10 Things You Never Knew About Cannabis

Cannabis is everywhere these days — in the news, in dispensaries, and perhaps even in your local grocery store. However, even if you are plugged into every media piece about marijuana to learn the latest and greatest weed revelations, you can’t know everything about this wonder substance.

Cannabis has been part of human civilization for more than 12,000 years. In that time, some fascinating things have happened — here are just a few:

Weed Is Totally Legal in North Korea

It might be hard to imagine that North Koreans have any liberties denied to Americans, but the truth is that most communist countries don’t see marijuana as a threat.

Allegedly, cannabis grows wild and free in the Democratic People’s Republic. Authorities do not punish anyone found using the substance. However, that doesn’t mean we recommend planning your next weed-cation for North Korea; instead, you might head for more accessible ex-communist republics, like Cambodia or Russia, which also boast lax attitudes to marijuana use.

Women and Men Don’t Process THC Identically

Women and men should be equal in culture and society — but that doesn’t mean their bodily systems are exact replicas. The endocannabinoid system, responsible for maintaining internal balance despite the external environmental change, seems to have slightly different functions in male and female bodies.

As a result, when men and women use pot, they don’t always experience the substance the same way. Women are a bit more tolerant of THC, meaning men might feel more powerfully high.

Marijuana Was Used as a Truth Serum in WWII

The U.S. government ran all sorts of experiments on all substances during World War II, hoping to find a chemical that provided some tactical benefit. They discovered about marijuana that, when given to prisoners of war, the substance loosened tongues and provided U.S. intelligence with incredibly valuable information.

Often, the CIA would dose unknowing detainees with cigarettes laced with cannabis. Eventually, the agency realized that deep relaxation didn’t necessarily compel individuals to tell the truth, and the U.S. moved onto other substances to use as more effective truth serums.

Smoking Weed Is Good for the Lungs

You probably grew up with the knowledge that smoking tobacco is devastating to the respiratory system, almost always causing some type of deadly cancer in addition to respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, and COPD.

However, you would be making a mistake to believe that smoking weed elicits the same effects. Studies on heavy stoners have found that marijuana does not adversely affect lung health; in fact, it might improve respiratory health, based on the weed’s ability to fight inflammation and increase muscle relaxation.

Shakespeare Was Probably a Stoner

William Shakespeare was a complicated historical character, and there are plenty of mysteries surrounding his life and inspirations. However, researchers are almost certain that he smoked weed.

The first piece of evidence is an unpublished manuscript containing a sonnet that references a “noted weed.” The second and perhaps more compelling evidence is trace amounts of cannabis on pipes found in Shakespeare’s home. Plus, the plot of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” seems like exactly something a stoner would think up.

THC Could Be Critical in a Cancer Cure

THC is a useful tool for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy because it helps alleviate nausea, increase appetite, and help people with cancer gain a healthy weight. This is primarily why cancer sufferers can gain access to medical cannabis in states like Maryland, where the substance remains illegal.

However, some research suggests that THC could be beneficial elsewhere in cancer treatment, perhaps in reducing the size of some tumors. Studies have found that THC can cause some types of cancer to shrink — but it can have no effect on other cancer types. More understanding of how THC interacts with cancerous cells is warranted.

Most American Colonies Required Landowners to Grow Hemp

A favorite stoner fact is that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their estates — but what this fact is leaving out is that almost all Founding Fathers and all other landowners from the New World’s earliest settlements were required to grow hemp.

At that time, hemp was a precious crop, which accounted for all ships’ sails as well as over 90 percent of the world’s clothing. Because hemp grows fast and doesn’t require much tending, colonies required landowners to cultivate it to ensure some profits.

Who uses Pot in Bhutan? PIGS!

Like other countries, Cannabis has been readily available in Bhutan for a long period. To your surprise, it was used to feed pigs. We all know that marijuana is the best option if you want to stimulate your appetite, and that’s how the pigs were fattened up. The news originally appeared at The Guardian.

Marijuana’s Growth Consumes a Significant Portion of Resources

Crops need many resources when the growing process starts, but growing Marijuana becomes much-harder on your pocket. Do you know the estimated water consumption during hemp production is almost 50% of San Francisco’s annual water usage? That is nearly 60 million gallons, Whoa!

On the other hand, Denver’s city contributes more than 2% of its electricity supply to the weed’s growth.

Investing in Marijuana-Centered Businesses

We all know that medical marijuana has great hype in the present century. Hence, it’s a great way to make more money, not by growing the hemp yourself, but by investing in the businesses that deal with marijuana. As the companies will have more money to grow and sell hemp, they will make pharmaceutical medicines containing hemp.

GW Pharmaceuticals and Insys Therapeutic are famous biopharmaceutical companies. The former has a market value of $1.2 billion, and the latter stands out with a market value of $1.8 million.

Although the stocks have dropped down more recently, it is an excellent opportunity for those who believe in long-term investments.

Final Words

Marijuana is a God Send, and many individuals have regained their health using it

As developments to cannabis laws come fast, it is more important than ever to stay plugged into marijuana news. Yet, you can always take a break from the serious stuff to learn some fun facts about that sticky green herb.

If you want to try Cannabis, check out its current legal status because it is a controlled substance in a few states. Let us know in the comment section below what facts you have got to share.

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