Can You Feed CBD Oil To Your Dog With No Side Effects?

Keeping your dog friend healthy should be your primary objective if you have a pet dog. If you notice that your dog is experiencing chronic pain and showing other symptoms like reduced activity, you should not hesitate to see a vet for help.

A vet may also prescribe a dog ACL brace as an alternative for surgery if your dog is experiencing severe joint pain. One way of keeping your dog healthy is by using CBD oil medication. But what exactly is CBD oil, and is it fit for your dog? So can your dog have CBD oil when sick? This article helps you discover more.

CBD is suitable for your dog’s health

Yes, CBD oil medication is suitable for your dog in many ways. A regular dose of CBD oil will benefit your dog if it suffers from chronic joint pain. You can talk with the vet to help you choose which CBD oil can provide relief to the dog.

Larger dog breeds like German Shepherd tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, and giving them a dose of CBD oil can help them find some relief. 

Also, in some cases where your dog is suffering anxiety brought by loud noises like thunderstorms, you should give them CBD oil just before the noise occurs.

CBD oil is good for relieving anxiety and is mainly recommended that you administer it before the incident to ensure your dog is fully prepared.

Are there any possible side effects of CBD oil in dogs?

Like most substances, CBD oil also comes with its side effects that you should note if you will administer them to your dogs. You should follow the proper dosage for every CBD oil product you use to minimize the side effects. Here are some of the side effects of these substances you should beware of:

  • Low blood pressure: The use of CBD oil has been shown to cause a temporary decrease in blood pressure. This means that it can create a feeling of light-headedness for your dog.
  • Dry mouth: CBD oil can decrease the production of saliva. Your dog will tend to be thirsty most of the time.
  • Drowsiness: Most dogs owners use CBD oil to treat anxiety in dogs. This is because the substances has a calming effect on the dog. However, it can also cause drowsiness when administered in higher doses.

How to give your dog CBD Oil?

CBD comes in different forms like creams, treats, and oils with varying efficacy. Your vet will help you choose a CBD product based on your dog’s ailing. In a recent study by one of the Colorado State Universities, it has been shown that CBD oil, when given orally, was more effective than gel or cream capsules.

How much should you give your dog? Another study shows that if you want to increase the dog’s comfort and activity level, you should provide at least 2 mg per kg weight. For the best CBD oil dosage and recommendation, you should seek help from your vet. 


CBD oil is suitable for your dog when applied under the directions of a vet. Always take your pet dog for a checkup before you can introduce them to any substance, including CBD oil and creams in the market.



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