Best Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test

Drug tests can freak out any sane person. We all have a dreadful story to tell when recalling our first drug tests. Or second. And so on. You get the point.

It is high time (pun intended) that we stop reacting to the news of a routine drug test at the workplace. Or the requirement of a drug test for your dream job. Or for eligibility for athletic competition. But how do we stop being reactive when so much is at stake?

One positive result and you can potentially lose more than your job or the chance to enter a competition.

For starters, learn to breathe. When there is a will, there is a way.

A drug test is a problem shared collectively by all sorts of individuals. And no one wishes to be on the losing (or positive) end of a drug test. We fall in the same category. So allow us to guide you about the best way to pass a drug test: A Detox Drink!

Detox Drinks: Yay or Nay?


Detox Drinks are at an all-time high to escape the negative consequences of casual weed habit. The habit may also be due to the unfortunate and unmanageable chronic illness. Either way, the issue broadly lies with the presence of THC and other toxins in your body. And you have to remove those before you get fired.

Luckily, there is an entire industry – both a formal and an informal one – that provides solutions in the form of tips, techniques, and products.

We can find commercially manufactured products and homemade detox drinks to help us get through the drug test. Although they are stated to eliminate the red flags from your body purportedly, there is never a guarantee on the eventual result.

Due to the lack of solid proof in terms of empirical evidence and scientific research, you may feel disincentivized to try the detox drink route. However, the products available in the market have a huge consumer base who provide their experiences – positive and negative – after using any detox drink.

This provides us with valuable information on the efficacy of detox drinks and which ones to choose or avoid.

Let’s have a look at the best detox drinks currently present in the market.

Five Best Detox Drinks

This is a curated list of the best detox drinks out there.

Lemon Juice

Are you surprised by this one? Don’t be.

This one’s a classic that deserves mention in the list. It is relatively simple and almost free! You only need lemon juice and water – both of them in abundant. The science behind is simple: You want to enhance the detoxification process of your body through the naturally acidic nature of lemon.

You can squeeze half a lemon in a bottle that is filled with 8 oz to 16 oz of water. You will drink this frequently up to the drug test day. The plan is to flush out toxins from your body in a quick fashion. But you need to be mindful of the lack of guarantee this technique has in covering you for the drug test.

Although this method is known to have the desired effect, it requires serious drinking (not that one), and you have to remain disciplined throughout the process.

Detox using citrus

You will need the following:

  • Water – 5 liters
  • Pink grapefruit – 6 slices
  • Orange – one medium size
  • Cucumber – Half only
  • Mint leaves – 2 pieces
  • And ice!

You have to cut the ingredients (not water or ice, duh) and then pour all of it in the water. Give two hours for the drink to become fully blended with the beneficial elements. Once the detox is ready, drink it whenever you are thirst, and try to do that frequently for best results.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

If you are in a rush, then this one is for you!

Rescue Cleanse by Clear Choice is a five-hour advanced detox drink that gets the job done for up to five hours. It is crucial to avoid food or medicine intake four hours before drinking Rescue Cleanse. Moreover, you must refrain from any drug activity for at least 48 hours before consumption.

People have reported positive experiences once they followed the guidelines to the T. One factor that is essential for you to consider is your weight: If you are over 200 pounds, buy the 32 oz drink, otherwise, buy the 17 oz drink. The content of the bottle was specially designed with two different weight groups in mind to ensure maximum effectiveness.

It may be obvious, but you drink Rescue Cleanse, you have to pee a lot! The end goal is to flush the toxins out of your system. For that, you should get ready for multiple washroom trips.

For best results, drink it two hours before your scheduled drug test, as the time window of effectiveness decreases after the five-hour mark has passed.

For $55, you will be receiving a 32 oz Cran-Apple flavored detox drink that will ensure you stay employed!

Ultimate Detox

Another amazing detox drink that you can use to get through the drug test is a UK brand: Ultimate Detox.

This is an effective cleansing drink that was developed after rigorous research and development. The 500ml bottle is filled with a strawberry-flavored cleansing drink that would ensure the purification of urine within an hour.  

The guideline suggests that you don’t engage in drug usage and avoid toxins for two days before the drug test. This enhances your body’s detoxification process, and then you can let Ultimate Detox do its trick.

The strawberry-flavored Ultimate Detox is a reliable product for just £30.

Toxin Rid

If you are looking for a carefully designed product that offers a range of variety in terms of detox programs, then Toxin Rid may pleasantly surprise you.

This product is 100 percent gluten-free while being an Industry Leader in detox since 2000. It is made in the US and GMP certified so you can be sure about its authenticity and high quality.

It has multiple products depending on the days of the detox program:

  • 1 day detox program
  • 2 day detox program
  • 3 day detox program
  • 4 day detox program
  • 5 day detox program
  • 7 day detox program
  • 10 day detox program

Toxin Rid knew that so many options could certainly paralyze you in making a decision. To that end, they introduced a feature which informs you of the best product based on the following criteria:

  • Your toxicity level?
  • Type of test
  • Weight
  • Test date

Toxin Rid even offers a money-back guarantee owing to its high confidence in the product! The price range is $54.95 for a one-day detox program to $189.95 for a 10-day program. Each kit contains dietary fiber, pre-rid Tablets, and Detox Liquid. Get yours today!

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

You know about the best detox drinks. You also have an idea about what makes them better than so many others out there. The price point has also been taken care of in the previous section. So now, let’s talk about marijuana and the time frame of its presence in our body.

Certain factors influence the presence of THC in your body.

  • THC Level: If the drug has a higher THC level, is more concentrated, and classified as potent, then you can expect the THC and other toxins to linger in your body for a longer time. For instance, if you smoke pot, which has a 15% THC level as opposed to a casual strain of 5% THC level, then the former will stay in your body for an extended time.
    A quick note: The higher the THC level, the longer it stays in your body.
  • Frequency: Are you a junkie living the high life? Or just an average student who vapes occasionally? Well, the frequency of drug use is an important variable here. Consistent marijuana users can expect to see the THC present in their system for even a month or so. This is because that with increased usage, you plateau at a higher dosage. Therefore a particular link between frequency and dosage can be deduced, which will eventually work against you if you smoke often.
  • Body fat:  Fat cells store THC. If you have a higher body fat percentage, then this may negatively affect the metabolization of marijuana. Consequently, THC will take a longer time to leave your system.
  • Metabolism: Faster metabolism usually results in the elimination of THC more quickly than for those who have a slower metabolism.
  • Exercise: This factor is up for debate. Even though the training is a good thing when it comes to sweating and releasing toxins from your body, you may have to cautious if the drug test is right around the corner. A study suggested that exercising led to a definite spike in the THC concentration levels in our bloodstream. The reason was that exercising causes fat cells to release THC that may not be a positive thing when you have a drug test.

A general reminder: Don’t exercise if your drug test is a few days away. Stay lazy and hydrated.


Drug tests and detox drinks go hand-in-hand. While there are other methods to pass a drug test such as synthetic urine and tablets, detox drinks offer a holistic and actionable process that makes sense!

You can try multiple detox drinks, especially the ones mentioned in this article, and you may still fail. Why? Because you didn’t follow the guidelines. Being mindful of the technical requirements when it comes to detox drinks is crucial to passing the drug test. We can’t emphasize this enough.

We hope that you have valuable information related to detox drinks after reading this article. We understand that anyone can be frightened and doubtful, but taking informed action is the first step to clearing the drug test.

Supplement this article with your own research and then make the first move. The drug test will come and go, but this knowledge will facilitate your understanding and help you pass the test!



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