CBD or cannabidiol is most commonly found in the form of oil however, it is available in various other forms too. Like other CBD hemp products, the understanding of CBD wax is considerably low among the masses and this article would help educate you and be aware of the many benefits CBD wax comes with.

What is CBD Wax? Definition By GuidancePA

CBD wax is the concentrated and pure form of CBD containing no THC. It is normally dabbed using a vape pen. If you are unaware of the dabbing process; simply put, it involves direct heating of wax on your vape pen’s coil and inhaling the vaporized wax through its mouthpiece. Since it is concentrated CBD, it is the most efficient way to enjoy the goodness of CBD without worrying about any side effects.

CBD Wax Explained By GuidancePA

Form of CBD Wax

CBD Wax is an opaque form of oil that is solidified even further using the crystallization process. This makes the final product appear in a crystallized form, which makes its appearance and texture a little different from other waxes. 

How is CBD Wax Prepared?

The safest and the most efficient method to extract CBD is by using the CO2 extraction technique that also ensures maximum concentration of CBD. Once the CBD extract is made available, it is further treated under controlled heating to ensure that all impurities are removed.

Types of CBD Wax

Just like CBD itself is found in many different forms, CBD wax also has many different types.

These types are essentially a variation in the particular type of wax used to make the compound as well as the kind of extraction process followed to extract that particular wax.

It is not as complex as it sounds and once you become well-versed with the types of waxes you would know exactly which one you would like to use.

With CBD wax, the benefits it claims are more naturally-driven than artificially added.

It is worth mentioning here that whichever form of wax or whichever kind of extraction process is followed, the texture wouldn’t have any influence over the product’s strength or effectiveness.

The following are the major types of CBD wax that you would commonly come across while buying this product.

CBD Budder

In the case of CBD budder, the extraction process involves purging of CBD Oil at various raging temperatures. This is a special kind of extraction process where air pressure is used for extraction.

What comes at the end of this extraction process is a thick waxy compound that is very similar to the texture of a butter, which is why this name.

CBD Shatter

As its very obvious name, the product looks like it is shattered or broken. The process that follows to extract this particular kind of wax is to use chemicals or heat in the extraction process, which makes the oil hard and looks like an amber glass.

Another specialty of using this wax is when you dab it on the surface, it quickly transforms itself into thick liquid.

Unlike the CBD budder type, it looks similar to hardened honey.

CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble might look a little similar to the above CBD Shatter type however, there are significant differences between the two and the difference again is in its extraction process.

After a conventional extraction process, the extractors leave the oil to set in the container as is and it must take its own time to settle and be ready without any outside influence.

Towards the end of the process, the wax turns itself into a crumbly form and this is where its name comes from.

CBD Live Resin

The beauty of how it comes from is ultimately what will attract you towards CBD Live Resin.

It is essentially taken out directly from the fresh hemp flowers and is then freeze-dried in contrast to the traditional air-dried process that other CBD oil is taken through.

This process tends to give Live Resin a different kind of aroma and texture.

It has a very peculiar kind of flavor that makes it evident that it has been extracted directly from floral parts. Just like edible resins, it has a gooey look and feel.

Benefits of CBD Wax

CBD wax proves to be more advantageous than other forms and its effects are instant. The way you use a wax is by dabbing it and once you start using it, you would know exactly the amount of wax to dab for you to be cured.

The beginners to CBD products tend to use wax first before exploring other CBD products.

If you are using it for some kind of pain on your body, you will notice after the first hit that it will begin to reduce and eventually fade away.

You’d also very instantaneously feel refreshed and boosted, while your muscles will feel loosened up and relaxed.

If you have anxiety issues, you will more or less feel calmed down and you will literally feel tensions and stress leaving your body and giving you an internal happiness.

There are no side effects to using CBD wax because the product is not chemically made and no artificial effects have been added to it.

If you really have a thing for something that has fruity and flowery after-effects and yet gives you all the benefits that a CBD product promises, CBD wax is what you are looking for!



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