Kratom Spot Vendor Review {Tested Products}

All Kratom related forums have this heated debate about whether Kratom should be legal or not. Regardless of the potency of Kratom, the benefits naturally outweigh its potential side effects. So the fair use of Kratom is encouraged for its therapeutic effects.

Many people have never tried Kratom and want to try it now. One of their biggest concerns is the unavailability of a wide range of Kratom products in the local shops. Kratom Spot is one online company that values Kratom benefits and offers the best Kratom products at your doorstep. Here is a comprehensive review of Kratom Spot as a top Kratom selling website.

What is Kratom Spot?

Kratom Spot is an online Kratom supplying company. It is famous for selling superior quality Kratom and extracts at reasonable prices. They have a wide variety of Kratom extracts, powder, capsules in multiple strains in their stock.

All orders at Kratom Spot are delivered with fast shipping anywhere. Nearly every customer of Kratom Spot is satisfied with his order and highly recommends it for buying the finest Kratom strains online. This is just a brief introduction to Kratom spot. Let’s explore how it works and what does it have to offer.

Location of Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot operates from Irvine, California, USA. It is one of the best producers of highest quality Kratom from its native areas of growth. The foundation of this company lays 100% on customer satisfaction. This is why it is ranked among the best suppliers of Kratom products.

For now, it has over 30 strains of Kratom available for its customers. If you are a new user, expect the following things while ordering Kratom from Kratom Spot’s online store.

  • Premium quality Kratom from the best sources
  • Pure Kratom products without any contaminant
  • No added fillers, additives or chemicals in Kratom
  • Fairtrade policy
  • Ensured results
  • Guaranteed user satisfaction

What Are Their Products?

Kratom Spot deals with a variety of products like powders, Kava, and capsules; every one of them is finest with unique effects. For Kratom, customers are mostly like to purchase Kratom powder that is made from fresh leaves picked from the mature Kratom trees. The harvesting process of Kratom starts in peak season to get maximum yield of purest Kratom leaves.

The team members of Kratom Spot explore thick and dense forests of Southeast Asia to find the best Kratom strains. Furthermore, the customers review all the products to be pure and free from preservatives that may harm the body.

Some of the best selling products at Kratom Spot are as follows.

All these strains are available in these forms.

Prices and Affordability

The price of the Kratom is one of the biggest concerns that people have. Especially for the first timers, it is not easy to understand how this pricing for Kratom works. Different strains come with a different cost. There is also a considerable difference in the prices of Kratom powder and capsules. Extracts are comparatively even more expensive.

To sum up, Kratom and its products are available at different prices. The easiest way to understand Kratom pricing on Kratom spot is that Kratom powder is cheapest among all products. It is because it doesn’t involve many post-harvesting techniques other than grinding of leaves and packaging.

On the other hand, Kratom capsules need special packing with a precise weight. That adds service charges to the product. Kratom extracts are the most expensive because they are prepared with advanced machinery and produce enhanced effects. That is why their price is highest.

The most common Kratom strains are available at a highly economical price. These strains are easy to find and thus doesn’t require any extra activity that adds to its cost. On the other hand, rare strains are a little expensive.

Regardless of the strain and product type, Kratom at Kratom Spot is potent and efficient.

A customer can buy between 28 grams (1oz) to 1 pound (16 oz) Kratom powder, 20 to 100 XL size Kratom capsules and 1oz to 8oz of Kratom extract. It applies to all Kratom strains currently in stock.

Best Customer Care

Kratom Spot offers a quick and active customer care line. It has an e-portal and a telephone service that work all days (excluding weekends). It ensures a straightforward approach for the client to assist in orders, information and tracking the orders.

Phone: 888-510-2038
Email: [email protected]

Orders and Shipments

On various Kratom discussion forums, people have admired Kratom Spot’s fast and efficient mode of shipping. All the orders within the USA reach to its destination on the same day.

For even quicker delivery, Kratom Spot gives an option to upgrade to ‘Express Shipping.’ When someone selects this, his order gets into the priority shipping. This priority shipping is free on every order exceeding the $100.

The company takes responsibility of the misplaced, missing parcel during delivery. In this case, it dispatches a new package or provides a complete refund for it.

Refunding The Orders

As the company focuses a lot on user satisfaction, it provides 100% refund if any customer is not pleased with this purchase.

Promotion and Coupons

With every order, the customer has an option to signup for promotional emails. If he selects it, Kratom Spot sends promotional emails about latest coupon codes for additional discounts and benefits. The coupons carry a code that you add while ordering.

Do You Need Discount Coupons for Kratom Spot?

These discount coupons are also available on other sites. Kratom Spot accepts these coupons on all orders. The best is to get this coupon before placing an order, so you don’t spend much time searching for it. Remember that Kratom Spot only accepts valid coupons.

Discount coupons for Kratom Spot are available with us. Contact us to claim free coupons of Kratom Spot.

Payment Methods

Kratom Spot offers multiple payment methods that are easy and convenient. It accepts credit cards of all major companies, i.e., MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Customers pay for their orders online, and then the company dispatches from Kratom Spot’s head office.

Bulk Kratom Purchase

Kratom Spot is one of the few online vendors that facilitate large orders. There are a large number of strains in stock, and any local seller has this option to buy it in bulk and that too, at a wholesale price.

It makes Kratom Spot a perfect one-stop online shop for buying multiple strains of Kratom for any local Kratom shop/tobacco shop.

Data Protection and Security

When a customer places an order on Kratom Spot, all his details save to computer’s IP address. As the only payment mode is to pay via credit card, many customers question if their details are secure or not. The web store explains that they cannot use this user information for disclosure, alteration, or misuse.

It further explains that Kratom Spot uses a technology named Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) to encrypt the credit card information and satisfies every PCI-DSS compulsion. In case of any change in privacy policy, the company is bound to inform the customers about it.

Customer Reviews on Kratom Spot

Almost all discussion forums on Kratom have threads on best Kratom vendors online. Most of them deem Kratom Spot to be a trusted and authentic supplier of Kratom. Users recommend Kratom Spot for the following reasons.

1) High-Quality Kratom

Almost all customers agree that Kratom Spot delivers Kratom products that are worth every cent of their price. They meet their online description accurately and provide all standard effects.

2) Faster Delivery

Another thing to appreciate about Kratom Spot is to ship the orders in very less time. Mostly, it is sent the same day or the very next day. Delivering your favorite Kratom products at your doorstep within few hours shows that Kratom Spot cares for all its customers.

3) Efficient Customer Service

The company provides two ways to contact them; one is via phone, second is through email. Despite having hundreds of orders at a time, Kratom Spot never declines any customer query. Customers appreciate their customer service to be “welcoming,” “friendly, and “always on point.”


Kratom Spot is a perfect online store to buy genuine and high-end Kratom strains in multiple forms. There is no doubt on product quality as the vendor never compromises on it. It makes sure to ship the order as early as possible. The website is secure to add personal details.

The customer gets exactly what he orders. From all the positive reviews on Kratom Spot, it is clear that you will get the best Kratom strains at an affordable price. Feel free to contact them for questions. And with a vast variety of strains and products, you will always find that suits you best.

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