Hype For CBD Creams: Is That A Great Marketing or Really Help People

Ointments and creams have long been available in the markets. They have been used for plenty of purposes from pain relief to skin fairness to acne removal.

So, creams may not be a relatively new concept for you; but CBD creams may be. This is mostly because of the controversy revolving around cannabis products – CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant.

However, you do not need to worry. CBD products with no or less than 0.3 percent have been legalized in many states of many countries. The THC content is checked because it contains psychoactive qualities – can produce a “high.” So, do not listen to anyone that says your creams contain illegal ingredients.

These creams are relatively new, but their invention is not surprising considering how versatile CBD products are. You have CBD vape liquids, CBD chewing gums, CBD oils and what not.

CBD creams are then often considered as substitutes of CBD oils, which are administered via droplets under the tongue in your mouth. CBD cream, on the other hand, is applied directly on your skin.

What Is The Marketing Hype About CBD Creams?

CBD has been stated as a pain reliever by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and medicine. This declaration has been the turning point for CBD. We see numerous products with regards to pain treatment claiming the presence of CBD.

The CBD creams are topical, and therefore they are absorbed into the top layer of the skin. After absorption, they travel through the body and create an effect. Their effects are relatively slow as compared to pills or oils as it is not transdermal.

1) CBD Cream Delivering The Promise Of Fast Relief

The current hype about these creams is that it offers instant relief. Despite the famous claim about immediate relief, there is no authentic research related to it.

CBD, as a chemical does offers analgesic properties, but that only happens when mixed with other oils like Arnica or lemongrass.

A San Diego based doctor has claimed that nearly 40% of her patients have tried CBD topical creams. Their pain did not subside or go away as claimed. Therefore, we can for now say that it is more of a marketing gimmick than actual result-oriented therapy.

CBD does affect the release of pro-inflammatory signals and help slow down the pain. There is still a myriad of research happening in this arena to determine if CBD creams are as effective as oral CBD.

2) A Plethora Of Information But No Proof Yet

Today we see bloggers and CBD enthusiasts claiming all the wonders that CBD creams offer. But significant information is not backed by research.

CBD creams when used with other ingredients to offer the relief impact. Physicians from Orthopedic center claim that when rubbed on the skin it only works on the receptors on the areas.

When in reality the muscle with the actual issue is deep down. So, it all boils down to the fact that creams with or without CBD can offer a near about the same result. The proper judgment is withheld until further regularized researches surface.

3) Get Into The Hype

You can dive in if you dare! These creams bring no harm. The placebo effect can make you feel better. The CBD topical creams all contain a mix of ingredients, and therefore, they can help relieve the pain.

What Is Inside These CBD Infused Creams?

CBD infused creams are often seen to be denser than your regular everyday creams, and this consistency helps it better blend in the area it is applied on.

Moreover, it is often said that you could make a CBD cream right at home because everything inside a CBD cream is organic.

So, everything is readily available in the market. However, specialized equipment such as double boilers or cheesecloths is not as easy to find and to handle in situations.

Of course, the cream will include CBD extracted either from hemp plant or cannabis plant.

Other than that, the CBD will be blended in a quality oil such as coconut or olive oil. Other ingredients may include Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Beeswax, vitamin E, butter and so on.

So, every bottle of CBD infused cream will have the most significant chunk of the base oil – coconut oil or olive oil – and Aloe Vera gel, some grams of CBD, while the other 40 – 50% will be made of vitamin E, eucalyptus, Rosemary and so on.

Different manufacturers may tweak the ingredients to suit their preferences, but around 80 – 90% of the components will always be organic regardless of the manufacturer.

However, these products do come with a stigma attached. The stigma is that the products are harmful because they come from a drug which was once illegal.

Here, it is essential to understand the fundamental difference between CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Although both compounds are found in the same plant – and 112 others too.

The similarities even extend to their chemical structure, and both interact with the endocannabinoids in your body. But the effect that they have are very different.

Where THC produces a “high” in the user, CBD does not. Therefore, the amount of THC is closely monitored and checked in all CBD products.

Although trends show a growing market for CBD products, there are no individual statistics available for each different type of CBD product, and it is difficult to say which one contributes the most to sales.

Is CBD Cream More Potent Than CBD Oil?

The two legal primary CBD products in the market currently seem to be CBD Oil and CBD Cream. Both are different in their composition and usage, but both enjoy a significant consumer base.

But for now, the most critical question is which of the two, CBD Oil or CBD Cream is more potent.

Although conflicting views prevail in the market owing to differences in brands and composition, to answer that question, we will assess both the products across two dimensions as follows:

1) Usage Method

Proponents in favor of CBD oil often point to the fact that the method of use for CBD oils is better to help with pains. CBD Oils are consumed as droplets under the tongue.

This allows the droplets to be absorbed by the mucous membranes which are a great way to avoid the digestive system route that lowers potency.

On the other hand, when it comes to CBD creams, they are administered directly on the area of the pain and may take time to absorb. According to this method, the most potent product seems to be CBD oil.

2) The Purpose

Owing to its usage method, it is believed that CBD oils are most useful for pain management.

However, if the purpose of CBD oil/cream usage is to reduce skin inflammation or treat skin problems, CBD cream applied directly to the affected area is the best solution.

It has been seen to even help with issues such as eczema and arthritis. On the other hand, CBD oils work best to treat anxiety, pain, and even depression.

Few Known Benefits Of CBD Creams According To Manufacturers And Suppliers

But why should one use CBD Creams is the real question, and it seems no one is better suited to answer this question other than the manufacturers and suppliers. According to CW Hemp, here are a few known benefits that CBD creams offer:

1) No Side Effects

The cream is made from all organic material so that no side effects may stem from artificial material. The natural co-ingredients also have no side effects, and they actively interact to help improve the condition for which the product is being used.

2) Pleasant Smell

No unpleasant smell. May be available in scented options too. The salves and creams come in scented and non-scented options. Majorly the salves have a minty smell to them.

The essential oils from the flowers are used to inculcate the floral fragrance. The critic extracts give a fruity aroma. Brands like CBDol, Endoca and Ananda Hemp offer both options.

3) Aids Heal Skin Ailments

The ointments and salves from Endoca and Citizen CBD: Skin Silk offer ailments and creams that help heal the skin and at the same time ensure smooth, silky skin. They are also used for skin diseases like eczema, and acne.

4) Provides Natural Glow

The active ingredient like Jojoba oil, almond oil as used by Citizen CBD: Skin Silk makes the skin look fresh and healthy and add the right amount required essential ingredients. Replenishes and refreshes skin and gives it a natural glow.

5) Helps Reduce Anti-aging

The CBD is high in, and hence it offers anti-aging properties that help smooth out the skin and removes the visible sign of aging. Endoca helps reverse the effects of anti-aging.

6) Cell Regeneration

It has anti-inflammatory properties as it helps new cell regeneration and reduces inflammation. Charlotte’s Web salves are great for helping reduce inflammation within two hours of application.

7) Heals Swelling and Pain

Controls swelling and pain. All CBD creams offer to heal from sore muscles and help reduce pain.

You can read more reviews and benefits of CBD cream on Sensei CBD Oil.

What Are the Best CBD Cream Choices In The Market?

You cannot deny that even after a little skepticism among consumers though, the sales have rocketed.

The expectations show that there are to be further increases in sales as a report by the Brightfield group suggests that the market for CBD will be worth around $22 billion by 2022.

As more and more manufacturers enter, more and more CBD creams are introduced and here are some of the best ones for you:

1) Charlotte’s Web

The cream comes in a 2.5oz of hemp-infused form. It is made with organic ingredients like Vitamin B5, aloe, coconut oil, arnica, shea butter, and 300mg of hemp extract per oz. It helps soothes the skin. Charlotte’s Web cream has both scented and unscented options available.


This is a topical salve which is available in either a 400mg CBD variant or one with 1000mg. The salve is designed explicitly for muscle soreness. The salve has a faint pleasant smell.

3) FabCBD

The FabCBD contains 600mg of CBD. It is and is excellent for muscle and joint pains. It has a healthy blood-red orange scent and can be easily used as an everyday cream. The cream has a soft silky texture and thus an exciting choice!

4) Endoca

The Endoca CBD salve is a high CBD cream and contains 750mg of CBD. It is very suitable for dry and breaking skin. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

5) CBDol

The CBDol salve contains 500mg of CBD and is perfect to help with sore skin and pain. The slave contains tea tree and peppermint oil that adds the faint, pleasing smell to the salve.

The beeswax included in the cream gives it a smooth texture that also helps nourish broken or dry skin.

6) Ananda Hemp

This slave has a bit of oily texture, and it helps in soothing the sore muscles. It contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Shea butter. These ingredients give it a smooth oily texture.

The slave helps soften the skin, and the Arnica oil along with ginger and peppermint oil offers a soothing effect to the muscle and help heal the soreness.

7) Bee’s Knee’s: Bee’s Balm

A 1.75 oz. The jar contains 200mg of CBD. The slave has floral as well as a minty smell to it. It also contains Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin and heals it quickly. The Bee’s Knee’s salve as the name suggests is perfect for knee aches, and it can be applied to joints.

8) Citizen CBD: Skin Silk

The cream is your skin’s friend in every weather. It helps in easing the rough, itchy texture and dry skin.

The Argan oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil help in maintaining the skin texture to perfection. The cream has fruity as well as a floral smell. The soft feel makes it easy for everyday use.

The packaging is also convenient and thus make everyday carrying easy. The brand also offers deep rub for muscle inflammation and Athletic Rub for warming up the muscle tension.

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