Amazon’s logo says that the shop offers everything from A to Z, but does it? There are so many controversial substances that are not provided on the universal online shop. Kratom is an organic substance that has gained popularity among people, but we do not see any product with Kratom on Amazon. There are several reasons for Amazon not offering Kratom.

The FDA Ban

Kratom grows in the South East Asian countries like Indonesia, and Malaysia. This organic opiate entered the United States several years ago.

In 2012 and then again in 2014, the FDA blocked Kratom shipments and labeled it as an illegal substance due to its adverse side effects.

Due to this, all kratom products were confiscated and Amazon, being accessible to millions of people around the world, also removed Kratom from its websites.

In 2017, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated that although Kratom might be beneficial for some health issues and may be useful for opioid withdrawal, the FDA will not approve any therapeutic use of the botanical substance.

This statement was like a seal for all general item shopping places to remove kratom supplements from their shelves and Amazon followed it too.

Before the FDA’s disapproval of Kratom and several other organic substances, Amazon sold kratom supplements for a short period.

Amazon promises you guaranteed and safe products; therefore, any substance that the FDA has added to the controlled items list or has banned altogether.

Amazon’s Worldwide Shipping

The online shopping arena offers shipping and delivery to all the states, several European countries, and even operates in Asia.

Kratom is not as accepted and allowed in all the cities of the United States and is still a prohibited item in numerous countries.

If Amazon sold Kratom and a buyer belonging to a kratom-prohibited area; it would be a problem to deliver the supplement.

Even if the website refuses to provide the bought item after the purchase, the return procedure will be a complication, and the site might lose a customer!

Due to the different legal statuses of Kratom in different cities and countries, Amazon refuses to offer any organic supplements or medicines which may cause later confusions.

According to the latest state laws of January 2019, the states that banned Kratom are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Apart from these states, several cities in other states have their regulations and do not allow the purchase, sale, or possession of Kratom. Those cities include Jerseyville in Illinois, San Diego in California, Sarasota County in Florida, Union County in Mississippi, and Denver in Colorado.

In other continents as well, Kratom is banned in many places. In Europe, Kratom is banned in Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Sweden. Similarly, in Asia, it is prohibited in Israel, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Kratom is a Schedule 1 substance in New Zealand and Australia and is only allowed in Africa and South America, but due to lack of laws and not because of any scientific backing.

Since Amazon is operational in several other countries, it is vital to consider the status of Kratom before accepting orders of kratom products. Kratom is not sold on the site to avoid any situation that may cost the online shop a customer or its reputation.

You will find Kratom on Amazon – yes in electronic books form not powder form!

Despite FDA’s strong statements against the use and benefits of Kratom, millions of people wish to use it, and the search for Kratom takes them to online shops that sell a wide variety of supplements and health items.

Since numerous people reach Amazon with the same quest in mind; the website has a few products to offer, which are labelled as Kratom but are a different, approved botanical substance.

Yes! If you search kratom you will find a few products on Amazon, but what are they? These are electronic books and not powder kratom! These books provide knowledge of the herbal supplement but not relief from pain or anxiety!

Amazon sells several books and study material about Kratom. You can find different books that are about uses or effects of Kratom, but you will not find any consumer item such as capsules, extracts or kratom powders on the websites, no matter where you live!

Start Selling!

Call it a marketing strategy or an alternative for customers to find a natural solution for their health problems; Amazon has several search results if you type the word Kratom on the search bar.

However, none of the supplements on Amazon have Kratom as an ingredient, and they probably only use it to divert kratom buyers towards other purchases!

The herbal supplement called “Kratom Amazon” is to gain sales, but in reality, this is not an actual strain. It is just a way to attract kratom buyers to purchase an item off the shelf!

This is vendor-made, and marketing tactic to differentiate their products from competing brands.

Close Alternatives to Kratom on Amazon

The products that are closest to the desired purchase of kratom buyers are other herbal supplements readily available and approved.

Kava Kava Capsules

You can buy the Kava Kava Root, which is a mood enhancer and stress-relief supplement. It is available in the form of capsules from different pharmaceutical companies such as Gaia, Natrol and Now. This substance is a healthy stress relief botanical that may be helpful.

Zenapin IR

This natural calming remedy is available on Amazon in liquid form. These oil drops have several herbs that soothe nerves and nourish the body. As with all-natural supplements, the cost of these drops is more than conventional pharmaceutical medicine. You can try these options, although kratom users might not find them very convincing!

Akuamma Seeds

These seeds from Ghana have the same effect as coffee, and they increase focus and energy. You can try the seeds for maximizing productivity and other long-term health benefits like stamina and ability to work out and achieve health goals.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and supplements with CBD are legal all over the United States. Amazon has a wide variety of hemp products, and hemp oil is one of them! You can buy flavoured or natural CBD oil drops from various manufacturers selling on Amazon.

Kratom not on Amazon – then from where can I buy?

You can find several reliable kratom vendors online. Instead of buying from weed shops, it is always better to rely on vendors that provide lab test results and proper detail of every type of herbal supplement.

The freshness and quality of Kratom is a point of concern for every buyer. Therefore, it is essential to have full confidence in the vendor, which depends on transparency and consumerism ethics.

Before choosing your online shop or supplier for Kratom, make sure that the different kratom varieties are from Southeast Asia and are processed under strict regulations.

A few online shops for Kratom that have become favorites are:

PurKratom, and several others that offer a wide range of products for kratom users.

If you are a new user, you might want to read about this unique botanical pain killer and anti-anxiety supplement. You can do this by either getting one of the Kratom books on Amazon or by finding information on the Internet.

For any medicine or organic supplement to work, it is vital for the user to have faith in it.

This faith cannot come without knowing, and this is why it is always better to gain some knowledge about Kratom — how it helps people with health issues such as depression, chronic pain, and stress-related conditions.

Amazon is an excellent place to find knowledgeable reading material and getting to know how Kratom can help with your problems.

The different types of Kratom can also have numerous impacts on every individual so you must try to find which type of Kratom you will want to try first!



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