Top 5 Kratom Sample Pack Vendors

Kratom is a product with many benefits. It helps with pain, stress, and depression. It also helps in increasing energy levels and allows the user to have a better sleep cycle.

In the Kratom market, there are many vendors with attractive packages and prices. This aspect can sometimes make the consumer torn between so many choices. Hence, the next step usually would be to opt for Kratom sample pack. This way, the consumer can try out products of the relevant vendor and make a judgment about the quality and benefits of that vendor.

Below are the top 5 vendors who provide attractive Kratom sample pack.

1. Variety Pack Capsules by Super Natural Botanicals

Super Natural Botanicals is based in Torrance, California, USA. The brand does not only deal with Kratom products but also other products like Kava Kava Root Powder, etc. Super Natural Botanicals is a prominent vendor in the market and has a fantastic reputation.

They are committed to providing authentic products that bring about the desired and promised results. They have good reviews in the department of customer services as well. Nevertheless, one shortcoming that must be considered is the fact no lab tests have been provided. These lab tests could have proved to the customers that the product is safe to consume. But one feature that can overcome this shortcoming is their return policy.

They have mentioned that if their customers are not satisfied with their products, they can be returned with a 100% money-back guarantee. This policy highlights their confidence in the products offered. Moreover, they also claim that they comply with GMP standards. This feature further adds to the good quality of the products.

The relevant Kratom sample pack here is known as Variety Pack Capsules. It costs around 48 USD. Customers are provided with options and can choose any three of the following strains for the whole package: Borneo Red, Green Vein, White Vein, Red Vein, Indo Green, Maeng Da Green, and Sumatra Green. The count for every pack is 50 counts each (150 counts in total), allowing usage of the product over a long period.

This pack is perfect for those who are beginners or are new to capsules. If a consumer is confused between 2 or 3 strains, he can opt for any of the packages and figure out which one is best.

What makes this sample package even more appealing is the fact that there are different packages, so consumers won’t be forced to choose a strain that they did not want to buy in the first place. While there are only two reviews, even those are positive and show that it is indeed a worthwhile buy.

2. Kratom Wave Sample Pack

Kratom Wave has been present in the Kratom market for a while now. It is based in Austin, Texas, USA. It has a good reputation in the Kratom market, and customers have left the brand with good reviews with regards to the quality of the products and customer services.

On their website, Kratom Wave has highlighted in great detail the farming and manufacturing methods for Kratom, along with some general information. They also claim that their products are lab tested. But it should be noted that no evidence of these lab tests has been provided. This factor can lead many consumers to doubt the safety of the products. However, a redeeming aspect could be the raving positive reviews of the brand in general.

Kratom Wave provides sample packs free of charge and also with free shipping. This feature is highly appealing. The following strains are available in the package; Green Vein, Red Vein, and White Vein. Every strain’s quantity is 15 grams (total are 45 grams). This package is an ideal option as it offers consumers with major strains. Should the consumer be torn between 2 or more strains, this kratom sample pack option can be utilized to make a final decision.

Kratom Wave urges customers to opt for free samples and to be careful as to their purchases. These aspects show commitment to not only consumer satisfaction, but also transparency. It reflects positively on the brand.

3. Plain Leaf Powder Pack by Kratom Divine

Kratom Divine is based in Oregon, USA, and is a division of SB LLC. The brand has a good reputation in the Kratom market. But this should not deter diligent consumers from focusing on other vital aspects, like the quality and safety of the products offered.

On their website, Kratom Divine has claimed that its products are lab tested. They have also added that nothing extra has been added to their products. This is very good as it not only assures consumers that the product is safe to consume but also shows that the effects will be authentic. However, the brand has not provided any evidence to back their claims.

Lab tests have not been published, and even farming and manufacturing methods have not been disclosed. Hence, one should be careful when trying out the samples of this brand.

The relevant sample is known as Variety 6 Pack or Plain Leaf Super Fine Variety Pack. The price of this sample is around 46 USD.

The following strains are included in this pack; Maeng Da Kratom, Sama Sama, Premium Bali, Malaysian Green, Red Vein, and Premium Indo. The quantity of each strain is ½ ounces. The pack has reasonably good reviews, highlighting good experiences and consumer satisfaction.

This sample is ideal for those who cannot decide between a strain. The price may be high for some consumers. But the fact that it includes almost all major and popular strains, allowing the consumer to have a broad experience overcomes that unappealing factor.

The brand, overall, seems committed to providing consumers with reliable Kratom products. There are also many good reviews with regards to customer service and also the overall quality of the products.

4. Extracts and Enhanced Variety Pack by Buykratom.Us

Also known as Kratora, this vendor has been present in the market since 2013. The fact that it has survived this long in the market goes to show that it is indeed quite successful. The brand is based in Livermore, California, USA.

Kratora prides itself on providing high-quality products. It has maintained close relations with the producers in Indonesia, working with them to manufacture a product that brings about authentic results.

On the website, Kratora has laid down the farming and manufacturing procedures briefly. This aspect highlights that they are transparent about their practices and are committed to consumer satisfaction. But the brand has not published any lab tests. This is concerning, primarily because of the reservations highlighted by the FDA.

The relevant sample here is known as Extracts and Enhanced Variety Pack, which costs around 50 USD. It features three different formulas with the following quantities; 1 gram of Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom, 1 gram of 50x Extract, and 3 grams of 25x Extract.

The product has a high rating; although, it should be noted that there is only one review. That review highlights that the sample is of good quality. It also said that the samples helped in easing the pain of the user.

This sample is perfect for those who have been using Kratom for a while now, and are looking to increase the effects or want to try something different. While the price is high, the fact that the consumer gets to sample 3 different strains makes up for the disadvantage.

The strength of the formulas are intense; hence, the strains should be consumed in small quantities.

5. Kratom Starter Pack by Lively Mood

Lively Mood was established in 2016 and is based in Chandler, Arizona, USA. An essential factor is lab tests. This brand has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of their products and also, consumer satisfaction. On their website, they have posted two lab tests, which highlight that their products are of good quality.

Additionally, the brand has a good reputation in the Kratom market, in general. These factors highlight that it is, indeed, safe to consume their samples, with the hope that it will be a pleasant experience. 

The relevant sample is known as the Kratom Starter Pack, which costs around 35 USD. It contains packets of 3 strains in different moderations; Red Vein, Green Vein, and White vein. Red vein is in the category of Slow Strain. This means that it is not intended for a specific purpose, but has general effects. These effects may be making the user feel pleasant and relaxed.

Green Vein comes under the category of Moderate Strain. Its effects are many, like; improving the mood of the user and alleviating stress, etc. Lastly, White Vein comes under the category of Fast Strain. Its effects and benefits are striking, such as; increased energy, improved mental and physical activity, and pain relief, etc.

For each strain, the quantity is 1 ounce. This pack is ideal as the consumer is allowed to sample not one strain, but three main strains. There is only one review on the website, but it is a positive review, and it suggests that this pack is the perfect option for beginners.


These Kratom sample pack vendors have been chosen based on quality, prices, and reputation. One vendor has the appealing feature of providing evidence of lab tests. Another has the attractive feature of providing samples for free. Hence, potential consumers should be careful and make an informed decision when it comes to buying samples.




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