Freezing Kratom: 11 Essential Tips & Tricks to Store Wonder Herb Longer

Kratom comes from the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree (Mitragyna speciosa) indigenous to Southeast Asia. People use this natural herb to treat various health conditions, besides, to a natural pain reliever.

Since Kratom is growing in vast popularity, in this article, we have discussed the importance of storing it properly and keeping it potent for a more extended period.

Why Kratom Is Condition Sensitive?

As mentioned above, Kratom comes from the leaves of tree Mitragyna speciosa. Once the leaves go through harvesting and then the drying process, they are then ground into a fine powder or encapsulated for more comfortable use.

All in all, growing Kratom demands patience, knowledge, and favorable environmental factors. It is this origin and finesse harvesting approach which determines the required storage conditions to get the most out of this wonder herb.

Most experts advise using Kratom within three months of harvesting. Because over time, environmental conditions deteriorate its quality–––whatever storing practices you adopt.

However, with proper freezing methods, you can extend the life of this magical herb out to a year or more. The good news is that freezing Kratom isn’t overly complicated, and a few tips and tricks will help you store herb longer.

Let’s dig right in!

How Freezing Kratom Works?

Kratom contains alkaloids in it. Freezing is essential because when Kratom gets exposed to frost, plant cells undergo the lysis process that helps its alkaloids be released. This freezing process intensifies Kratom effects and will also lower the herb dose needed to get the desired outcomes.

If you consume Kratom for pain relief, you will realize more potent effects with a lower dosage. After all, freezing Kratom plays a significant role in extracting nutrients from the plant.

Likewise, one of the primary reasons behind the formulation of the freezing method is to help Kratom enthusiasts avoid sour taste and smell.

Tips and Tricks to Freeze Kratom

There are a few tips and tricks to follow when storing your Kratom for a more extended period.  

  1. Ensure the Kratom is adequately clean before you store it.
  2. Use measuring scale to measure out the right amount of Kratom for your dose.
  3. Consider storing it in a vacuum container. Not all boxes work well when freezing Kratom. Use hard plastic, ceramic, or glass containers. This is how you can limit the possibility of herb oxidation.
  4. Always keep Kratom storage airtight. Do not let it breathe or allow moisture in. Likewise, don’t place a storage container near a source of temperature change like HVAC vents or anywhere where the temperature isn’t stable.
  5. Store Kratom in a dark place. And never expose it to UV light.
  6. Get any natural, preferably acidic liquid that you like taste-wise. The best options include; apple cider vinegar (acetic acid), grapefruit juice, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, soda pop, citric acid powder, and water, etc. These acids will also make your Kratom effects more potent than before by releasing more alkaloids.
  7. For one dose of Kratom, you typically need ½ cup of water and two teaspoons of pure juice.  But for citric acid powder, approximately 160mg.
  8. Next, mix the Kratom with your chosen liquid to get that muddy or pasty texture. Experts recommend freezing Kratom in a paste form by grinding and mixing the ingredients.
  9. Now, you can put the container into the freezer. Kratom freezing process usually takes half an hour. However, the flatter the vessel, the faster will be the freezing process.
  10. Check the container after half an hour and take it out of the freezer to allow it to thaw. Many kratom lovers find it easy to drink herb in a slushy state. Moreover, the taste also becomes more tolerable to consume.
  11. Last but not least, you must freeze kratom in small batches. 

Did you know?

You can refrigerate your Kratom Tea for 5-7 days. When freezing, you must store Kratom tea in a small plastic bottle and then removing from the freezer whenever required. You can also add alcohol, add 1 part Alcohol (25%) to 3 parts (75%) Kratom Tea.

Additional Pointers

Consult With a Licensed Medical Professional

Before you plan to take any herb or acidic liquid, it is vital to seek medical guidance. For example, whole grapefruit juice can block the enzyme––rather than inhibit it.

There is no substitute for medical advice when determining which natural herb and acidic liquid will work best for you.

Research Your Vendor

Of course, the quality of your Kratom is another essential consideration. Freezing Kratom can only give you benefits if the quality of your Kratom powder (the base product) is superb.

Before your purchase, it is a must to research your vendor reputation in the market. That wouldn’t waste your money and potentially provide you with the premium quality Kratom when you need it the most.

A good Kratom vendor will:

  • Provide details regarding their product sources
  • Offer access to their test results
  • Openly brief their lab testing policies

Search forums and read online reviews posted on the company’s social platforms to see how other customers feel. You must order Kratom only from reliable sources!

Final thoughts

As we know that the Kratom strains are highly effective when treating various health conditions. You can take advantage of this magical herb if stored correctly. Currently, there are a lot of methods on how to save Kratom at home; we can tell you conclusively that freezing is the best technique.

We hope this article helps! Remember, the key is to store it in a DRY, COOL, and DARK place.

Keep reading to learn more about Kratom and its effects on the human body.

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