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Clone connect is not your usual click to buy the website. They call themselves environmentalists, dreamers, and fixers, and that’s what they exactly are.

In 2018, after the passing of the farm bill and legalization of hemp in the U.S., Clone Connect came into existence. It had been in business since then. It intends to help you in all hemp related issues.

Whether you are a farmer seeking to find profound and reliable genetics, or a retailer in search of a consistent supply of premium quality hemp flower, or just a newbie trying to enlighten yourself about hemp, the Clone Connect team is at your service to solve all your problems.

What Clone Connect Actually Do?

It is a platform that connects the growers and manufacturers of hemp with its buyers.

Clone connect is in partnership with many hemp genetics companies, acting as a bridge that helps them reach out to their potential buyer.

Thus, providing farmers a wide range of good hemp genetics to choose from at the best possible price.

It also helps the farmers, after harvesting their crops, to sell their finished products. This gives hemp retailers an excellent market place to source their supplies from.

Are They Just Re-Sellers?

They are not re-sellers; they might be thought of as a broker, who helps make connections between two parties. It is a reliable platform that helps alleviate the risk and ensures that its clients receive their desired hemp product from professional, licensed, and trustworthy hemp cultivators and producers.

How They Make Their Earnings?

Clone Connect only allows their clients to advertise their end products and only charges about 5% of commission if your product gets sold through their network.

Insurance Providers

It provides farmers a comprehensive hemp crop insurance that helps them cover their investment. It is available in all 50 states.

Through its partnership with ‘HAILSURE,’ they can offer a weather index-based crop insurance program. It covers all kinds of weather that can jeopardize your investment yieldings.

What Hemp Products They Offer?

Clone Connect aims to provide cultivators with certified, feminized, and strong hemp genetics that enable them to cultivate dependable hemp crops.

As with other crops, the growth of hemp with reliable and robust genetics is highly essential to the industry’s success.

A herb’s genetics affects everything, from the plant’s sprouting rate to its harvest time, production, and so much more.

1) Hemp Seeds

You can count on Clone Connect to always deliver premium-quality feminized hemp seeds. All of their seeds come from leading genetics companies and are GCIA certified.

2) Hemp Seedlings

Clone Connect also enables its clients to get feminized CBD and CBG hemp seedlings, which is an excellent course of action for growers.

You can easily connect with your hemp genetics provider through them and place your order. The genetics resource you chose will plant and cultivate your hemp seeds for up to 30 days.

Your seedlings would arrive in trays in climate-controlled trucks, fit to go straight to the ground.

3) Hemp Clones

Quality hemp genetics is crucial for hemp cultivation. Keeping this in mind, Clone Connect helps you get reliable, feminized, and vetted hemp clones.

You have to make contact with them, and they will guide you with your hemp cultivation process and connect you directly to a top genetics company in the U.S. You can buy from the direct source without paying any additional fees.

4) Smokable Hemp Flower

This company aims to provide the hemp flower market and its retailers with high-quality CBD and CBG hemp flower. They go to lengths to ensure that cultivators of hemp flower are thoroughly examined.

Clone Connect is a reliable platform that only collaborates with growers or cultivators that prove through lab testing and other measures that their end products are grown organically, are seedless, hand cropped, and consistently of high quality. They sell Premium and Ultra- Premium CBD hemp flowers.

Certification and Lab Test Report

All the hemp products that Clone Connect offers on their network are safe, certified, and of superior quality. A 3rd party certifies all their seeds.

All hemp genetics they offer are lab tested by a third party for guaranteed germination rates and feminization. Hemp seeds they provide are all AOSCA (Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies) certified.

This certification is a third party examination program that guarantees that seeds are tested and are of good quality.

The Smokable CBD and CBG hemp flower on this website are all lab-verified. You can order through Clone Connect and always know the strain you’re receiving, along with their cannabinoid and chemical profiles.

The lab tests and certification that all the products go through are authentic and unbiased. You can always go to their website for confirmation.

Key Features

Whether it’s related to hemp cultivation, or to sell its end products, or you need information, Clone Connect is a place that helps satisfy all your hemp cravings.

1) Best Price and Quality

It provides its clients with the best quality products at the best price. Clone Connect are partners with top genetics companies that also require their platform to help sell their products. These companies keep their prices lower due to high competition.

2) Customer Service

Clone Connect has one of the best customer help services. If you have any issues regarding the hemp industry and want some information or guidance, their team got you covered.

You can give them a call on the phone number or fill out the form and write down your queries, both of which are available on their website.

Their hemp consultant will contact you back to help you solve your problems.

3) Shipping

They take substantial care in packing and shipping all their orders. They ship all domestic orders discreetly and take 1-5 business days.

At the time, Clone Connect is not shipping outside United States territory. But here’s a great deal, they are offering free shipping if you order 1 pound or more of bulk hemp flower.

4) Deals and Discounts

When you open their website, you can probably see that they are offering 15% off on your first order. You just have to use the coupon code: WELCOME15 at the checkout point after shopping from Clone Connect and enjoy 15% off on the entire order. You can keep visiting their website for new offers and discounts.

5) Activity on Social Media

Clone Connect has active accounts on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It keeps its clients well updated through all social media platforms. You can also check them for customer reviews.

Clone Connect is a hub of premium-quality certified hemp seeds and lab-tested hemp flowers and products.

Their foremost mission is to make extensive use of the powerful medium, i.e., the internet, to link people and solve issues in the hemp industry. They direct all their efforts towards proving hemp- a game-changer that it is.



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