Story Of The Brand

Over the last few years, Mitragyna has garnered quite a lot of attention. It has come to the full focus of the general public, and they are ready to try the plant for the various advantages associated with it.

There have been many legal regulations imposed on the plant because of its supposed addictive properties.

However, this has only worked to increase the demand for kratom and kratom infused products. This demand has provided free reign to substandard vendors selling poor quality kratom.

Such vendors trick beginners and novices into buying these inferior quality products. These products then result in multiple complications.

Every customer needs to learn about the features that separate a reliable vendor from a shady one. For this reason, we are reviewing the major botanical vendors currently selling Mitragyna.

Gaia Ethnobotanicals is one such vendor. The brand has been operational since 2015 under the name of “Gaia Kratom”.

They re-launched in 2016 as Gaia Ethnobotanicals. Currently, however, they are known by another name in the market, i.e. Mitragaia. They are selling various strains of quality lab-tested kratom at affordable prices.

The brand is based in Texas and has a large number of reviews present online. The company is referred to by both its previous names as well as the current one.

The company aims at providing the best products at an affordable rate so that everyone can be benefited from the treasures of nature.

Following is a detailed review of all there is to know about Mitragaia or Gaia Ethnobotanicals.

Aim Of The Brand

Mitragaia or Gaia Ethnobotanicals are a goal-oriented company. They source their kratom leaves from trustworthy harvesters all over the Southeast Asian region.

The brand works in collaboration with these harvesters to make sure that both of the parties involved are benefited. The company has partnered with various farmers and procure only the best leaves from them at a fantastic price.

They are focused on providing a one-of-a-kind experience to their customers. The aim of the brand is evident from its name, which is a combination of two words. “Mitra” and “Gaia”, which mean “friend” and “Earth” respectively.

The team of the brand has worked relentlessly to ensure that their customers receive the best of nature.

Forms Of Kratom

Mitragaia knows the importance of customer satisfaction. Everyone has their individual preference when it comes to kratom. Some people prefer to use kratom in powdered form.

Others lean towards the other alternative ways to use the plant, e.g. in capsulated forms, like extracts, tinctures etc. The brand is offering kratom in a variety of different forms.

These include powders, extracts and capsules. They sell several strains in these three forms. These products have been raved about online by various buyers.

In conclusion, Gaia Ethnobotanicals is making sure that the needs of its customers are completely satisfied.

Strains On Sale

The brand has one of the most functional websites currently present on the market. They have categorized their Bali, Gold, Green, Red, White and Yellow Kratom strains.

This categorizing makes narrowing down what you need way more comfortable than having to sift through an uncategorized menu. Their strains include:

Gold Strains

The brand is selling Bali Gold and Gold Maeng Da in both powdered and capsulated forms. These strains are some of the must-haves, according to reviewers and users online.

Green Strains

Green-veined strains are easily the most commonly used kratom strains available on the market. These strains are well known for being the most long-lasting strains in the market.

They have been reported to have calming effects and are popular amongst the customers suffering from various forms of mania and anxiety.

Mitragaia is currently selling almost forty different green-veined products. These include Green Bali, Green Brunei, Green Horn, Green Dragon, Green Indo, Green Kali etc.

All of these strains are of the best quality and have been imported from the best harvesters.

Red Strains

Red strains are often mixed with other strains because of their fantastic aroma. They kick in faster than other strains.

Many customers have reported feeling incredible pain relief after the use of these red strains. These strains are common amongst patients that suffer from painful conditions like chain headaches, migraines etc.

The company sells more than thirty different red-veined products. Their strains include Red Bali, Red Dragon, Red Horn, Red Elephant, and Red JongKong etc.

White Strains

White veined kratom powders and capsules are some of the best sellers. Every good online store should have a stock of white-veined Mitragyna products because of the amazing benefits that have been associated with them by various users.

These strains have been reported to induce a state of happiness among the users.

Customers suffering from muscular pains and bone pains have also reported significant relief in their pains. The brand has several white strains as well including white Kapuas, white Malay, White Maeng Da, white Sulawesi, and white Sumatra etc.

Yellow Strains

The yellow kratom strains being sold by Mitragaia are less common when compared with the green and white veined Mitragyna.

These kratom strains are associated with an increase in focus and productivity. The brand has yellow strains on sale as well.

Key Points Of The Brand

1) Lab TestingLab testing

This feature is significant when botanicals are concerned. If a customer uses an improperly tested or untested botanical product, there can be severe consequences.

A reliable brand not only has all of their products adequately tested but also has the lab reports displayed on their website. This action serves to increase the trust of the customers on the brand.

Mitragaia knows the importance of customer satisfaction and trust. Not only do they have all of their products tested for added chemicals, fertilizers, salmonella, heavy metals etc. The brand also has the lab reports of all of their products present on their website.

Either you can select a particular product and view the lab reports for that product, or you can see the lab results for all of their products. Accredited third-party independent labs conduct the tests.

2) Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

There are strict regulations set by the FDA when it comes to the buying and selling of Mitragyna products.

The FDA has sent warning letters to brands and vendors that make false medical claims about the products being sold.

Gaia Botanicals makes sure that no medical claims are being made on their website that might mislead customers. These claims can also lead to legal complications and repercussions.

The brand mentions that their products are not meant for medical purposes, and the FDA has not evaluated the statements on the company’s website.

3) What Do The Customers Think?

Another telling factor about any kratom brand is the public image of that brand. What others think about a particular company is important.

The reason for it being significant is that Mitragyna is one of the most vocal industries. Word of mouth counts in the botanical business.

There are hundreds of reviews from customers regarding Gaia Ethnobotanicals online. These reviews seem to be a mixed collection. There are customers complaining about inconsistent and poor quality.

They also complain about the batches and the potencies of various strains.

On the other hand, most of the newer reviews praise Gaia Botanicals. These reviews rave about the quality of the products being sold at the site.

Moreover, the brand is also lauded for the fantastic customer service that it provides.

4) Shipping and Paymentshipping and delievery

This factor is as important as any other. Shipping and payment methods both are means to ensure customer comfort. No buyer wants to wait for long periods before they can receive their products.

The brand has lightning fast shipping and makes sure that their customers are comfortable with the time of delivery.

The company offers USPS Priority Shipping and makes sure that the products are dispatched on the same say as the order is confirmed.

The package is then delivered in 2-3 business days. Mostly, however, the order arrives sooner than the designated time.

As far as payment methods are concerned, the company has tried to make the payments as easy for the customers as possible. That is the reason why there are multiple payment methods available to the customers by the brand.

These methods include payment by using bitcoins, cryptocurrency, e-checks, money orders etc.

Other than these categories, a customer can pay using their credit cards as well. This payment method is a perk because credit card payments are usually not accepted by kratom companies.

5) Return PolicyReturn Policy 1

This factor is quite decisive when judging whether or not a brand has complete confidence in its products.

Gaia Ethnobotanicals has full faith in the products that they are formulating. There is a return policy in the case of unsatisfactory products or improper strains.

The brand has an operational return policy in the case of harmed goods. This increases and strengthens the relationship between the customer and the brand.

6) Transparency

This feature further ensures the customers that the brand has nothing to hide. Many substandard brands sell poor quality kratom.

On the other hand, Mitragaia has made sure that it has nothing to hide from the customers. The brand tests all of its products and nothing but the best make it to shelves of the market.

They have their phone number, email address and their address displayed on their site. They have ensured that customers can easily reach them.

7) Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Customer support and services matter almost as much as product range. No customer wants to hear someone snapping at them.

Gaia Ethnobotanicals have been commended for their excellent customer support and services all over the kratom network.

The company provides thorough information about a buyer’s order via their email.

Furthermore, they also reply promptly to customers with complaints and queries.

8) Social Media Presence

In the current age of science and technology, the absence of social media accounts seems archaic and almost impossible. Especially for online business, a social media presence is a must.

The brand is active on all social media platforms and makes sure that the pages are updated regularly.

Gaia Ethnobotanicals has its active pages on Twitter and Facebook. They also have a Pinterest account that they update regularly. The brand is very active on these platforms as well.

They make sure that all the new updates, strains, and discounts are displayed on these platforms. They send out tweets regularly and also respond to queries of the customers as well.


Gaia Ethnobotanicals or Mitragaia has a wide range of kratom strains on sale on their website. These kratom strains are used by people all over the United States.

Their Maeng Da strain is the most sold strain currently present on their website. This strain is amongst one of the most potent strains currently present on the site.

As far as prices are concerned, the brand has nominal rates. The company is selling 200 points of Maeng Da Capsules at just 199.9$.

This pricing is exceptionally nominal when you take into consideration the properties and quality of the products being sold by the brand.

Other than the Maeng Da, some of their different bestselling strains include Bali Gold, Green Dragon, White Elephant Kratom etc. All of these strains are entirely compliant with the rules of the FDA.

How does Gaia Ethnobotanicals compare with other brands?

Gaia Ethnobotanicals is different from the common traditional brands in the market. The brand has a constant smooth method of operation. The first distinction that the brand has, which separates it from the traditional ones is the availability of such a wide range of strains. The brand makes sure that there is something present for every palate on its website. They have also categorized their product range in a very effective manner.

Furthermore, the pricing of various products is more or less economical. The brand has partnered with the harvesters to make sure that they get the best leaves at the most affordable prices. This partnership is the reason that the products being sold by the brand do not have sky-high prices. Gaia Ethnobotanicals is making sure that there are no stones left unturned in delivering the best to the customers.

  • AKA GMP compliant products

The brand has products which are not only FDA compliant but also AKA GMP compliant. This term means that the vendor has each of its products tested by a third-party lab. This testing ensures the quality and purity of the products being sold. All the kratom products from Gaia Ethnobotanicals are thoroughly tested for bacteria and heavy metals. The vendor also has strict production and shipping regulations to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Website design

The design on the site matters a great deal in online shops. The website should not be archaic or clunky, and it should be easily navigable. Gaia Ethnobotanicals has one of the most accessible and easy to navigate sites amongst various kratom vendors. They have precise information regarding the brand itself as well as its products mentioned on the website.

  • Welcome samples

Welcome samples are a distinct feature associated with Gaia Ethnobotanicals. The brand sells welcome samples to customers who are novices and beginners in the ketum industry. These welcome samples start from around 30$. Not only does the sample back help the customers to try new flavours but lets them pick exotic flavours as well. These welcome packages are easily one of the best kratom deals in the market today.

There is hardly anything negative about this fantastic brand. The only thing borderline negative would be the number of mixed reviews present on the internet. It is impossible to draw a verdict about a particular thing or product when half of the public applauds it while the rest are negative about it.

Our Verdict

Gaia Ethnobotanicals is one of the best vendors present in the current market. However, if you are a novice, you could get confused amongst the amazing range of products. It recommended starting with a blend or a welcome bundle for that very reason.

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