as an Indica subspecies with a very large dose of THC that will naturally fall between 17 and 24%.

If you take it, your body will be relaxed. As a result, it is effective for general pain and the high dose leaves you into excessive sleep.

2) Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

From its origin, this marijuana strain is effective for use as a medical drug. For example, it works well as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. And amazingly, the THC content variation is around 12% to 17%. It is excellent you take it in the afternoon, you will feel sleepy.

3) Blue Dream Marijuana

An interesting thing about this strain is that it has a pleasant and sweet taste that is raved about. Its hybrid is around 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Also, it’s lovely to know that the THC levels stay between 17 and 24%. Then, it is best used in the launch, as it promises more energy boost. Also, it combats any neuropathic and other issues you might come in contact with.

4) Ak-47 Marijuana Strain

Ak-47 Marijuana StrainUndeniably, Ak-47 is a Sativa dominant hybrid. And with a high level of ratios, it consists of 65% Sativa, and 35% Indica and the friendly content (THC) falling between 13- 20% and completing it, a CBD level falling just at a low 1%. If you have a great problem battling anxiety and depression, you are in the right spot.

5) Bubba Kush Marijuana

This portrays the sleeping quality and has the great capability to work on severe pain and ache. Take, for example; it can work on more severe pain like migraines, multiple sclerosis, and muscle tension. It has this relaxed feeling plus having pain free relaxation.

6) Purple Arrow Marijuana

Yes, I’m glad to introduce to you the most balanced weed strains. It has 15% Sativa and 85% Indica. It takes charge of these two qualities. One is high pain relief and mood booster (from moody to fun). Furthermore, the THC level is found at 15-17%. And magically, it kills a headache during the day.

7) ACDC Marijuana Strain

ACDC Marijuana StrainACDC has a Sativa of 70% while it has an Indica of 30%. Also, it has the THC: CBD ratio as 1:20.

This makes great use for generalized pain and pain that is paired with staying alert. Beyond pain relief, you are going to get maximum relaxation, happiness, boosted energy, and excellent focus.

8) Harlequin Marijuana Strain

With an extensive history and origin, Harlequin emanates from a variety of places. It has 75% Sativa while 25% Indica. Additionally, it has a higher concentration of CBD. This is an ideal solution for decreasing anxiety and increasing your alertness.

9) Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

The Sativa compilation of cookies marijuana is great for the pain reliever, even for severe pain because it consists of high THC levels of 28% and the extent of CBD level is relatively low at 1%. It is advisable that beginners exercise caution when using this, as it gets one high so quickly and fast. Being one of the most potent strains for chronic pain, Girl Scout correctly knocks out pain swiftly.

10) Jack Herer marijuana

Jack Herer marijuanaThis Sativa-dominant hybrid is a great stimulant, and with a happy quality of Sativa, it goes a long way to relieve pain with the presence of 23% THC content.

More to the point, Jack Herer is excellent for reducing inflammation and helps for chronic pain. Want to get the energetic power that you need to carry on with a day-day task with no itch. You have an ideal remedy here.

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