Argo Vape By Arizer – A Best Cannabis Vaporizer Review

This innovative, transportable vape is the latest model within the vape market which allows you to enjoy vaping in a hassle-free way.

Argo vape is a hybrid type of vape with two heating styles. It is formulated by the Canadian company which offers customers many different types of vapes including Extreme-Q, Solo-2 and many more which are trusted by several vaporizing connoisseurs.

This revamped vape is highly compact featuring the replaceable battery option. You’ll surely fall in love with this compact vape.

It offers the users with full temperature spectrum feature and the best thing about this vape is that it’s highly portable.

Enjoy vaping this device while biking, trekking, commuting, camping or traveling anywhere. The price range of this handy vape is worth to buy it.

Information Of Chamber Along With Drawing Resistance Of Argo Vape

The bowl can carry around 0.15 grams of the material but it all depends on packing style and grinding preference.

If you prefer a light packing, then use coarse-grind material so you don’t have to stir it.

However, if you want the bowl to be tightly packed then make it finely ground, but you need to stir it.

It is highly recommended to clean the bowl after each session when it is hot as it allows easy cleaning.

However, if you allow the herbs to stay inside the chamber and let it cool then it settles down over the screen leading to increased drawing resistance during the next sessions.

Arizer Argo vape needs maintenance which is highly essential if you prefer enjoying each vaping session.

Vaping Method For Argo Vape

The simplest mechanism to enjoy vaping in a hybrid vape is that it allows the users to incorporate both whip and traditional bags.

However, the digital vapes on the other hand only allow you to use bags.

The palm-sized vape is designed in such a way that it offers the consumers with exquisite vapors which will please you even if you are the pickiest person.

Vaping Quality

The outstanding vaping quality of Arizer Argo vape makes it a breathtaking option for vape lovers.

The flavor fullness and richness of the vapors are thoroughly enjoyed with this vape due to different heating methods.

This vape is comparatively awe-inspiring when compared to other handy vapes which generate a substantial amount of dense, cool, flavorful vapors.

Heating Method For Arizer Argo Vape

To enhance the efficacy of this vape, it allows two different heating styles i.e. conduction and convection. These heating styles offer flavorful vapors and thorough vaporization.

The heating method featured in Argo is similar to Solo2 and Air 2. It has a heating time of around 60-70 seconds which makes it the downside for this vape when compared to other portable vapes.

These days other portable vapes have a heating time of around 15-30 seconds which makes it quite quick for immediate sessions.

Temperature Options For Argo Vape

This company offers the consumers with full-spectrum temperature range i.e. around 122F to 428F which equals 50-220C.

It is completely customizable featuring temperature changing controls located over the device which are easy to use.

You can easily read out the temperature over this vape, however, the vape lacks haptic response.

Cleaning Along With Maintenance Of Argo Vape

Argo vape

Keep your vape properly maintained and clean the vape in the most effective ways.

If you allow the bowl to sit for a while, you can still clean it with the use of isopropyl alcohol by allowing it to sit within it and then rinse it off using warm water.

Features Of Argo Vape

Have a look at the jaw-dropping features of Arizer Argo vape:

1) Portability And Size Of The Vape

The portable vape is compact which allows you to safely place it in the pocket and conceal it.

The mass of Argo vape is what matters a lot, it allows you to enjoy vaping wherever you go at whatever place.

The design of the mouthpiece is such that you can simply conceal it in your palms without even revealing.

The Argo vape mass is around 135 grams which makes it lighter-weight. The measurements of this vape are around 3.50* 2* 1 inches in dimensions.

2) Straight-Forward Control

The Argo vape allows users to easily control the vape with three buttons situated over the OLED display that indicates the status of the vape.

The audial feedback of Argo vape is an amazing feature that will surely gain your attention due to the blinking LEDs.

The temperature raise featured in Argo vape is 1-degree and 10-degree increments.

3) Build Of The Vape

The construction of the vape is stunning which is similar to the tanks with its recording ability that ensures consistency.

The display of this vape is simple with easy-to-use buttons. The external shell of the vape is smooth which makes it an impressive vape.

The two years warranty of this vape allows easy usage with an option to replace the battery.

The glass stems of this Arizer model are concealed which makes it more pocketable when compared to other models that had uncovered glass stems.

It is constructed with Borosilicate glass mouthpiece, glass chamber and air path which comprises three elements i.e. glass, ceramic and stainless steel.

The best use of materials for Arizer vape makes it the top-notch quality vape for producing pure vapors.

4) Battery Specifications, Duration & Charging Time

Argo Vape Battery

The battery in this vape is replaceable and allows repeated charging capability. It features battery power of 3.7v, 3400mah, 18650 battery.

The average life of this vape is around 1 and a half hours which makes around 7-9 bowls.

You can easily enjoy this battery life for outdoor activities including hiking, commuting, camping, concerts and other activities with family members and friends.

However, if you are planning for retreats, then don’t panic you can charge the battery of your vape by using USB. Other than that you can use external battery options for charging.

The charging time for Argo battery is around 3.5 hours which is why it is usually advised to grab a spare battery.

The Arizer Argo vape contains a removable Lithium battery 18650 which you can easily swap and charge it with the pass-through system as it is compatible with it.

You might find it traditional to use replaceable batteries, however, the use of it allows the longer vaping experience.

You can get an extra rechargeable battery so that you have a high chance of utilizing the vape every day at any place.

How To Practice Argo Vape?

Argo Vape

Activate the vape, by holding the + buttons and the menu buttons which will result in LED- light display.

The timer will start to countdown the unit which will turn on by a beep. You can then set the temperature levels with the use of up and down buttons.

Once you select the heating temperature, the vape starts heating the herbs. Once the set temperature is achieved, Arizer Argo vape makes two beeps to inform the users.

Now pack the ground material within the loading chamber of the mouthpiece and then attach it back to Argo vape so you are good to go.

Enjoy vaping and once you are done with it, switch it off by holding the – button along with the menu button while holding it for few seconds.

The menu of this vape is interactive and easy to access by holding the M button.

There are adjustable settings on this latest vape such as session timer, notification volume, temperature selection, screen brightness along with the start-up timer.

Why You Can Prefer Buying Argo Vape?

The majority of the individuals adore using Argo vape due to the lightweight, compressed size and portability.

It does feature some shortcomings like charging period, battery lifespan, drawing resistance along with the heating time.

However, to conclude, the upsides of Arizer Argo vape are amazing in this price range so do give it a chance!

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