What Is Turmeric Powder Connection To A Kratom?

Use of magical herbs like Kratom along with a spice that has similar properties; can be extremely helpful in curbing pain and ensuring better health.

Kratom is a wonder herb with numerous benefits and Turmeric may be considered as gold among the other spices that also have multiple benefits.

Now, here’s some good for you about turmeric that complements Kratom but also has countless qualities when used on its own. We are lucky to be born at a time when research has revealed that several spices and herbs hold the key to wellness.

These herbs and spices are valuable as they prevent not just illness but also preserve and improve our body systems.

During recent years we all have shifted back to the natural remedies and use of organic eatables to retain health and become a better version of ourselves. Have you also tried to make this switch?

If no then read on, and you will make up your mind about it! Mother Nature has blessed us with a cure and prevention of every disorder, illness or disease and we just didn’t know it that well.

Old maids and myths have mentioned several herbs, spices and plants that may help curb various health hazards, but we always ignored them as just stories.

Asia is rich in healing and health-giving herbs and spices which have been used since centuries but thanks to Science, we now know what they are actually beneficial for.

Before understanding how Kratom and turmeric can be used to maximize health benefits, let’s see what turmeric is and what its uses are.

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric or Curcuma Aromatica comes from a plant and has been used in Asian cuisine since the beginning of time. It has a warm taste that gives curry powders a distinct bitter punch and sets the flavour of Asian food apart from the rest of the world.

This yellow coloured spice is not just used in cooking but also as a natural colouring agent in cosmetics and food colours. Is this enough reason for it to be considered as the ‘Gold’ spice? There’s a lot more to this plant that we have discussed!

Uses Of Turmeric

Turmeric is widely used in Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Bengal and Pan Asian foods. It has an intense yellow color and a sharp aroma that set apart the foods that it is used in.

The warm taste of this spice is often used to flavour condiments like mustard and gravies. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste that gives Pan Asian and Indian foods a distinct taste.

However, it has a lot of health benefits due to which it is being used in countries where cuisine is simple and without spice. Some of the things that turmeric can help with are discussed here.

Turmeric has super healing powers, which makes it an ideal spice to take after surgeries or if you have suffered a wound. It can be topically applied to help heal the wound without any infections.

People who have digestion issues and often experience heartburn must include turmeric in their diet to reduce signs of acidity. It is a pain killer as well.

Any pain or ache can be soothed by adding a small quantity of turmeric to a cup of milk. Turmeric is the magic that works on Crohn’s disease, liver problems and even gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers and bloating.

If taken regularly, this spice can reduce cholesterol levels and ensure a healthier heart. All other organs such as gallbladder and kidneys also benefit from turmeric use. It cleanses the body from infection and inflammation that may result in severe disorders or diseases.

For colds and lung infections, turmeric has proved to be an essential soothing agent and a natural remedy that works fast. If you have water retention issues or a simple cold, you can take a small amount of turmeric with some warm beverage and voila!

You will be relieved, and your immune system will improve with regular intake of this spice that is rightfully called gold! Turmeric is also used in many dermatological procedures to improve skin texture. This spice has the power to help drastically and improve conditions for depression patients and even cancer survivors.

Kratom And Turmeric Are Best Used Together

Now knowing the benefits of turmeric and after understanding the wonders of Kratom, we can maybe begin to understand why the ‘Gold’ spice and Kratom work best together.

One of the best natural supplements to intensify the effects of kratom is not a herb that grows in forests far from home. It is turmeric, that can be acquired from any shop’s spice section! Kratom and Turmeric have healing qualities which can be blended to provide maximum benefit to the user.

If you have been using Kratom, try to add turmeric powder to the dose now. The ‘Gold’ spice potentiates Kratom like no other, and you will notice the results after using it just once. The effects of Kratom are enhanced best when used with this spice.

The pain killer potency is peaked, and the user will feel relieved and relaxed sooner than ever! Kratom alone works wonders so one can imagine that if you complement your kratom dose with Turmeric, it is bound to give health benefits that will stay for a more extended period.

The Benefits

When people use Kratom, their pain or disorder starts to reduce, and they feel relaxed while their soothing nerves. If this supplement taken with another natural remedy that ensures the same pain killer qualities; one can well imagine that the effectiveness will improve.

Turmeric has Curcumin, which maintains body balance and improves body systems. This allows the effect of kratom to stay for a longer period. If you were taking Kratom for pain relief and it provided up to eight hours of bliss; using turmeric will enhance the effects of Kratom and keep you pain-free for longer.

The reason Kratom users like adding turmeric are that it ensures rapid relief. Just like taking any generic pain killer and feeling better instantly, you can blend Kratom and Turmeric to get rid of pain within a short period.

How To Use Kratom And Turmeric Together?

Kratom is available in the form of tea, pills and powder. You can find turmeric in the fresh form, dried form or even as a powder. If you use Kratom tea, you can add a small quantity of fresh turmeric to the boiling water. You may notice that the water will become yellow.

Kratom tea can be made with this water to benefit from the unlimited wonders of both these natural gifts.

If you use Kratom capsules, the use of turmeric is equally easy for you! Just use turmeric powder or even freshly ground turmeric paste to take with the Kratom supplement. The results will ensure that you maintain this routine and become regular with your supplements.

If you use Kratom powder, you can add a small amount of turmeric powder to it and take a spoon of the blend. You may also use fresh turmeric paste and mix it with Kratom powder so that a small portion can be ingested with a glass of warm milk or water.

The Quantity Required

Like generic pharmaceutical medication, organic remedies do not have a prescribed dosage. You must try out different quantities to see what suits you best.

According to several Kratom users discuss their progress and experiences, many people have started with the use of 500mg turmeric powder with their Kratom dosage.

You can start with this much and see the effects. In case you fi it is less, you can increase the intake until you find the amount that suits you.

Some users have reported that it takes some time for their body to get used to the organic remedial herb and spice mix. This means that at first, your body might react differently. It may take slightly longer for the effects of Kratom and turmeric to appear.

However, with the passage of time, your body will get acclimatized, and you will feel tranquil and pain-free sooner than before!

Quality Matters!

Just like the purity and quality of Kratom supplement is vital in ensuring maximum results, you must make sure that you get the purest and best quality of turmeric.

Since turmeric is widely available all over the world, you may find good quality of this spice from shopkeepers and supermarkets where there are many spice customers.

Often buying from exotic places and smaller shops can be useless since the shelf products may be old and not fit for use. Always get the freshest products from reliable places so that you can benefit from the qualities of the spice.

When you mix your Kratom supplement with turmeric, a chemical combination is being created that maximizes the painkilling and soothing effect of the herb.

Make sure that you can benefit most by this magical ‘cocktail’ by choosing just the right ingredients.

Enjoy Your Cocktail!

By providing the information above, we have tried to make it clear how you can switch from harmful medicines to beneficial and bounteous natural remedies.

Kratom and Turmeric are nature’s gift for all those who seek pain relief or an escape from stress to enjoy a better life with their families and friends. Now, living a more fulfilled life is more comfortable and more accessible than you ever thought!

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