Water Soluble CBD: A Detailed Insight

The CBD industry became successful and popular due to the health benefits of this substance, and within the last decade, we saw exponential growth not only in users but also in the range of products. There is sufficient research to determine the health benefits of CBD and how people with various illnesses can benefit from this herbal substance. However, there has to be more scientific research to support the evidence from consumers who claim that CBD is good for health.

As the uses of CBD are becoming common and people are learning about the benefits, more and more products are being introduced. These products include topical lotions, salves, oils, sprays, water soluble CBD and numerous edibles. When you go out to buy CBD, the choices can be overwhelming. You must choose the product that suits your lifestyle, routine, and mood. If you want a zesty addition to your morning routine, orange-flavoured gummies are a great way. Whichever product you choose must become a part of the day that enhances your positivity and reduce health issues.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

The cells of cannabidiol are large and insoluble in water. Nanotechnology reduces the size of the cells, improving the bioavailability of CBD so that users enjoy better results. Moreover, the smaller cell size makes CBD soluble in water to travel to all body parts and benefits. Water soluble CBD is a fast-acting and easy-to-use cannabinoid compound that offers excellent results for users of all ages. Until now, oil-based CBD products were considered the best way to use CBD, although, for some users, a higher quantity to experience the right results becomes a challenge. We see many other CBD items that absorb quickly and give better results than oil-based CBD with technology.

Water soluble CBD can dissolve in water, which means that it digests quickly. Many oil-based medicines that do not dissolve in water require the kidneys or liver to function harder. The human body is 60% water, which makes all water-soluble substances more effective and accessible for the whole body. The CBD flows into all parts of the body and impacts the organ functions quickly.

How does water-soluble CBD work?

Water-soluble CBD results from nanotechnology and sound waves technology that breaks down CBD clusters into smaller particles. These particles dissolve into body fluids much more quickly than oil-based products. The accessibility of cannabidiol is much greater with water-soluble products. When you consume a water-based CBD product, it quickly gets absorbed and reaches all areas of the body.

How to take water soluble CBD?

The consumption of water-soluble CBD is not very different from other kinds of herbal substances. However, before we discuss the various ways of consuming this CBD variation, be sure to shake the bottle every time as the CBD compounds tend to settle at the bottom due to their heavier density.

Sublingual dose

Like CBD oil, you can consume water-soluble CBD under the tongue to enjoy quick absorption. The mucus membrane under the tongue quickly absorbs the CBD, and you do not need to hold your tongue down for more than twenty seconds. With CBD oil, users need to keep the oil under the tongue for a minute, whereas water soluble CBD takes lesser time to penetrate the membrane and enter the body.


You can eat or drink water-soluble CBD with your favorite food or drink by adding it to the ready meal or beverage. The absorption of water-soluble CBD is up to 90%, which is impressive and leads to quicker effects when you use it with food. Oil-based CBD will digest with the food, and the cannabidiol enters the bloodstream after digestion is complete. However, water-soluble products will quickly get absorbed through the mouth and then stomach lining to give you an immediate impact.

What about topical use of water-soluble CBD?

Nowadays, you can find water soluble CBD-enriched topicals such as creams and lotions. Some of you might question the consistency, but the results are always fascinating!

Who should use this type of CBD?

The answer to this question is everyone! We always recommend readers consult their doctors before using any natural product. Once you get the go-ahead signal from your medical practitioner, there is no reason to avoid water soluble CBD! This kind of CBD is an excellent energy source, and the best part is you will not have to administer the use of water-soluble CBD like you were consuming medicines! You can use these products any way that suits you, and it will not take more than a minute!

What are the pros and cons? 

Everything has some good and bad sides, and natural botanicals are no exception. After discussing the excellent features of water-soluble CBD, we can summarize the good qualities compared to some drawbacks. Let’s start with the Pros first:


Water soluble CBD has higher bioavailability, so if you consume a certain quantity of this product, the wastage of CBD will be less, and you will feel the effects sooner!

Convenience of use

When you use oils or salves, or even CBD oil in edibles, the CBD molecules are not evenly distributed, and the results vary with the potency of your dose. However, with water-soluble CBD, the molecules are homogeneously distributed, and there is a better chance of users consuming an equal amount of cannabidiol in each dose. Apart from these advantages, we could think of only one con of water soluble CBD.

Harmful process of production

Water-soluble CBD is made by nanotechnology, and many companies reduce their cost of production by using oil-based emulsifiers that may lead to inflammation and gastrointestinal problems. If you come across a product that contains lecithin, phospholipids, and micelles so that you can enjoy the good qualities of CBD with total absorption and immediate effects. 

Difference between oil-based and water-soluble CBD 

The difference between oil-based and water soluble CBD makes the latter a better choice for quick results. While oil-based products are also good, the effect of water-soluble products is more! The fundamental difference between oil-based and water-soluble CBD is the molecules’ size and ability to dissolve in water. The immediate effects of water soluble CBD are the molecule size that makes it possible to mix in the body fluids and reach all body cells!

Oil-based CBD is more common and has excellent results, but once you try water-soluble CBD products, we can bet you will convert forever!


CBD is not soluble in water and therefore is available in an oil base in various forms. Water-soluble CBD products are a better way to enjoy the refreshing effects of CBD like THC-O Distillate For Sale as they absorb faster and more CBD makes it through to your organs in lesser time! There are numerous benefits of water-soluble CBD items, while the only disadvantage is that some products might have subpar ingredients. All users must buy from quality vendors so that they get great results.

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