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Cannabis is a very versatile plant. Its usage has increased manifold after it has started being legalized. The cannabis extracts are being used in lubes in the form of ‘weed lube’ products, which are steadily gaining popularity in the market.

What is weed lube – Defined By GuidancePA

Weed Lube might seem similar to CBD Lube. But actually, it’s not. The difference between them is that weed lube contains a mixture of THC and CBD (extracted from the cannabis plant) whereas CBD Lube contains CBD only. Both these chemicals have different effects on the body. THC gives a feeling of being high, whereas CBD gives a sensation of relaxation. Weed lube combines both these chemicals to get the best of both worlds! Weed lude also primarily contains some sort of oil (such as coconut oil) to produce a better mixture.

How does weed lube work?

Weed lube is usually applied up to half an hour before sex. It gradually takes time to settle in and be absorbed in the applied region (usually the vagina). Hence, it is more of a ‘pre-lubricant’ than a lubricant as it should ideally be applied sometime before sex. This is suitable as the extra time in hand gives a window for some intimate foreplay which can really boost the overall sexual experience.

The absorption rate (of weed lube) inside the vagina is higher than on external areas. Effects can be felt quite instantly, usually. It begins with a warming sensation that gradually increases in intensity.

During the actual sex, the pleasure derived from weed lube is usually localized to the private regions. Some women have said that the intense orgasms they feel are the result of pain and stress releasing sensation.

How to use weed lube?

As with all products, there are healthy ways of using weed lube, and there are also unhealthy ways.

As a rule of thumb, it should not be abused and should be used in moderation.

First of all, the areas in which you can apply weed lube include that vagina, clitoris, vulva, and anus. The time that it takes for the effects to kick in vary from product to product and from the body to body.

Weed lube is not only meant to be used by women. It can be used by men as well.

For men, the rectum is the ideal place to apply the lube, to witness its full potential. Lube applied on the penis will not have that big of an impact. This is because the skin of the penis is less absorbent, compared to that of the vulva and vagina.

But, the absorption qualities of the rectum and the vagina are similar. The rectum can absorb both THC and CBD well.

You should note that weed lube is available in select stores. In fact, in the United States of America, weed lube can only be sold at cannabis dispensaries. It is illegal to sell it at any other place. Laws regarding the use of cannabis vary from state to use. Some states allow it for medicinal use, some for recreational use, and some for both. You should check the laws surrounding it in your state before purchasing weed lube.

Can weed lube safe to use?

One important thing to note is that it is possible to experience a high from applying weed lube. This is because it contains THC – unlike lubes, that only contain CBD. The extent of the high that you can potentially feel will depend upon the proportion of THC that is present in the product.

Although, there have been many cases in which people have reported that they feel a very little or even no high at all. This is because this ‘highness’ depends upon a person’s tolerance and body chemistry as well.

Generally speaking, the feeling will be shallow compared the vaping, smoking, or orally consuming weed. Hence, if you have applied weed lube and your partner is performing oral sex on you, there are high chances that he or she will feel high.

Is that weed lube compatible with latex?

Some weed lubes are compatible with latex, whereas some are not. This means that some marijuana lubes can be used with condoms, and others cannot.

Latex compatibility is necessary information that is provided with every product. If this information is not available, then you should avoid using that product.

If it is not latex compatible, it has the potential to tear down condoms. This can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So you should stay vigilant in this regard at all times. Water-based weed lubes are the safest bet for this purpose.

As an extra measure for care, you should check the ingredients of the weed lube product you are using. More ingredients mean there’s a greater chance of chemicals that can irritate. Therefore, lubes that are made up of fewer ingredients are ideal and are very less likely to cause vaginal irritations and infections.

Top Weed Lube Products

There are many Weed Lube products available on the market, and it can be a difficult task to choose which one to use. Hence, we have compiled a list of the most popular products and their reviews:

Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricant

This is a water-based lube which makes it compatible for use with condoms. It is also safe to use with dildos and other sex toys. However, there are some cons to this product as well.

It tends to dry out quicker compared to other lubes. Hence, the need for multiple reapplications can arise.

However, this lube contains fewer ingredients and is less likely to cause any irritation. Its ingredients are pH balanced, vegan, and mostly free of any irritating chemicals. That is definitely a positive point.

Cobeco Cannabis Lube

Both men and women can use this lube. It is known for its moisture-enhancing properties leading to high smoothness and moisture during sex.

It also helps relieve any potential pain that women can feel during intercourse.

It provides good quality for its quantity. Just a few drops can be spread over a relatively large surface area. User reviews have generally been positive, but some have complained about its unpleasant odor.

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

This is a lube product packed with making essential oils such as coconut, jasmine, and argan essential oils. This helps reduce friction and also provide a pleasant aroma.

It is made up of herbal and natural products and hence, can also have aromatherapy effects.

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil can be used by yourself or with a partner. However, it should not be used with any latex products as it is oil-based.

The aspect that makes it better than other lube products is that it is based on entirely natural plant extracts.

Through this, the dehydrating and inflammatory tendencies of alcohols are avoided.

Hence, this is one of the best products on the market as it gets the job done and also provides a pleasant scent, making for a really sexy time.

Quim Night Moves Intimate Oil

This product goes beyond just providing lubrication. It is also known to increase libido. It is in the form of a pump and around 8-10 pumps should be applied to the required area.

Moreover, tea tree is included in the whole mixture to combat any potential irritations and infections.

Quim Night Moves Oil isn’t just meant to be used for sexual purposes. It can also be applied regularly as a vaginal health supplement.

Kiskansu Intimacy Oil

The abundance of herbal ingredients in this product makes it a safe bet. The most prominent element is Calendula, which is both antiviral and antibacterial. It is generally suitable for all skin types, so you don’t need to worry if you have sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts About Weed Lube

Weed has found itself various usages nowadays and has also made its way into the department of sex. Many people have reported the positives of weed lubes on their sex lives.

It is generally suited for people who want to go beyond the intensity of CBD Lube. However, it should still be noted that a weed lube is gradually finding its way onto the market.

It will still take some time for it to be one of the top sex products on the market. It is relatively new, so companies are still experimenting and competing to come up with the best formula. So we are bound to see new, improved and even greater weed lube products soon. Till then, the products mentioned above are still a really safe bet to make your sex life more exciting.




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