Green Hippo Kratom

About The Brand

Are you on the lookout for reliable Kratom sellers, then we know just the place for you. Green Hippo Kratom sells quality over the quantity.

They have a good track record of delivery of high-quality products. Keep reading our review of Green Hippo Kratom to find out more about their services and products.

All of the Green Hippo Kratom products are entirely natural and without any fillers or additives. There are no such reports of a lab test on their websites, but they claim to follow the guidelines set by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the maintenance of the quality of their products. But as per the American Kratom Association, this brand is not their GMP qualified vendor.

Green Hippo Kratom’s website contains all the relevant information in terms of side effects and the legality of their products. So far, there has not been any report of poor product quality, so there is no need to worry about that.

Pricing Status

Green Hippo Kratom offers its customers an affordable pricing structure. The prices vary from the product types such as capsules, powders, or bottles and typically range from $24.99 to $240.00.

They also provide their customers with vouchers and coupon codes to attract potential buyers. They have a market competitive pricing status as compared to the other Kratom vendors, which is why we think this company is worth a shot.

All Things Positive

One of the main concerns that potential buyers usually have is if they are buying from a vendor with false Kratom names well to deal with this concern, the best part about Green Hippo Kratom is that they are not selling kratom by using any kind of fake names.

Additionally, they have also not made any kind of false claims about their product. Regarding the concern about packaging and manufacturing, all Green Hippo Kratom products are manufactured and packaged in certified facilities, and they follow strict guidelines set by the Food Drug Administration (FDA).

Their products are packaged decently, keeping in view customer compliance concerning the consumption of the product. Their products are also regularly tested for microbial contamination and potency.

Apart from producing quality products, Green Hippo Kratom also come up with creative ideas to educate their customers more about the benefits of kratom.

Green Hippo Kratom Customer Reputation

The ongoing buzz about Green Hippo Kratom is that they sell high-quality products and that they have excellent customer service.

Customers have been seen raving about Green Hippo Kratom’s top-notch quality, good packaging, shipping, and excellent customer service.

Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied with Green Hippo Kratom, and some of the customers have said that they target the newbies being a part of a manipulative marketing scheme.

Nonetheless, Green Hippo Kratom, with its commendable customer service, has secured a competitive amount of positive reviews.

Social Media Presence

Green Hippo Kratom is active on various social media platforms and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and they even have their website. You can follow them on these places to know more about the benefits of Green Hippo Kratom.

They also post about promotional offers and discounts on these forums. You can even directly communicate all your concerns, have answers to your queries more efficiently if you follow them on their social media accounts.

There is, however, a lack of customer reviews on these platforms as it has recently been launched, which can make it a bit difficult for potential customers to understand the product, but their efficient customer service covers for it.

Green Hippo Kratom also informs their customers about the different strains of kratom, their effects, dosages, and the legal status in several states.

Shipping and Delivery

Green Hippo Kratom ships its products to Canada and the US through the United States Postal Service (USPS) or via the United Parcel Service (UPS). They also acknowledge deliveries that are required urgently for which you can email or call them.

If you do not feel like doing either, you can emphasize the urgent delivery in the shipping information info.

Green Hippo Kratom also does international shipping. If you want to place an international order, you can email your request to them, mentioning your complete name, shipping address, phone number, and they will get back to you with an email invoice along with your shipping details. Green Hippo Kratom ships within 24 hours after the invoice has been paid.

Green Hippo Kratom’s delivery time ranges from days to weeks based on the type of shipping service that has been used and also as per the custom policies of the country where the shipment is to be delivered.

You can also track your order through your order number after your order has been confirmed.  Green Hippo Kratom strives to make sure that all the deliveries reach their customers as expeditiously as possible.

Green Hippo Kratom also provides reshipping service for the orders that have not reached the intended destination.

By charging an additional amount of fee, they can reship the orders that were not successfully delivered, provided that the original package is returned to Green Hippo Kratom unopened.

Refund Policy

Green Hippo Kratom offers refunds for the transactions that are processed through their website under strict conditions. If the product has not been opened or tampered with, then you can contact Green Hippo Kratom for within 24 hours of placing your order.

They will either facilitate you by exchanging your product, or they may issue you a complete refund depending on the circumstances after they have received the returned package.

Green Hippo Kratom will not cover the shipping charged in the case of a refund, and they will deduct the shipping charges from the overall cost of the product.

Wrapping It All Up

Overall, Green Hippo Kratom provides the right quality products to add to your rotation or if you are in the mood for trying something new. They have extensive product lists, which makes it convenient for customers to get all the kratom products in one place.

The products can appear to be a bit pricey if you want to make bulk purchases, but the good news is that they always have promotional offers going on, so you can check them out.



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