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Brand Name: Kraken Kratom
Key Products: UEI Tea Capsules, Kraken Gold Tea Capsules, Bali Kratom Powder (OG/PC), Kraken Maeng Da Thai

Mitragyna Speciosa commonly referred to as Kratom, has become quite popular throughout the globe due to the plethora of benefits it offers to its users. Different types of kratom strains have different uses such as pain-relieving, boosting energy, and mood-enhancing. If you are searching for Kratom strains, it is always a good idea to opt for online kratom vendors.

A big name in the kratom industry, Kraken Kratom has gained quite a lot of traction over the last few years. In this review, we take a thorough look at their brand and services to determine their position in the present marketplace. Here is a breakdown of everything you should know about the company before purchasing from them.

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About Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom, based in Portland, OR, has blown up quickly due to its supportive customer service and top-notch quality products. This kratom vendor has done its part to obtain the trust of many in the kratom community.

Pomp is not sufficient to please people who are truly into kratom. Kraken Kratom might have slick graphics on their website, but that is not the sole factor that has gotten so many people who are aware of what quality kratom is like into their products.

Kraken Kratom Highlights

Good Strain Selection: If you are planning to burn daily, you will need at least seven strains. And even if you will not, it is always good to have a variety. Fortunately, this vendor offers a wide range of strains as both powder and leaf. The advantage is you can rely on a single vendor to get different types of strains.

1) Cost

The price of Kraken Kratom’s kratom powders ranges from $8.45-$21.99 for 28 grams. Some people may find it steep, but if you compare their prices with other similar websites, they seem to be a reasonable option for starters.

However, their kratom extracts lean towards the more expensive side ranging from $12.95 to $49.99. The FSE Kratom Extract being the cheapest ($12.95) for an 11.5 g tincture, which is not exactly bad for a Bali extract, guaranteed to be extremely potent.

Their kratom tea capsules are for $15.45 per 28g which may not be the best deal around, but they come with free shipping on the same day which is not half bad.

2) Customer Service

If you need any help, their customer representatives have got you covered. Kraken Kratom’s customer support is very fast, responsive, and friendly. In fact, the company maintains a good reputation due to its helpful and courteous customer support team.

Just like any other kratom vendor on the internet, the company offers email contact and Live Chat for clients who have any queries related to a product or package or have a grievance. They will respond to it as soon as possible and resolve your issue in an instance.

3) Shipping

The feature that makes Kraken Kratom stand out is that they offer free same-day delivery on every order, unlike other vendors who only give free shipping if you order in bulk. Your order gets dispatched on the same day if you make it before 2 pm. What is more, they also offer international shipping if you live outside of the US.

4) Special Offers

When you visit, the first thing you will probably come across is some captivating poster featuring an alluring offer like “20% off and free shipping.” This is because Kraken Kratom frequently hosts limited-time promotions and incredible sales. They do it so often that it would be stupid not to take benefit of the low prices.

Moreover, they also have an exclusive offer of Customer Rewards for individuals who actively participate in making their site better. For example, a customer can get 10 reward points for rating their products and 50 for subscribing to their newsletter. 100 points make up 1 dollar. You can also get points for following them on social networks/tweeting them.

5) Payment and Returns

It is very important to consider this area when looking for a kratom vendor because bureaucrats often attempt to deny or regulate access to kratom. Discretion is crucial when purchasing kratom online. Kraken Kratom is aware of this, and therefore they even accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

People ordering over $50 can make give the cash on delivery. The only downside is that unlike some other vendors, Kraken Kratom does not offer any full money-back guarantee. However, they do take returns of unopened products within 30 days of ordering the item.

6) Quality Control

Maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a top priority for Kraken Kratom. They actively work to attain GMP certification. All their products are tested in labs to ensure unadulterated kratom powder. They work with experts and regulatory authorities to ensure every aspect of their process, from sterilization to testing, meets the required standards.

Everything is tested for microbial safety and heavy metals, so you can rest assured that you are making a safe purchase. A lot of shady vendors just put their name on a package and mail the kratom powder without any care for how harmful it can be to their consumers. Kraken Kratom cares about its consumers and ensures they deliver the best quality products.

Kratom Products

Naturally, the first concern of consumers is always how good the actual product is. Most of us do not care about low prices, fancy packaging, supportive customer service, or amazing logos if the product itself is not up to the mark.

Fortunately, Kraken Kratom ensures the quality of its products as well. All their premium kratom powders are excellent. They are not likely to clump as the kratom is crushed into a fine powder.

Every kratom is strain is barely bitter and aromatic, which ensures a pleasurable burning experience. Moreover, you will not experience chunks of powder sticking to your mouth’s roof when tossing and washing.

What They Offer

Most reputable kratom vendors tend to keep things easy and simple. They only sell kratom powder in bulk or kratom capsules. Fortunately, Kraken Kratom goes out of its way. Whether you need enhanced kratom tea or kratom extracts, Kraken Kratom has it.

Featuring 16 different types of kratom powder from super Indo Kratom and white and red Sumatra to red dragon kratom, white Maeng da, and super green Malay, they have got you covered. Their capsules include white vein Borneo and the ever known Bali.

Indo Kratom powder from their range is a favorite among customers. The ultra-enhanced powder apparently packs a punch.


1) Lack of Capsule Variety

Although, it is recommended to opt for kratom powder if you want to experience the best results. They are not everyone’s thing; for reasons such as their taste or how inconvenient they are when it comes to measurement and portability.

When it comes to the selection of kratom products, the only downside is that they do not offer a lot of variety in capsules. They do have white vein Borneo, Maeng da Thai, and Bali but they are not adequate to cater to the requirements of the consumers.

2) Enhances Blends

There is not a lot of information available for Kraken Kratom’s “Ultra Enhanced” extracts and blends. Not even dosage instructions are present for these modified extracts, which are necessary because it can be challenging to estimate the right dose when you are dealing with an enhanced formula.

I do not recommend them due to potential tolerance issues. While you can always experiment with enhanced blends and adjust them according to what suits you, but beginners should avoid them. It is really easy to mess up and end up with the adverse effects of kratom instead of the desired results.

Bottom Line

Kraken Kratom is a reputable vendor that I highly recommend! Their dedicated staff and solid product line make them stand out as one of the best kratom vendors. They are a particularly viable option for people who new to kratom powders and are looking for aromatic, potent kratom at reasonable rates without any compromise in quality.

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