Kratom Sulawesi: Read Review + Buy Sulawesi Kratom Online

Kratom promises a myriad of health and recreational benefits for its users, but its markets are plagued with scams and frauds. People don’t know what to look for and where to find reliable Kratom products.

If you are one of those confused people and are tired of looking for genuine Kratom products, then Sulawesi Kratom might be the answer for you.

Kratom Sulawesi was founded in 2015 as a response to growing customer needs for a Kratom Brand that they can trust with their money and health. For this purpose, we did our research and analyzed Sulawesi Kratom on several factors so you can get a better idea about the company, its products, and its credibility. So let’s hop in.

About the Sulawesi Kratom Company

Kratom Sulawesi is an Indonesian company located in West Borneo, Indonesia. The company founded with a mission of providing the finest Kratom product out there.

It offers an extensive range of Kratom products under the brand name of Sulawesi strains. Some of these products include Maeng Da kratom, red/white/green Sulawesi and Bali/Malay Kratom. According to them, the Mitragyna powder that they use comes from trees located near a river in Borneo, Indonesia.

They directly ship their products to customers so there is no intermediary involved. We could not find any indication on their website that they are AKA GMP (American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Can You Trust Their Quality?

Kratom is mainly for medicinal purposes, and any impurity in it can have severe implications for your health. That’s you should always exhaust your resources to find about the quality of Mitragyna you are about to buy. Here quality entails the purity and free of pollutants, heavy metals, and debris. 

Keeping this in mind, reputable Kratom companies all over the world do lab tests on their products to ensure its quality and authenticity. The company Sulawesi Kratom extensively tests its products to assure its quality.

They conduct many tests to check the product’s composition, purity, quality, and appearance. Some of the tests are High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), Organoleptic Testing, and Microbiology Testing. 

More details and lab test results are available on their website. This exhaustive quality testing procedure and showcasing of test results on the site makes them credible and trustworthy. 

Pricing & Value for Money

Our advice to anyone who is looking for Kratom products is to value quality over money. Saving a few bucks for a cheaper Kratom product can cost you dearly as it is closely related to your health. Having said that, we compared Kratom Sulawesi’s pricing with their competitors. Its Sulawesi strains start from $35 per 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs). They also sell mix/split strains for a little more price of $50-65 per kilo.

When we searched their competitors’ pricing for the same products, we found out that Kratom Sulawesi has some very competitive prices to offer. Their competitor, Kats Botanicals, sell at $30.99 per 250 grams.

Other competitors like Buy Kratom Bulk USA and Kraken Kratom do it for $140 per kilo and $25 per 112g. This shows that how many bucks you will save if you order from Kratom Sulawesi.

Payment & Shipping Options

The good news for Kratom Sulawesi is that they have a global shipping option that delivers the product right at your doorstep. The shipping fees depends on where you want to get your product delivered.

Want to hear something better? They accept all kinds of payments: credit card, bank wire, MoneyGram, and western union. They even have the option of paying in bitcoin. Unfortunately, they do not offer any return-back guarantees. 

Let’s Dig Deeper

We can always judge the authenticity and credibility of a brand by just looking at its website. If it is a bland one with information stuffed into it with no real value and poor user-interface, we can already guess what kind of product will come out of them.

Fortunately, when we looked at Kratom Sulawesi’s website, we found it very user-friendly and full of valuable information. From their product offerings to different shipping and payment options, from lab tests results to testimonials, everything is up to the mark. They have provided everything that a customer might need before making a purchase decision.

Sulawesi Kratom has numerous blogs on its website that provides information regarding the origin & history of Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom). They have blogs that offer all kinds of information regarding Kratom products and their availability. Customers can subscribe to their newsletter to say updated.  

Above all, their website does not make any false claims regarding the medical benefits of their products. They have added a disclaimer on their front page. In addition to that, we could not find any evidence that they are misrepresenting their Kratom products or selling them under false names, so you can safely rely on their products. 

What Do the Customers Say About Sulawesi Kratom?

As mentioned, the testimonials and reviews showcased on their website paint a very positive picture for them. But of course, we cannot entirely rely on the feedback presented by their website, so we decided to turn to social media platforms to gauge customer satisfaction.

We found out Kratom Sulawesi is only present on Instagram and Reddit, but even then, they are not quite active on these platforms. In fact, the last activity their social accounts are showing is on March 2nd, 2018, on Instagram. 

We dug Reddit to find customer reviews and regretfully found out that except for a handful number of positive ones, most of the reviews portrayed a very negative outlook.

Customers said that they did not get any order or tracking number despite paying for it. The most rampant complaint against Sulawesi Kratom is that once they have your payment, they don’t bother to reply to your emails.


To conclude thingssome positive things are going for them. They have a brilliant website with featured blogs and reviews. They have lab test results available on their website. And above all, their prices are competitive. On the other side, they have minimal social media activity, and reviews on these social media sites generally are not very encouraging.

This concludes our discussion of Sulawesi Kratom. We have done a thorough analysis of this company, its credibility, and the quality and pricing of its products. It is now up to you to infer for yourself and decide if Ketum Sulawesi is the vendor for you. Whether to give them a try for your Kratom needs is for you to decide.



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