Mitra Genie Kratom – UK/Europe Vendor Deal

Use of Kratom has been rapidly increasing from the past few years. It is a native herb of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, etc. Although Kratom as a medicine become common for modern people from the last few years but aboriginal people of these regions have been using this herb for different medicinal purposes since decades, and they are a constant supporter of the positive health impacts of this product.

When looking for a good quality Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom, Ketum in Europe or UK), Mitra Genie Kratom should be your first choice. It is a well-known Kratom vendor that is selling products beneficial for uplifting health of people. The various strains have great painkilling properties that help to calm the mind and their energizing effects helpful in boosting up the mood. Mitra Genie Kratom sell their products in Europe & UK with free shipping.

Is Mitra Genie Selling the Best Quality Kratom in Europe?

When buying Kratom products, people always look for vendors who are selling cheap products. In our opinion, other than the price there are other important criteria to be analyzed before purchasing the products. Preference should be the quality of the strain you are buying. Quality should not be compromised for low prices because at the end of the day these products can adversely affect your overall well-being.

Mitra Genie European Kratom vendor is the one selling premium grade and fresh organic Mitragyna Speciosa products. Their products are of premium quality coming directly from the Indonesian farms. They sell laboratory tested Kratom powder that is dried indoor to keep it safe from contamination.

How Good Are Their Products?

Kratom users never compromise on the authenticity of Kratom products. Many vendors claim to sell pure and fresh Kratom products but, in reality, some are selling sub-standard products, and many are adding other substances to increase the strength. In such cases, it becomes difficult to find good quality Kratom products, but Mitra Genie Kratom is selling good quality organic products that are laboratory tested.

Variety of Products

Mitra Genie Kratom has a well-maintained website where there are complete details of the products they are offering to their customers. They offer Kratom products in the form of powder, capsules, starter packs and wholesale bundles. Origin of these products is from Thai, Bali, and Indonesia. Their every product has its own characteristics that help to relieve pain and energize the body. Strains offered by Mitra Genie Kratom include:

  • Mitra Red Kratom

Today, the majority of the products being sold are red vein. They have a more calming effect as compared to other Kratom products. Taking red vein can quickly help you to release tension. It helps in relaxation of mind and promotes the sense of optimism. Other than that, a good thing about it is that it helps the consumers to get rid of insomnia. Red vein is also used as an alternative for pharmaceutical medicines to kill muscles pain and stiffness. Red vein products also help in opium withdrawal.

  • Mitra White Kratom

White Kratom products are known for their energizing properties. They play a positive role in enhancing the mood. They can also be used as stimulants to promote mental vigilance and alertness. They can also be used instead of coffee to promote wakefulness. White Kratom capsules are ideal products for increasing motivation to work with concentration. White Kratom also reduces anxiety and reduces drowsiness and fatigue of muscles.

  • Mitra Green Kratom

Green Kratom products are a blend of red and white strains. It has middle effects as compared to other strains. It acts as a mild energy booster and keeps you sane. It promotes alertness and focus in consumers and allows them to work for hours. It has elusive effects as compared to white and red vein Kratom. It is very effective against pain without making the consumer drowsy and lethargic.


Prices of Kratom products vary from strain to strain. Prices of capsules and powder also vary. They price their products according to weights. Their prices are mentioned as per kg. Below is the range of prices for the Kratom products offered by Mitra Genie:

Exclusive House Blends Capsules, Extra ordinary capsules, Green vein capsules, Red vein capsules, white vein capsules

ranges from £19.14 – £124.49

Exclusive House Blends Powder, Extra-Ordinary Powder, Green Vein Powder, Red Vein Powder, White Vein Powder

ranges from £15.49 for 50 grams to £83.49 for a kg pack

Wholesale Bundles

  • 10 kg Mix and match powder bundle £466.10
  • 15 kg Mix and match powder bundle £635.59
  • 20 kg Mix and match powder bundle £762.71

Which Form of Kratom Products You Can Purchase?

It is recommended to take Kratom in the form of capsules, or you can also use Kratom powder to make tea, or you can take Kratom powder directly with water, juice or milk. It all depends on your preference and taste. Consumers don’t need to worry about the dosage as beginners can make the best use of their starter packs. Once the customers become used to the product without the emergence of any side effects, they can order in bulk.  

Packaging Appeal

The packaging of a product is what catches the attention of a customer instantly. Mitra genie Kratom has taken the aesthetics very seriously. They sell powdered Kratom in properly sealed polyethylene bags and capsules in small plastic bottles that help to keep the products save from moisture and spoilage.

Our Favorite Choice?

They do offer a variety of products with many benefits, but our favorite choice is White Wizard House Blend Capsules. They come in 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g sealed plastic bottles. These capsules have great energizing abilities and act as instant mood lifters. They are quite helpful in getting rid of fatigue and anxiety.  

How Much You Can Save When Buying from Mitra Genie Kratom?

When buying Kratom products, other than quality and authenticity, customers are concerned about the prices. Who on earth does not like to save some money? Everyone wants maximum saving whenever possible.

Mitra Genie is the ideal stop for saving money because they offer discounts and coupons from time to time. Moreover, they are also offering wholesale bundles that allow the customers to buy Kratom products in bulk and save up to 25%-30% on every purchase of the package. Wholesale bundles come in different sizes, and according to size, their prices vary.

Message us if you want to avail bundle deal and discount offers from Mitra Genie.

How Do They Deal Customers?

Their customer care services are up to the mark. They deliver their orders within 2-4 working days in Europe. Due to technical issues, customers might face a delay in the delivery of the order, but they take full responsibility for it. If customers get unwanted products, they will get 100% money back. One of the good things about their services is, if their products are not satisfactory, they can replace it without any hassle.

Is Mitra Genie Kratom Worth Giving a Shot?

We as a customer are an advocate for their Kratom products because of their excellent quality. They have supreme quality products that help to relieve pain, sooth body + mind, and contribute to uplift the mood. Mitra Genie has better outcomes than many other vendors. In the end, it is up to you to purchase Kratom products from Mitra Genie or any other vendor.




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