Each individual feels the effects of CBD differently depending on their own metabolism, body weight and some other factors.

To get the most out of what CBD offers — use different forms of CBD oils and see which form works the best on you and translates into better results for your health.

Many individuals who tend to use CBD for the getting high — share that they don’t feel anything at all. This means that there is no sign of euphoria or any other sort of psychoactive impact.

Then what does CBD feel like?

However, since these individuals are seeking relaxation and relief in their pain and other conditions — they do state that CBD offers them comfort. They remain clear-headed while their pain or anxiety starts to fade away.

This feeling of being clear-headed is quite different from when an individual consumes THC or any other compound such as opioids for injuries and pains.

Understanding why individuals feel how they feel

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and is a chemical compound that had gained significant popularity in the past couple of years for its medicinal benefits.

A lot of people still do not have a good understanding of its usage as compared to their knowledge about marijuana and its effects.

The major difference between the two is the presence of the compound THC in marijuana.

In CBD oil, THC is in an insignificant amount (equal or less than 0.3%) and this makes CBD non-psychoactive.

This is the reason why CBD has no tendency of making its consumers feel high when ingested or inhaled.

Having said that, the next important question is what do the elements that are present in CBD make users feel like.

Since, it has no psychoactive features, so it wouldn’t make you feel extremely alert or otherwise.

Before understanding how CBD makes individuals feel like, it is important to understand what CBD exactly cures or what it is used for.

For years people have been taking CBD in several forms to cure a range of diseases, illnesses and medical conditions. It includes:

  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular pains
  • Anxiety
  • Aggressiveness
  • Bowel inflammation
  • Skin diseases
  • Tumours
  • Cancer
  • Appetite loss

If you look through the list above, you’d understand that there are some chronic and serious illnesses that CBD oil has proven to cure.

The science behind how CBD feel like

Consuming THC would definitely give you a high because of how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body.

It regulates several physiological functions inside your body including your body’s temperature, pain resistance, inflammation, sleep functions, mood, anxiety, etc.

Both CBD and THC interact one way or the other with your system. However, how they interact is what makes all the difference.

Since THC itself has a strong THC content, it leave a mind-altering effect after binding with the ECS receptors and making it super activated.

On the other hand CBD has no tendency to directly interact with the ECS receptors.

In this way, it doesn’t activate them and while indirectly interact, it has a tendency to influence in other ways that in fact help individuals to get rid of the problems that made them take CBD in the first place.

In some cases, it is stated that CBD may have a completely opposite effect to THC as to counter the mind-altering experiences caused by the THC component.

Due to this feature, some researchers have also called it anti-THC or anti-marijuana.

How does CBD help in wellness?

Another important question that is linked to how CBD makes people feel is how it actually helps them to achieve wellbeing.

Since it is supposed to have a medicinal effect — CBD won’t make you feel dizzy, sluggish, and super-charged or any feeling of that sort.

Nevertheless, you will feel its effects in the following ways:

Pain Relief

More and more athletes have started to use CBD because it helps them reduce muscle soreness and gives them a renewed energy needed in their performance regime.

They claim to have reduced inflammation after using CBD reduced pain in injuries.

The same holds true for people who have suffered years of arthritis pain.

The most important part is that CBD doesn’t cause any adverse effects that any pain killing medicine would cause.

Mood Elevation

Depression, anxiety, anger and feeling low are serious behavioural and psychological issues.

CBD, without leaving an individual feeling high, helps in making the overall mood and outlook better.

This happens because of its ability of increasing the levels of neurotransmitter of your body’s serotonin.

Fights Insomnia

CBD has proven to be a great cure for calmness and relaxation. It offers comfort and thus in turn offers you a better sleep by balancing your mind and body and promoting mental well-being.

The thing with CBD is that it is an all-natural product that helps you get rid of addictive medications that claim to help people sleep.

It also has the ability to better your sleep cycle so that the effect stays on you permanently.

Anxiety Killer

CBD is popularly known as an anxiety killer. As mentioned earlier, it helps in comforting and relaxing your body muscles, which means CBD makes you feel light thus the feelings of depressions, anxiety and anger fade away.

Now the science behind is that it helps bringing down the overactive neurons present in your brain, especially at a time when you are stressed, worries and anxious.

Increased Energy

And finally, the feeling of more and improved energy is all that we look forward to at times.

This doesn’t mean that it impact the body as stimulators do giving your body a jolt or a thunder to suddenly become active.

This means that you will be able to sustain your energy and keep your body active for a longer period of time without feeling tired or exhausted.

It also helps your body to drive energy and nutrients from your meals so that your body remains active of all the natural causes and your energy remains boosted.

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