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The wonder drug mania is truly in full swing, and people are using CBD for almost everything. Yes, Everything!

Depending on where you live, you’ve’ probably seen CBD products — tinctures, vapes, capsules, bath salts, salves — pop up almost in every dispensary or even at the supermarket.

We have been beyond curious to find out if CBD is available on Amazon.

Aren’t you?

God Bless Technology And E-Commerce

In today’s world, with a rapid breakthrough in technology, we have not only entered a digital age but are living a fast-track life than ever before.

For many, what once was considered a simple daily task; like going shopping at a physical store, now seems very arduous indeed.

But, all thanks to e-commerce, shopping has been revolutionized; benefiting the lives of millions across the globe.

We all love the convenience that online shopping has brought; from being faster to being much convenient, and even less tiring.

More and more people now prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores. Some platforms prove to be less of a pocket strain, too, especially like Amazon. 

Yes, Amazon; that giant internet based enterprise known for selling everything. From books to clothes to electronics and even supplements! 

We’re sure that you must have searched for supplements like CBD on Amazon too. We certainly did as well!

Any luck at it? No? Then do surely take a read.

If you spend any time following health news online, then you probably must be aware of CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBD products.

CBD is extracted from Hemp, or the plant, Cannabis Sativa.

Over the last few years, CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed. Majorly because its psychoactive cousin, THC, has been legalized.

Don’t Be “Canna-Curious!”

THC gets you high (if taken in a concentration of above 0.3%), and CBD doesn’t.

Many people have resorted to CBD for all kinds of reasons apart from for better sleeping, dealing with pain, anxiety, etc.

Some people are now also curious about CBD’s infiltration into the beauty and cosmetics line as well.

Fast Fact: CBD and THC both come from Cannabis, the plant source for Hemp and Marijuana, but unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high! Read more here.

It’s of no surprise that many people head straight to Amazon to legally buy CBD oil. Yes, the giant has dipped its toes into the Hemp Oil market.

If you type in CBD Oil into Amazon’s search bar, you’ll be presented with a long list of products labeled as “Hemp Oil Extract” or “Hemp Oil” instead. 

But are these oils the same kind of thing that you’d find in a medical cannabis dispensary?

Many showcase the various health benefits CBD is known for, like to relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, sleep, depression, and much more. 

However, according to the site’s seller policy, Amazon does not permit the sale of CBD products at its platform, as it is listed as a prohibited product.

So, what gives? Do CBD products exist on Amazon?

Well technically speaking, yes, they do, and no they don’t. You see, there’s a slight catch.

yes no cbd amazon

Are These Hemp Oils On Amazon Actually CBD? Do These Products Offer The Same Relief People Seek?

Many people fail to realize whether the claimed products are genuine or fake or sketchy. No worries, we are here to guide you and clear up any confusion before you hit the shopping spree.

Before getting started, there are undoubtedly a lot of things you need to bear in mind before shopping from Amazon and especially if you’re in search of CBD products.

Firstly, you need to understand the fact that Cannabis is referred to as Marijuana. So, Marijuana (Cannabis) and Hemp are two varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa.

There are two different types of CBD Oils: ones extracted from Marijuana and others from Hemp.

Both CBD and Hemp Oil are derived from the same Cannabis plant.

However, CBD Oil is extracted from multiple parts of the plant: the stems, leaves, flowers, and stalk using CO2. Hemp Oil, on the other hand, is derived from cold pressing of the Hemp seeds.

Fast Fact: CBD and Hemp Seed Oil are two different things — here’s what to know.

This surely has raised a fair amount of confusion in the terminology of product naming and labeling.

Another essential difference is in terms of the purpose of the oils. Hemp Oil is used for nutritional and health goals, while CBD is used for medicinal ones purely.

Hemp may be rich in supplements but doesn’t have zero amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. Thus, CBD and Hemp oils don’t deliver the same thing.

After all, companies don’t make their CBD products and oils from pressing hemp seeds, do they? They instead utilize the entire plant; especially the flowers.

Fast Fact: The highest concentration of CBD is found in the flowers of hemp plants.

The confusion remains.

Why does Amazon display a list of Hemp products when you search for CBD? Why not just state “No Result Found?”


What’s The Deal With Amazon’s Policy Regarding CBD Oil?

Almost everyone looking for CBD oil online has the same query, “Can I buy CBD Oil legally on Amazon?”

So basically the deal’s quite simple.

CBD’s legality was in a weird gray area for decades until its status was decriminalized when the Farm Bill passed in 2018. According to this bill, it separated Hemp from Marijuana to demystify the Marijuana’s schedule I drug status.

Amazon is strictly maintaining its stance on not wanting to be liable to ensure people are selling CBD Oil derived from Hemp and not Marijuana.

After all, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the two by merely the appearance.

Amazon specifically prohibits the sale of any products containing CBD, and this is all due to the “Drugs & drug paraphernalia” section of their seller policies.

Drug listings must not be for controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as:

  • Products composed of CBD; a Schedule I Controlled Substance, including but not limited to
  • Rich Hemp Oil containing CBD

Products that have been identified as containing CBD by Legit Script.

Moreover, due to this, Amazon is one of the most unreliable and unsafe places to buy CBD Oil online legally.

Fast Fact: Hemp has been now legalized in the U.S.; however, CBD is still federally defined as an extract of Marijuana, meaning it is illegal.

While Hemp Seed Oil and other Hemp-based products are permitted, “Hemp Extract” is banned, mainly because it contains CBD!

The Tricky Marketing Tactic Behind Hemp Seed Oil

There’s no legit guarantee of any of the CBD products being sold on Amazon, and this is why you need to be very careful.

While under the guise of Hemp, CBD Oil can be bought on Amazon, seems like a brilliant workaround; it also opens the door for fraud.

There are many sneaky sellers out there who can fool anyone into buying cheap quality products or products that have zero CBD.

Amazon Is Just A Marketplace — It Isn’t To Be Blamed!

On a serious note if you are to blame anyone; blame the ones selling misleading products—the sellers!

However, Amazon has permitted the term ‘Hemp Oil’ to be used, opening a channel for selling both legitimate or illegitimate CBD products.

Majority of the people might perceive CBD products as reliable, and they might be!!

However, due to the ban on CBD, the user will not know what they are getting their hands on.

Sneaky brands might smoothly slap tags of Hemp Seed Oil to a product, adorn it with Marijuana leaves, and highlight the word Cannabis to trick the consumers into thinking they’re receiving a so-called CBD product that might practically contain no actual CBD at all.

There is little to no way to be sure if the brands are trustworthy or not without doing your own personal research off-site.

Which we are sure about that many, if not most, people using Amazon will not do.

So, overall, it is to be strongly noted that Amazon’s ban on CBD has generated a home for illegitimate and miss-labeled products; mainly designed to game this gap on its marketplace.

Fast Fact: The products on Amazon are paced carefully; not using other cannabis-related words like ‘THC,’ ‘cannabinoids,’ ‘medicine,’ ‘therapy,’ and so on.

So, How Can You Buy Cbd Oil On Amazon?

Since CBD and Hemp Seed Oil belong from the same family, they’re often incorrectly marketed as the same thing.

Simply put, consumers are willing to pay more for CBD Oil, considering it is an ultra-expensive ingredient compared to Hemp Seed Oil.

If you actually want to buy CBD Oil legally on Amazon — it is possible. However, you need to be smart enough to know what to look for exactly.

For your benefit, we’ve compiled together a list of tips before you intend to shop for CBD from Amazon.

Make Sure You Look For “Hemp Extract” And “Full- Spectrum” In The Label Before Buying Any Products

CBD oil is extracted from Hemp plants via CO2 extraction. Often, CBD companies will refer to their CBD Oil as a “Hemp extract,” (because that’s what it is) allowing them to sell their product without getting banned on Amazon.

However, just as CBD oil companies disguise their products as “Hemp extract” to stay under Amazon’s radar, companies selling pure Hemp Seed Oil will call it “Hemp extract” as well and trick shoppers into thinking it’s real CBD Oil.

An ambiguity remains over which part of the Hemp plant is the Hemp extracted from. In other words, there’s no guarantee that it came from the flowers and buds, or that it’s true CBD Oil.

Be sure to check on the back of the label (under Supplement Facts) whether “Hemp extract” is an actual ingredient.

Fast Fact: The higher milligram content of hemp extract in the product means, the higher the amount of CBD.

CBD Hemp Extracts
image source: amazon.com

Check The Milligram Count

Genuine CBD Oils on Amazon express milligram content on their bottle; which equates to the amount of CBD in the bottle. This is vital in helping you determine the perfect dosage size for you.

You should be able to find this on the front label, as well as on the back under ingredients.

If the product does not mention milligrams of Hemp extract or CBD anywhere, this is likely that it’s simple food-grade Hemp Seed Oil and not CBD. Don’t fret, just simply move on to another product.

For you to use CBD Oil, it’s crucial for you to have knowledge about how many milligrams it contains so you can measure the appropriate dose.

Also, keep in mind that just because a product is labeled as “1000mg” doesn’t necessarily mean it has 1000mg of CBD. It can also contain a mystery amount of it, which probably wouldn’t be zero as well.

Fast Fact: Hemp Seed Oil is a food supplement; the amount of milligrams is insignificant, so you won’t find it emphasized in the product packaging.

Check The Appearance Of The Product And Size As Well

Look for products that come in a tincture or dropper bottle. The most noticeable visual difference between a bottle of CBD Oil and a bottle of essential oils or even a food-grade Hemp Seed Oil is the bottle itself.

CBD Oil is a concentrated amount of CBD that comes in a pretty small bottle (usually 1 to 2 ounces) and encompasses a dropper to ensure you easily measure out a specific dose.

Fast Fact: Hemp Seed Oil bottles are usually bigger i.e., of 4 ounces or more. It will resemble the same size as an Olive Oil bottle.

CBD with dropper
image source: amazon.com

When In Doubt, Directly Contact The Seller

If you think you’ve come across a legitimate bottle of CBD Oil or are in a state of confusion, kindly double-check by contacting the seller. Don’t be shy! Get in touch with the seller and ask them to provide you with the following information:

  • Does the product contain CBD or THC?
  • How many milligrams exactly?
  • Do they have a third-party lab test their products?
  • If so, ask them to send you a lab report.

Note: It is important to note about the products Cannabinoid Profile, Terpene Profile, Heavy Metal Screening, Microbiology Screening, Mycotoxin Screening, and Pesticide Screening results.

Remember any reputable CBD manufacturer uses third-party labs, and they won’t hesitate in providing you any information you seek. They usually have a safety certificate either on their website or in the product packaging.

lab report CBD oil

Make Sure To Check For Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD Oil not only composed of pure CBD but also of other organic plant compounds found alongside CBD in Hemp.

Many sellers may be selling products having full-spectrum CBD. However, you may need to inquire directly with them about this or to see their product lab reports.

When you type “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” on Amazon search bar, you will find the list of hemp oils sort by highest selling, price from “low to high” + “high to low,” and based on customer reviews.

Read the product descriptions, customer reviews, and most importantly, the label of the products.

Fast Fact:  Full spectrum CBD products contain terpenes; they are listed on the bottle, or you’d see “whole-plant extract” displayed on it.

full spectrum CBD on Amazon
image source: amazon.com

Check The Tags Out

Feel free to surf the website and do thorough research before tackling the best product or brand on Amazon. First, recognize the differences between Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller, and Sponsored tagged products:

  • Amazon’s Choice: Apparently, a product Amazon advocates, although Amazon has yet to reveal their choosing process or criteria.
  • Best Seller: A product considered to be extremely popular and sold very well on Amazon.
  • Sponsored: A product contributing money in order to gain a higher ranking on Amazon’s search lists.

Note: Just because an item is high on Amazon’s list, doesn’t necessarily make it a high quality one. Although, if it has the “Best Seller” tag, you can reasonably assume it’s a product a lot of people like — or have been tricked into ordering.

Do Read Reviews But Don’t Follow Them Blindly

Finally, take note of the customer reviews. Are they generally good, bad or scammy?

Remember just because a product suits a particular person doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you too.

If you can’t fully trust the Amazon tags, the general customer reaction to any given product may give you a ballpark idea. (Not often, but seldom.)

best cbd oil amazon customer reviews

Still Confused? Feel Free To Ask!

Hey, it’s just Amazon. Relax, don’t over-complicate things!

You have every right to reach out to the seller and ask all the questions you feel are crucial for your sake.

If the seller disregards any concerns, then he’s probably a phony. Move on to a seller that truly deserves your time and investment.

If Everything Fails Then Switch To A Better Alternative To Amazon

The CBD trend has most certainly boomed big time—and for a good reason—but unfortunately, that means there are a lot of people out there trying to make money and taking advantage of the lack of regulation.

It can also be evidently seen why so many Hemp Seed Oils are being advertised on Amazon claiming the benefits CBD delivers when in reality they’re just actually food supplements.

Since CBD is still an unregulated industry, we advise you to do some research beforehand; no matter where you are purchasing from. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Check for third-party testing.
  • Review the ingredients.
  • Confirm that they use locally grown hemp.

For your convenience, we did some digging and here are our top recommended companies from where you can buy CBD Oil from directly:

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What To Look For When Seeking For Cbd On Amazon

  • CBD Oil comes in small tincture bottles with pipettes at the top for concentrated oral delivery.
  • Look for a prominent “Hemp Extract” label on the bottle.
  • Check out the “Milligrams per dose” written on the label.
  • Bear in mind that, a CBD product on Amazon is intended to be a supplement for medicinal purposes, and not a food ingredient.
  • Do reach out to the seller directly to ask all of your queries.
  • Make sure to request for a third-party lab report.

The Bottom Line

Real quality CBD Oil is a fantastic therapy that’s helped thousands upon thousands of people with their medical ailments. Hemp Oil is a different classification of a product than CBD Oil.

Hemp Seed Oil products contain virtually no cannabinoids that are very vital to health, thus, differentiated from CBD.

In reality, CBD for sale on Amazon are Hemp Seed Oils – not the same thing at all as a pure CBD Oil.

For clarification, we are not trying to bash any of the products on display or saying to ban shopping from Amazon.

We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience of buying a poor-quality Hemp Oil that doesn’t actually have any CBD in it, from Amazon.

Amazon is a very reputable enterprise that won’t jeopardize its legal status until it is rest assured that CBD is a federally-approved substance.

So in summary, as far as our knowledge is concerned, there aren’t any “real” CBD products for sale on Amazon.

Even though many companies are selling CBD Oil in the U.S., we believe that Amazon (and other big corporations like Walmart, etc.) will not be doing so until CBD is 100%-beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt legal.

We recommend you to follow the brands that we have listed as all of them source their CBD from locally grown hemp, and are transparent about their third-party testing.

Finally, to answer the question “Is there an actual possibility of purchasing CBD Oil from Amazon?” once and for all:

YES, YOU CAN! It just won’t have the label of “CBD.”



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