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Since the past few years, there have been many changes in the online field of herbs and traditional medicine used for curing multiple problems of the body.

The most popular one is the addition of Kratom online, which instantly gained popularity amongst its users for its diverse effects. Kratom leaves help prevent fatigue and ease off nausea, cough and respiratory illnesses.

There are many vendors online which sell Kratom, but you cannot rely on all of them since a lot of them do not sell Kratom of top quality, and some sell Kratom, which is fake. This builds a question mark for the regular customers as well as the new customers if they can rely on a specific vendor or not.

Here we are, giving you an insight to the Kratom vendor in the online market with the name of Herbaldom.

This review will allow you to see for yourself and make up your mind to confirm if this vendor is entirely suitable for you or not. Let’s dig in!

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Overview of Herbaldom

Herbaldom is a small vendor trying to build its position in the market by selling the most unusual and rare strains of Kratom. There is no compromise on the quality of the Kratom they sell as confirmed by their customers, so quality control can be given an extra point.

Their website offers suitable products even though the range being a little limited. All in all, the website is easy to use, and with the vendors being most active and approachable, it is convenient to obtain any information needed.

Key strains that you might be interested in

One good thing about this vendor is that it has very uncommon strains that are not easily available with other vendors selling Kratom. Some of them are

Yellow Bali

Yellow Bali also commonly sold as Yellow Maeng Da is one of the finest strains of Kratom. It is infrequent because it does not supply a lot of energy as other strains of Kratom, but it is good for something light that provides physical ease and comfort.

It issues a very subtle effect on your body without any severe or intensive results. Herbaldom stocks Yellow Maeng Da so if you’re interested in yellow powder, you should go for it.

White dragon

The white dragon is one of the most commonly used strains of Kratom. It is also known as White Maeng Da and is very popular among the people who use it frequently. According to them, if this strain works out for you, there is nothing in else that you would want to wish for.

White dragon kratom is a mixture of a white and green blend, and overall appears to be green in colour. It allows your mind and nerves to relax completely, giving a relieving effect overall.

It also helps increase energy and focus. Only a small amount is needed for getting the effect. This product can prove to be your best friend if you desire any of the effects mentioned.

Red dragon

The red dragon is the new and emerging strain of Kratom known for its long-lasting effects from relatively smaller doses.

It is highly beneficial for people who have long working hours which causes mental exhaustiveness. It is an affordable alternative to other types of strains which more or less give the same effect.

Red dragon acts as a stress and pain reliever to those using it, causing it to suppress any bodily discomfort and uneasiness. It relaxes the muscles of the brain and gives a soothing effect.

This strain is highly recommended by all of its users for its advances and remarkable benefits but with proper dosage. Excess usage can cause unwanted side effects, as well.

Lab tested products

It is very important to make sure that all of the products that are to be used are clean and good to go for use so that no claims are made afterwards.

Herbaldom makes sure that all of their products before they reach the website to be sold undergo quarantine and lab testing until they are sure that the products are certified under AHPA standards. Once they are clarified to move forward, only then they are given for packaging.

This ensures that Herbaldom cares for the safety and well-being of its customers and makes it their top priority that even if the customers have to wait for the products, quality control is not compromised.

Key features of the site that compel you to choose Herbaldom

The website of Herbaldom is extremely easy to navigate, which gives you a safe corner for buying strains of Kratom from them. You can find any information that you want, including their multiple policy’s, payment or shipment methods and frequently asked questions. The site guides you directly and is easy to operate.

They have given alternatives names that are commonly used under their products, so if someone is not familiar with one name, they might recognize the product by its other name.

Alongside that, it gives information about the origin of the product, its type, appearance and Mitragynine percentage.

The prices are affordable and not very expensive, which give you the chance of buying Kratom according to your pocket.

They also offer Kratom Sampler for beginners so that they can try the products by Herbaldom before making a bigger purchase as well as Full Spectrum Blend which gives you the chance to mix different types of strains under 28 grams.

The packaging of the products is also commendable. The strains are safely packed so that they are not exposed to any sort of damage or disruption during delivery.

The customers seem to be very satisfied with the style of packaging opted by Herbaldom. The Kratom is packed in a very clean and sterilized environment protecting the integrity of the alkaloids present in the products.

Herbaldom offers international shipping which is great news for customers who live outside the United States. However, it does not give any guarantee for the laws of any country except the US.

It also does not provide any guarantee, which is justified because different countries have different law, and orders and their system also works differently.

They also have the most uncommon strains that are not available with other vendors in the market. These strains provide positive effects to the body so if you’re looking for something new to try that might work well for you, and you should head towards the website of Herbaldom before their stock runs out!

What is the cost of an ounce of Herbaldom Kratom purchased?

This vendor provides a range of prices for different weights. The starting price for one ounce is $7.50, and for 250 grams it is $30.00 which I think is a fair deal since the quality and type of Kratom provided is the best and top-notch.

The prices go up to $80 depending on your purchase. These prices are excluding the products of stems and veins which range round about $4.00-$30.00. This is an extremely fair price since the products give all the expected effects with small doses.

The prices are inexpensive enough to make sure you don’t go overboard as compared to other vendors who try to rip you off with their high prices.

Payment and shipment methods

Mailed in payments, Bitcoins and eChecks are used as payment methods which are extremely easy and convenient methods for payments.

USPS is used for all of the shipments except for holidays and store closures. You can select Priority mail and Express mail according to your choice. Products are dispatched on the very next day of order and take 2-3 business days to reach you.

Customer feedback

Upon asking, the vendors at Herbaldom explained how they continue with their business of producing and providing Kratom of top quality because of the support of their loyal customers which helps them in moving forward and coming up with the good quality of products every time.

Even though the customers seem to be very happy about the quality of the products offered by Herbaldom with its glorious effects,  they still have issues with the site offers a very limited range of Kratom strains.

They say that it is very difficult to find the product of their choice as well as different types of products under the same website. It is extremely inconvenient to go to multiple websites for different orders so Herbaldom should work on having a more extensive range with expanding the types of strains.

They also complain that the products are mostly out of stock and one needs to refresh the site after every few hours to check if the website has been updated on the restocking of the products.

Drawbacks of Herbaldom

Every website has its pros and cons, and it is very difficult nowadays to find a vendor which caters to all your needs and wants under one roof.

Herbaldom is an authentic and reliable vendor, but it might not be your go-to vendor for the purchase of Kratom because of its limited range. It does not offer each and every strain of Kratom and most of the time; they are out of stock.

They also do not provide any pictures as evidence and also lack important and enough information related to the products in their description. They do not have any specific heading for information related to the products, which sometimes leaves the customers bewildered about how the product might turn out to be in real life.

They have to order first to check if the product suffices to their needs or not. This might serve to be a disadvantage to the beginners who do not know a lot about the proper ways of using Kratom and its dosage.

Another drawback of Herbaldom is that it does not give any sort of coupons or discounts even to its regular customers as compared to other Kratom selling websites which provide beginner coupons or some sort of discounts to its regular and frequent customers.

These points should be kept in mind before spending your money because you wouldn’t want to spend money on something that you don’t want or does not oblige to your need.

Final verdict

Herbaldom is an authentic website on which you can depend since it provides quality products, its website is easy to use and its fast shipping but it might not be the top vendor on your list because of some its drawbacks.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for strains that are not easily available and are also good on the pocket in terms of price, then you must give Herbaldom a shot.

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