Reef Dispensaries Overview

With the legalization of marijuana in more than thirty-three states of the US in 2018, there was a great boom in the supply and demand of marijuana-derived products and strains. Tobacco farmers shifted to marijuana farming overnight.

Many retailers and brands appeared on the market that claimed to sell quality marijuana-infused products.

A lot of these brands sold substandard goods to the general public. Not only were these goods unauthentic, but they were also illegal because they violated FDA guidelines.

There was a dire need for quality suppliers that sold legal, and authentic CBD and THC infused products.

Reef is one of the dispensaries that are involved in producing and selling the best THC and CBD infused products as well as marijuana strains currently available in the market.

About Reef Dispensaries

Reef dispensaries is a dispensary that aims at providing only the best to its customers. With the legalization of weed in more than 33 states, out of which 11 states legalized recreational use as well – there was a dire need of dispensaries and labs that sold quality marijuana strains and products.

Reef dispensary is unique in every respect. They have one of the broadest range of CBD and THC infused products currently available. People with every kind of palate can find something to satisfy themselves.

The dispensary has branches at multiple locations, but the flagship location is just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. Tryke Companies own the dispensary chain. The revolutionizing of the marijuana industry is the current focus of the chain. They have been working for more than a decade. The chain was prematurely shut down in 2012 due to the strictness in marijuana laws.

However, after the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use in 2018, the chain started to regain popularity.

The recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Las Vegas in July. This legalization increased the demand for recreational marijuana in Vegas.

Reef dispensaries have fulfilled that need to a great extent. Therefore, all you need to buy your favourite marijuana-infused products or strain is to be over 21 and have proof of identity.


Key Products: TRYKE, Bake Sale, Khalifa Kush, and TRYKE Concentrates.
CBD Type: Full spectrum + 0.3% of less THC
Extraction Method: CO2
Payment Methods:  Visa and MasterCard
Shipping: UPS 2 Day Flat Rate: $9.99
Wholesale Option: Yes

Aim of Reef Dispensaries

Reef dispensaries believe in putting people first and providing them with ease. They aim to provide the best strains and infused products to people of every palate. They prioritize the needs of the customers above everything else.

Because of this reason, Reef dispensaries has become one of the most trustworthy strain providers of the US. Almost everyone can get what they desire from the full range of available products here.

Reef dispensaries also aim to better the conditions of the people around them. The team of the retail chain is involved in multiple charity programs and outreach programs.

This philanthropy not only increases the credibility of the seller but also gravitates more customers towards the dispensary. The well-trained staff makes sure that every customer gets what they desire.

There are no stones left unturned in making sure that any customer that comes to Reef dispensaries leaves satisfied.

Special Discount

There are special discounts and deals available for the customers of Reef Dispensaries.

They even have a loyalty program in place. In the loyalty program, customers get cash in return for loyalty points that they earn with each purchase.

The loyalty points are not transferrable between different outlets. The dispensary offers discounts to local seniors as well as war veterans.

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Reef dispensaries is operating in six areas from Las Vegas to Arizona. Reef dispensaries try its best to ensure the best quality in all of its sites. The six locations include:

1) Las Vegas

Although the dispensary is operating in six different areas, the flagship outlet is in Nevada. The first impression of the outlet depicts the uniqueness of Reef Dispensaries. It is unlike any ordinary weed shop. The outlet is open at all hours.

The vast range of products available makes sure that a customer never leaves empty-handed. The location of the outlet is extremely friendly as well, and it is just a few steps away from the strip.

2) North Las Vegas

Two locations in the same city only ensure the maximum number of customers. This outlet, like the flagship outlet, is open at all hours throughout the year.

Two locations of Reef Dispensaries in Las Vegas make it easier for the customers to reach the outlet. This outlet, too, has a fantastic range of select marijuana-derived products to choose from and select.

3) Sparks/Reno

A homely and comfortable experience is provided to the customers coming here. The outlet is nestled beneath the Sierra Mountains of Nevada. This location gives people easy access to the outlet.

The professional staff there is ready to help 24 hours of the day.

Whether you are a resident of Reno or just visiting to see the beauty of the city, Reef Dispensaries is always accessible to help you out. The vast range of products present in the dispensary is unparalleled by any other dispensary.

4) Pheonix

The fourth location of Reef dispensaries is in Pheonix. This outlet is well known for the cooperative staff and highly trained salesperson. The outlet opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. every day. There are no distinctive leaves on weekends either.

This regularity only shows the utter dedication and devotion that the team has towards its customers. The outlet is famous for its fantastic selection as well. You are bound to get your money’s worth.

5) Sun Valley

With an outlet in Sun Valley, Reef Dispensaries has entire North Nevada covered.

The outlet is prioritizing customer satisfaction. To make sure that everyone has easy access to their products, the outlet is also working on opening a drive-thru.

After which there will be no need to stand in lines at the counter if you know what you want. The outlet is open from 7 a.m. till midnight.

6) Southeast Pheonix

This outlet is responsible for a large amount of Reef Dispensary’s reputation.

The fantastic customer services available at this outlet, combined with an amazing product range, is present here. You can select your desired product from a full menu.

The outlet is located in the heart of the desert and opens at 7 a.m. every day of the week. No matter what type of product your heart desires, you can always find them at Reef Dispensaries.

News Appearances

In the CBD and marijuana industry, reputation and credibility are extremely important. One can judge a provider or dispensary by running a glance over the press articles and reviews.

Reef Dispensaries has no small number of press mentions. It has been mentioned in multiple columns by international news websites and brands. It has appeared in news articles by Forbes, Rolling Stones, and Wall Street Journal, etc.

The team of Reef Dispensary had a big part to play in the legalization of recreational marijuana in Las Vegas. They appear in multiple news items regarding the legalization.

Reef Dispensaries have also been mentioned in news articles because of their unique line of products. The dispensary made headlines when the rapper Wiz Khalifa mentioned one of their products in his song.

The dispensary has also appeared in articles because of their quality growing methods and cultivation practices.

All in all, Reef dispensaries have their fair share of positive news mentions that cement their excellent reputation in the market.

Cultivation Practices

Reef dispensaries is responsible for growing its weed. They are entirely independently integrated. The Tryke Company grows its marijuana indoors in two of their growing spaces. One of them is in Las Vegas at more than 100,000 square feet.

The other organic facility is in Pheonix with an area of more than 40,000 square feet. Both these spaces have teams dedicated to the cultivation of the best quality plants.

The teams that work here have a thorough understanding of plant physiology. They are dedicated to their work and integrate scientific research into their cultivation practices.

The growth of all the available strains occurs in these growing facilities. There are more than a few hundred strains present in the commercial lockers of both these ever-increasing facilities.

The teams focus on more commercially profitable strains. They have combined traditional farming practices with modern methods of selective breeding to ensure the best quality.

The teams at Reef dispensaries make sure that there are no artificial preservatives added into their plants. There are more than 420 experiments conducted on a strain.

These experiments are conducted to figure out the best growing environment for that strain. The ever-changing conditions include soil salinity, Ph, solvents and nutrients present, watering techniques, etc.

They have integrated scientific plant principles into their growing practices with professional ease. The top of the line equipment present in these growing facilities only aid in growing the best strains.


There is a fantastic range of products available at Reef Dispensaries. All of the products which are manufactured by Tryke Company are only exclusively available at Reef Dispensary outlets.

They do sell curated products from third-party vendors as well, but these products are incredibly selective.

All of the Tryke Company products use indoor self-grown strains. These strains come from the company’s growing facility. This internal growing ensures the best quality of products available.

There is something present for every customer at Reef Dispensary. They have medicinal products as well as products available for recreational use.

A comprehensive menu of products ranging from extracts to concentrates and even a fantastic list of edibles are present. All of these products are quality tested and explicitly labelled.

The dispensary has all sorts of cannabis products available. They have products that are purposely manufactured to provide relief.

On the other hand, they have recreational products present as well.
Their range of edibles is unparalleled in the market. From gummies to cookies to infused soft drinks, there is something available for everyone.

There is explicit mention of the potency and THC contents on each product sold in their menu. They also have a range of tinctures and oils available.

These are available as THC or CBD tinctures and even as tinctures with equal amounts of both THC and CBD. The company also sells independent strains which displayed in labelled jars. Each jar has a detailed description of the available strain.

Video: Review of Reef Dispensaries

Strains Available

Marijuana-infused products are made from usually three different types of plant strains. These strains are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. They differ in both their appearance as well as their functionality. The Indica strains are derived from the shorter, bushy plants. They provide a more laid back and relaxing vibe.

The products that use these strains are popular amongst patients of anxiety and insomnia. The reason for this popularity is because it has agents that relax a person both physically and mentally.

The Sativa strains are derived from the tall and leafy plants. The produce serotonin and therefore stimulate a more energetic vibe. They are involved in creating a general feeling of well being.

Many people use it to cope with depression. The hybrid strains are derived from both Sativa and Indica plants. Therefore, these strains offer the benefits of both strains.

Reef dispensary prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything. They believe in providing their buyers with what they desire. For this reason, they have a wide array of available strains.

The strains include Sativa, Indica as well as hybrid strains. A customer can find whichever strain they desire from these outlets.

Various locations of Reef dispensaries are responsible for selling different strains of marijuana. The dispensary itself is quite famous for its strain Khalifa Kush. Blackwater and Jupiter OG are some of the Indica strains, and Jack Herer is a Sativa strain being sold at Queen Creek, Arizona location.

Tropicana and Tangie are some of the hybrid strains being sold by the dispensary. Extensive menus describing all of the available strains are present on the Reef dispensary website as well as at their locations.


The teams at all the Reef dispensary outlets are specially trained. The customer care and assistance provided is top-notch.

As soon as you enter the outlet, it becomes apparent that it is not a random weed shop. There is a vast menu available for the customers.

There is information available on each product. You can also talk to the salesperson available.

They not only provide you with information about the strains but also help in choosing the right pressure for you. This assistance gravitates more customers towards the outlet.


The payment methods include cash as well as debit/credit card. There is an additional charge of 3$ on a debit transaction. There are ATMs present on every location of Reef Dispensaries.

These machines only make purchases and payments more accessible to customers.


One of the most distinctive features about Reef Dispensaries is the full range of products available. There are a large number of positive reviews present based on the extensive product range as well as the range of different strains present.

What adds to their credibility is the amazing price range and fantastic customer services. Everything from medicinal marijuana products to recreational products and strains with 80% THC concentration is available at Reef Dispensaries.


Reef is a brainchild of the Tryke companies and is easily one of the most trust-worthy dispensaries currently present.

Their independent products and strains are tried and tested for use, and a large number of reviews only increases the dispensary’s positive reputation.

From the customer care services to the fantastic product range, Reef dispensaries never fails to satisfy its buyers.

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