Cali Botanicals Kratom Review – Coupon Codes, Products, and Prices

Cali Botanicals is a name that is a part of many online discussions on Kratom. But some people are still not aware of it. Cali is the short name for California State. Whenever someone says California, the next thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the sun, surf, palm trees, and celebrities. There is another thing that is particularly related to California- the medical marijuana- as many marijuana dispensaries are found in California.

This marijuana is not the only herb that California uses. Kratom is another famous herb being used by people living in this state, though finding Kratom is not as easy as any other herb here. For best quality, one has to buy it online from a reputed Kratom seller.

That is why this article will take a look at Cali Botanicals, one of the top Kratom and CBD suppliers based in California. After reading this article, you will be able to judge whether this Kratom shop is worth trying or not.

Let’s start.

A brief Intro of Cali Botanicals

The website mentions its location to be in outskirts of Sacramento, California. It is an online company that imports Kratom powder from Indonesia and sells it in the USA. All the products available here are third parties tested and hence ensure maximum potency and purity.

One of the recent updates on Kratom was its possible contamination with salmonella. The FDA report linked some Kratom suppliers and issued warnings to a few.

Cali Botanicals is among very few Kratom sellers that took the precautionary measures to prevent any possible contamination. Their target is to provide the customers purest Kratom strains. Wonderland Labs tested three best selling Kratom strains at Cali Botanicals last year, and they passed the quality test for Salmonella. Additionally, these Kratom strains also passed tests against yeast, mold, coliforms, E. coli, and Staphylococcus.

List of products available

As mentioned before, Cali Botanicals sell Kratom, and it includes all the related products. For now, it is selling Kratom powder, Kratom capsule, and Kratom extracts. Anyone searching for these products online should take a look at all products here. The price is affordable in comparison with other vendors. Generally, it is rare to find a contamination free Kratom on a low cost.

Just to tell how affordable Cali Botanicals is, their 30x Kratom extract is only for $9.99 instead of the actual price, that is $49.99. You can also check their Full Spectrum 50x Kratom Tincture that is available for $22.99 that is otherwise $39.99 in price. It is probably the lowest price for a full spectrum Kratom tincture on the Internet.

The best selling product at Cali Botanicals is its Super Enhanced Bali Kratom powder. It is the finest, purest and most discussed Kratom on many online discussion forums.

Affordability and pricing

The price range here is reasonable for most of the Kratom users. Usually what online Kratom sellers do is keep the price of popular Kratom strains low. In reality, what they deliver to a user is an unoriginal or mixed Kratom strain. There is no way to check a Kratom powder without using it. And many unreliable websites take advantage of it.

Remember that Kratom doesn’t grow in the US. One has to import it from its native areas of growth that are Southeast Asia. This importation of Kratom adds a price to its original amount. So anyone who is charging much lower than the actual price, importing charges and packaging cost all combined, is nothing but a scam.

It doesn’t appear to be the case with Cali Botanicals. For the new customers, there is a 12-gram sample pack for just $3.0 for any strain. Similarly, a sample pack of Kratom capsule (15 capsules) is available for $5.0 only, for any available strain. A five-strain sample pack is also available in just $32.99. It includes the premium strains; Thai Maeng Da (1oz), Superior Red Dragon (1oz), White Vein (1 oz), Thai Red Vein (1oz) and Superior Green Malay (1oz).

This low price is to build a trust bond with new customers. This small act shows that the company cares about making its customer’s Kratom experience the best.

Coupon codes and discounts

What is better than a pure Kratom product at an affordable price? It’s the same product with a further discounted price. The website works on offering good deals on all bulk purchases. In addition to that, they accept coupon codes that a user is required to add while checking out. It reduces the total price overall. And that’s not all of what there is to offer. Cali Botanicals regularly provides discounts to military veterans.

All these things are not common even with some leading Kratom companies. Offering such captivating deals show the vendor’s commitment to buyers. This is a good point that every online seller should probably learn from Cali Botanicals.

Active customer care

It is common to see people discussing their experiences on different online forums like Reddit. Some of them also recommend different Kratom selling websites. But what you don’t find in these forums is answers to direct queries about product and order. In this regard, it is better to approach the manufacturer and ask the questions directly.

Note that the individual effects of a product may vary, but the seller explains all the general effects of a product. Cali Botanicals has an email address and telephone line to listen to all queries, questions, and complaints. Contact them at +(866) 337-7523 and [email protected].

Educating readers on Kratom

Cali Botanicals is not just a Kratom seller who wants to earn money from selling Kratom products. It also has this aim to educate an ordinary person about Kratom and the benefits it has to offer.

On the site, there are sections that are not a part of many other Kratom selling websites including the big names. For example, Cali Botanicals starts from telling the history of Kratom to all its users.

It correlates Kratom with multiple medicinal effects and what made Kratom a part of native medicines. The site also explains the difference between Kratom and CBD, and how are their functions different from each other. In addition, it also describes the best effects of using Kratom that includes pain relief, energy boost, cognitive boost, and euphoria.

Eventually, there is an option that says “Blog.” It is surprising to see a Kratom seller working so much on schooling its traffic on the therapeutic and healing effects of Kratom along with its uses and instructions to use.

User reviews on Cali Botanicals

All online reviews are not true, and there is no way to label one product or vendor based on one or two comments. The best way to judge is by going through some forums and multiple threads that are active.

There are mixed reviews on Cali Botanicals online, especially on Reddit. Some people are accusing it of selling Kratom products that have little to no effect. But in addition to these, numerous people are sharing a good experience with Cali Botanicals. A Reddit user said that Kratom products from Cali Botanicals were the best quality that he has tried so far.

At another Kratom discussion forum, a user shared his Kratom experience with red Maeng Da of Cali Botanicals to be relaxing, mood and cognitive boosting that gave him motivation and confidence. Cali Botanicals is also discussed often for the discount codes, coupons and discount offers that it provides.

Noticeable things about this vendor

  • Their website has their Google location and satellite map of the area.
  • It has its social media accounts, easy to follow it to Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and Twitter.
  • It gives an option to add items to “wish list” to save if it’s not currently available. The company will make sure to restock it for you.
  • Every visitor can read user reviews on the website for analyzing the vendor.
  • A visitor can subscribe to the newsletter to know about promotions, sales, new blog posts, and new products.
  • It has lab tests of Kratom strains available on the site for everyone to view.
  • The vendor offers non-refundable and non-transferrable gift cards.
  • It only sells Kratom to people over 18 years of age, living in a state where Kratom is legal.
  • Cali sells full spectrum CBD tincture.
  • It also sells Kratom tools and accessories.

Before you consider Cali Botanicals for your next purchase.

Note that it only accepts payment in dollars. You can’t even use your credit card for paying here. The reason is that most of the people are hesitant to use their credit card details. Also, credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard find it risky to do business with companies selling Kratom.

More precisely, it is due to Kratom’s uncertain status, which is yet to be approved by the FDA. Therefore, the company uses alternative methods of payment. All customers of Cali Botanicals have this option of Cash on Delivery (COD), or electronic checks (e-checks) for payment. A customer may select any of these as per his choice.

Final thoughts on Cali Botanicals

All this information shows Cali Botanicals is a one-stop shop for buying Kratom online. It is a big name that follows a professional way to sell Kratom products in the USA, except for the sites where Kratom has uncertain legal status.

Check your local state laws before confirming Kratom order. The website is easy to navigate and offers multiple strains and product variety that satisfies all tastes. This Kratom vendor is worth trying. Check the site today to find your favorite strain. Happy shopping!

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