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Address: 4860 Cox Rd, Ste 200 Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States
Website: https://www.kokokratom.com/
Phone: +1 800-984-6716
Email: [email protected]

With the rise in the popularity of Mitragyna Speciosa all over the world, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Kratom vendors. Many of these vendors do not have the proper manufacturing practices that ensure a good product.

For this reason, they sell substandard goods and trick their customers. To avoid going through such a complication, it is important to choose a trustworthy vendor that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Several factors need consideration when it comes to picking a vendor.

Koko Kratom has been named as one of the top Mitragyna vendors in the United States by various forums. They are based in Glen Allen, Virginia, and have been operational for not that long of a time in the Kratom industry.

In the span of its operation, the brand has climbed the ladder of Kratom vendors and is now leading the market alongside other top vendors like PurKratom and Supernatural Botanicals.

We have gone through every feature of Koko Kratom and brought the following review to you, ensuring that you do not make the wrong decision.

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Key Features

Forms of Kratom

Every customer has their own preference when it comes to Ketum. Both the form of Kratom as well as the strain changes from customer to customer. While some people prefer taking Kratom in the powdered form, others prefer capsules that do not have a bitter taste.

Many customers also use tinctures and extracts because of their increased potency. A vendor needs to have different forms and strains of Kratom available on their product range. Koko Kratom is selling its Mitragyna strains in powdered and capsulated forms.

There are many forms of Kratom available on the site, including bestsellers as well as novel strains. The brand also has several blends on sale if you are interested in mixing your strains.

Some of the strains present on the website include various veins of Maeng Da, Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, and Horn. The brand has a small introduction of every strain on its site for people who are new to the world of Kratom.

Lab testing

Mitragyna Speciosa is a plant product and needs to be properly lab tested. It is viable to contamination by bacteria and microbes that can cause diseases like Salmonella. Improperly tested Kratom can also have a number of heavy metals that can cause liver problems.

It is important to always buy your Kratom from vendors that properly test their products to avoid health complications like nausea, dizziness, indigestion, etc. For this reason, it is important to select a vendor who tests their Kratom from independent labs to ensure no business occurs.

Koko Kratom is a vendor that has been applauded multiple times over various forums for its safety and quality products. They test all of their products from reputable labs for any contamination.

If a certain batch is found to be contaminated or lacking the required alkaloids – that batch does not make it to the website.

Is the brand making false medical claims?

The situation between the FDA and Kratom is more or less ambiguous. The substance is not yet approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the authorities have not yet cleared the substance for human consumptions.

Some Kratom vendors got warning letters from the authorities because they had been making false medicinal claims on their website. Doing this can have legal repercussions on both the buyer as well as the seller.

Koko Kratom understands this and stays in complete compliance with all the regulations in place from the FDA. They have mentioned that none of the products being sold on the site is meant for medical purposes.  

What do the customers think?

In an industry as vocal and free as Kratom, it is next to impossible for a substandard vendor not to have myriads of complaints against it. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to go through various customer reviews on different Kratom forums.

Even though Koko Kratom is an underdog in the Kratom industry, they have gathered a loyal customer following. There are a number of positive reviews online regarding the brand.

How ethical is the brand?

The sourcing of the Kratom you are buying is very important. Mitragyna Speciosa originates from the tropical regions of the Southeast Asian areas of the world.

The best quality Kratom originates from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The neighboring islands of these countries are also favorable places for ketum growth.

Some of the substandard vendors have tried to replicate the quality of the Mitragyna being grown in these places by growing it within the U.S. to save the charges of importing.

Such Kratom is lacking in terms of both quality and taste. Koko Kratom imports its products from the most reliable cultivators of Southeast Asia. 

Discounts and offers

When it comes to online shopping, discounts vouchers are always a winning plus point. The idea of saving money off of purchase is very appealing to most customers.

Koko Kratom understands this concept and therefore have multiple discount codes and coupons that are updated regularly for their customers.

The vendor also has regular sales on their products and strains. All in all, Koko Kratom not only excels in terms of quality but also it is one of the best when it comes to pricing and discounts.

Shipping and payment

When shopping online, shipping and payment information is quite vital. A brand like Koko Kratom needs to have several payment options available on their site to accommodate every type of customer.

They have same-day shipping available for all orders and USPS priority shipping that gets your purchase to you in a matter of 2-3 days. The brand does not, however, provide return shipping.

If you wish to return a certain product, the return shipping has to be paid by the customer. You can pay using Paypal or an e-check amongst other options.

Social Media Presence

In a time and age where everything can be accessed online, a booming business needs to have an active social media presence on all the major social sites.

This feature increases the reach of a vendor as well as improves the trust between customers and the brand. The more active a vendor is on social media, the more approachable it seems.

Koko Kratom understands this concept very well. Being the new kids on the block, Koko Kratom is set to separate itself from the run of the mill brands that do not give their customers the time of day.

From their quality to their customer service, Koko Kratom as proved that they are here to stay. The same can be seen on their social media. The brand is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and announces all of its major news there.

They also encourage their customer base to ask any questions regarding the brand on these platforms. Their Facebook reviews have a lot of satisfied customers as well.


100% Organic Products

The Kratom sold at Koko Kratom is 100% organic and has been sourced from the rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The brand does not believe in tricking their customers by giving them synthetic Kratom.

Reasonable prices

The Mitragyna sold by the vendor is not only winning in terms of quality but pricing as well. The brand has some of the most nominal price tags available in the market. 1 oz. of most strains begin at an amazing price of 12$. Furthermore, coupons are available to decrease this price further.

Great Customer Service

The customer care at Koko Kratom is one of a kind. They treat their customers like family and urge them to contact the brand in case of any concerns about their products.

Airtight Packaging

Mitragyna is liable to spoilage and contamination; therefore, it needs to be kept in an enclosed dry space. The brand ships their strains in carefully packed airtight containers to make sure the freshest product reaches you.

Quality Guarantee

Koko Kratom focuses on the needs of every individual customer that they have. No customer is left uncared for. If you are not satisfied with your Kratom or have received a different strain than what you ordered, the brand urges you to contact them so that your order can be replaced or refunded.


AKA GMP Certification

The American Kratom Association issues this certificate to brands that are formulating the best Kratom. The certificate comes with a guarantee that the Mitragyna reaching you is safe to use and has been produced through the best methods. Koko Kratom does not currently have the GMP certificate but is working on getting it.

Lab Results

Although the brand lab tests their products for any kind of contamination, they do not have their lab reports displayed on their website. It is important to display lab results because it further strengthens the trust of the customers on the brand.


Koko Kratom has all the green signals that signify a good brand. They have quality kratom at good prices that have been grounded to a fine powder to avoid any lumps. Their customer care is also one of a kind. If you are thinking about purchasing from the brand, do so without worrying about the quality.



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