How Much Does A Zip Of Weed Weigh & Cost?

Passing down a deserted alley, two buddies searched for some top-shelf weed. Fortunately, they met a dealer soon and asked for a couple of packets.

They inquired about the amount and the price. The dealer replied, “Well, boys, since you are my first customers today, I will sell you these two zips of high-quality weed for just $150.”

Both got confused when they heard the word “zip.” None of them had any idea what a zip of weed was.

They ran away from that dealer, considering him a possible fraud. Could there have been an alternative to that situation? The plain and simple answer is: Yes.

Now, you might be wondering about the possible solution. Well, here’s the catch: if those buddies had an idea about the simple weed slang “zip,” they would be rejoicing without any fear of being cheated.

But what is this zip of weed exactly? Where does it lie in the regular scales of measurements? Read the passages below to have a clear idea about this seemingly alien term.

Where Did The Word Originate?

Zip is a slang used in the weed market. It is not very well-known, however. Consequently, some people may even get confused.

No one knows who used this term for the first time, or where it came from initially. But it’s gaining popularity when you talk about weed in the street.

The way how the word ‘zip’ was derived is pretty straightforward. Just have a quick look at the weed measurements chart.

A zip of weed is equal to an ounce. An ounce is abbreviated as “oz” when using it in measurements. So, it’s from that ‘oz’ where we get the ‘z’ of ‘zip.’

For the rest of the alphabets, look at the name of that small plastic container ‘ziplock’ that the dealers use to sell weed.

Where Does A Zip Of Weed Lie In Weed Measurements?

From the above paragraph, we know that a zip of weed is the same as an ounce. However, that may leave you wondering where exactly does a zip lie in the weed measurements chart?

A zip is equal to about 28.3 grams (the same as an ounce). It means that there will be eight eighths in a zip and four quarters.

Here’s a cheat sheet that you can use to get rid of all the confusions regarding measurements:

Measurement Reference Conversion in Zips
1 ounce 1 Zip
1 quarter 1/4 of a zip
1 eighth 1/8 of a zip
1 gram 0.035 zip (very small amount)

How Much Does A Zip Of Weed Cost?

Now that’s the real question a lot of people ask. There is no honest answer to this question.

The problem is that the price of any quantity of weed depends on its quality, availability in the market, and the legalities concerning weed in a particular region or state.

If I give you a rough idea, then you can expect to buy a zip of weed in the range of $100 to $350.

So, if you ever purchase weed from a dealer, you should make sure the quality and the price he demands to match.

The rate also varies for the purpose you are buying weed. If it’s for medicinal purposes, you’ll get it cheaper than the one you use for recreation.

There are specialized stores established by the government in different states that sell weed (marijuana) at inexpensive rates for saving lives.

How Many Zips Of Weed Can You Possess Legally?

The legalities of weed vary in different regions of North America. For example, if you are in Canada, you can possess 30 grams of dried/ 150 grams of fresh cannabis as per the law.

If you convert that in zips, that’s about one zip of dried weed/ 5 zips of the fresh one. But there’s an age restriction to that.

You need to be an adult (which is 18 by the Canadian law) to possess, or even utilize weed for any purpose.

The United States has slightly different rules & regulations governing weed. The federal government raises an eyebrow when it hears the word “weed.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s illegal to possess or use weed in America.

A lot of states have their laws to keep the possession and utilization of weed in check. Some states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina have a near-total restriction.

They only allow you to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. So, if you are sick and can’t bear the pain, that’s when you can get a small percentage.

In comparison, states like Alaska, California, Colorado, and Nevada are more open in their laws about cannabis. You can get your hands on some kind buds quickly.

Are you going to have your bachelor’s party in Vegas? Bring that smile back on your face as weed is legal in Vegas.

But if you’re kiddo, you’ll have police chasing you like a mad dog since the laws only allow grown-ups (21 or older) to get anywhere near weed.

So, be sure to have your ID in your pocket if you have that baby face. Otherwise, get ready to accompany the cops in their vehicle.

Relation Of Zip Of Weed To Pop Culture

Weed is everyone’s favorite. This fact is merely undeniable as many of the pop singers have used it in their music.

Once you get that feeling of flying in the air with no problems brushing against your brain, you can no longer resist it.

Artists like Juicy J, Future, and Snoop Dogg have used the term “zip” in their music videos. Does that mean that pop artists get indulged in the pleasure and joy of weed while they sing?

Well, you cannot say anything about anyone for sure. You don’t need to be a chain smoker to talk about cigarettes. Do you?

How Long Does A Zip Of Weed Last?

Similar to the price, there are variations in this one too. No, it’s not the quality of weed we are talking about here. Two factors can give a satisfactory answer to this question.

The first factor is the frequency of consumption. If you are someone who likes to smoke some weed at every social event, chances are your zip won’t last long.

The second factor is the amount of weed you are utilizing every time. Say, you have been smoking weed for years.

Consequently, you are going to need increased dose overtime to get that feeling of “high.”

So, if we keep these two factors in consideration, it can give us a rough estimate. If you are someone new, your zip may last for weeks or even a few months.

If you’ve been into it for a long time, there’s a chance that you may run out of your stock in a single week! I’m saying that without any exaggeration.

Final Words

Congratulations on making it this far in the article. You are a hardcore lover of weed, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.

Till now, you might be wondering what benefits you can get by knowing all this stuff about a zip of weed. The good news is: I’ve compiled some of these benefits for you in a concise manner below:

1) No Embarrassment When You’re With Friends

While talking to friends about weed, someone might say, “I smoked a zip of dope while traveling and chilling this summer, and oh boy! It was FANTASTIC!” In such cases, you don’t want to be someone who’s like, “Dude! What does that even mean?” and embarrass yourself.

So, chill out with your friends at all those parties and social events. Have those interesting weed conversations, and make new friends on the way.

2) It Sounds Cool When You Use The Slang While Buying Weed

Believe it or not, but the term “zip of weed” sounds way cooler than merely “an ounce of weed.” If you know what a zip of weed is, you may even get the title of Mr. Weed-it-all.

The reason is: not many people know about this term. So, there’s a chance for you to stand out when it comes to the knowledge about weed.

You may even hear, “Who wants to be a master of weed knowledge? It’s so weird.” If you love the thing, why should you care?

3) Don’t Be Cheated By The Dealers

Now comes the best part about it. With the correct knowledge about weed measurements, you’ll know precisely how a zip of weed should look like inside a ziplock.

The dealers can’t cheat you by just giving you a small amount of weed calling it a zip. With the right kind of knowledge about weed slang, you can throw it right back on their faces.

That will save you from losing your hard-earned cash to some fraud who’s supposedly giving you an “early bird offer.”

If those two buddies mentioned at the start happen to read this article, do you think it will solve their problem? You bet it will.



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