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We are present in the 21st century, where certain regions of the world legalize the weed for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, despite the legalization, often, people are unable to locate areas where marijuana is available. To help such people, a new concept about Weedmaps is gaining popularity. Let’s dive into details and explore what Weedmaps is?

Weedmaps – Navigate your High

In cannabis culture, the term Weedmaps refers to a tech company that has brought together the Cannabis consumers, for the better. The online platform serves the same purpose as google maps; detection, direction, and navigation. Only, except that it locates and provides information regarding ganja-related stuff exclusively.

Founded in July 2008, this platform is one of the oldest and most popular marijuana junctions. It enables the users to find nearby pot dispensaries, dealers, and delivery services.

Whether you’re seeking a high or a medicinal benefit from the pot plant, Weedmaps will provide every bit of relevant information to maximize your accessibility. It has brought into existence a broader horizon for the formerly restricted, or rather, handicapped Cannabis community. Thanks to the services of this online portal, the Marijuana traffic can move about much more freely.

Educating the World

When the Arab emir Soudoun Sheikouni banned the use of Cannabis for the first time, several other countries took a similar decision in the following centuries. Considering the limited research of the past, it was perhaps, a wise and rational taken by the jurisdictions, back in the time. However, this global prohibition has had a profound and long-lasting impact on the plant’s reputation. Even today, Cannabis Sativa is only known for its baleful nature to many and remains a taboo in several states.

Nevertheless, Weedmaps is determined to set things right. The company aims to eradicate this cynicism and introduce the medicinal benefits and value of the Marijuana plant. Thus, to educate the world in this regard, this online platform features several informative articles about Cannabis Sativa. The learning section of this platform covers the following essential aspects related to Cannabis:

  • Essential terms
  • History
  • Phytology
  • Products and Consumption of products
  • Effects and impact on the human body
  • Laws and regulation

Apart from the topics mentioned above, the website also guides the correct ways of consuming and purchasing weed. The information provided by this website is not only authentic but also very comprehensive and detailed. It is sufficient enough to guide an amateur or remove the blindfold off the eyes and mind of a Cannabis-hater.

Weedmaps Museum of Weed

In attempts of reaching out as many people as possible and showcasing its purposes and services on a larger scale, Weedmaps came with a bigger, brighter idea; A museum. The masses heard about the opening of this one-of-its-kind museum based in Los Angeles, via a tweet from the official account of Weedmaps. And evidently, the tweet made the purpose of this museum clearly; to combat the prevailing Cannabis stigma.

On the 3rd  of August 2019, the iconic Weedmaps Museum of Weed opened its gates for the general public. Occupying 30,000 square-foot of land beside Hollywood’s historic Paramount Studios, the museum provides an educational experience to visitors by featuring seven separate exhibitions of the Marijuana plant. These display the complete, detailed history of the Marijuana plant in chronological order. Following are the seven sections:

  • Pre-Prohibition
  • Age of Madness
  • Counterculture Revolution
  • Behind the Closer Doors
  • Entrapment
  • Dose of Compassion
  • Legalization

Another attractive segment of the museum is known as The Plant Lab. It is the interactive part of the Weedmaps Museum of Weed, which exhibits the latest technology and research about the plants and its constituents . Along with immersive exhibits, the museum also features artifacts and art installations. There’s also a café for visitor’s convenience and comfort.

Weedmaps Talks About Cannabidiol

Pursuing its mission of enlightening the world with the curative side of the pot plant, Weedmaps has been promoting the use of Cannabidiol(CBD)-based products. Cannabidiol happens to be one of two major compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, which recently gained popularity due to its pain-relieving properties. The chemical compound does not only provide relief from chronic pains but is also beneficial for heart and alleviates anxiety, depression, cancer-related symptoms, acne, etc.

The brand emphasizes on the medical uses and non-psychoactive nature of this molecule.  By providing access to businesses selling CBD products, the website encourages the use of CBD. The CBD-based products include CBD Oil, drinks, etc. It also provides details related to the legality of CBD in the USA and internationally.

Connecting the Ganja Dots

As mentioned earlier, Weedmaps is laying new roads in the Cannabis world and taking the accessibility to a whole new level. The site has made finding cannabis sellers, dispensaries, doctors, and deals in your vicinity, more accessible than it was ever before! Its proximity map locates the dispensaries and also presents advertisements as per the location of the user.

Previously, we came across a debate addressing the legality of the shops that were accessible through Weedmaps. A regular customer, Gary White, reported having found a shop on enlisted in the directory of Weedmaps that wasn’t licensed.  Though, under legal light, the company wasn’t guilty. The incident gave birth to a shadow of doubt in the hearts of those who have trouble trusting the better side of Cannabis Sativa.

One can discover different marijuana products and brands. The site makes shopping easier by providing ratings and reviews of experienced customers. Not only can you take an idea of the quality and services of the brand you intend to purchase from, but you can also interact with other people on the same page. Since Weedmaps prioritizes safety and connectivity at the same time, interaction through the platform is undoubtedly risk-free.

The discussion forum and private messaging feature of this website have made it more of a social networking platform for regular consumers of Cannabis. To become a part of this weed-loving community, you only have to make an account! Users and businesses can register for free, but companies will have to pay monthly fees while the users will have to pay compulsory taxes upon purchase.

Mobile App

Apart from the well-established website, the Weedmaps mobile app is the most widely used application both in Google and Apple play store. Similar to the site, the mobile app offers the location of all the weed dispensaries in the neighborhood. However, you can only purchase from the places where weed is legal. The mobile applications provide the same features like navigation, shop, and blog. One can find all the weed brands and drugstores listed chronologically. Users have to register themselves and agree to the terms of use as well as privacy policies.

A Hemp-ed History

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Back in time, when there was little accessibility to weed, the concept of a weed portal struck the mind of Justin Hartfield. Eager to bring a change in the weed culture, the founder Justin Hartfield together with Keith Hoerling, launched the Weedmaps in July 2008. Weedmaps is an official and legal platform that operates under fair and just policies. The portal provides its users with access to weed dispensaries present in places where it is legal.

The website gained instantaneous popularity and in 2009. The  New York Daily Time stated it as a portal where medical patients may connect with others in their vicinity. They can openly discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives and dispensaries.

However, General Cannabis Incorporated bought the Weedmaps in November 2010. The amount of purchase did not get disclosed, though Justin Hartfield became the new Chief Web Officer. Similar to the purchase amount, no one has an accurate figure about the sales revenue of Weedmaps, though an article mentioned it to be $20,000-$400000/month between 2009 to 2010. The same report stated Weedmaps to have around 50,000 registered users at the time, which signifies the strong position of the portal in the market.

The Weedmaps came into partnership with NORML.org in October 2011 and took more active participation in legalizing weed. In the following year, the Weedmaps expanded its influence over weed culture by purchasing the Marijuana.com in November 2011.

Also, it purchased the MMJMenu in December of the same year from a software company located in Denver. By early 2013, the General Cannabis that held control over Weedmaps and other weed-related businesses sold it to their original owners. Thus, Justin Hartfield resumed his authorities.

Currently, the Weedmaps is under the CEO Chris Beals and Chairman Doug Francis.

Emerging Competitors

As a significant weed portal, the Weedsmap has a few competitors in the market. These platforms compete with each other in terms of content, marketing strategies, and web techniques. The biggest competitor of Weedmaps so far is Google Local, which provides reviews and location of the searched place.

Google significantly optimizes its platforms that elevate its rank. Thus, providing immense competition to other websites. Another prominent competitor after Google Local is the Yelp, a review-based site providing people access to numerous places. The website has an extensive range, including drugstores, food, pets, and much more. Weedmaps faces intense competition from these platforms and continually works to elevate its position.


In a nutshell, Weedmaps is a legal platform that provides users access to weed dispensaries in permitted areas. The website officially under legal terms and guarantees its users with safety. One can conveniently find its complete terms of use and privacy policies, hence proving its reliability. The prime purpose of the portal formation is to spread weed culture awareness. Although the website’s authorities have shifted a lot of times, the essence behind its creation has remained the same.



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