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If you are fed up with insomnia then kratom is the answer you. If you toss in your bed with no gain and are tired of the floating thoughts that don’t let you sleep, we’ve got you covered. The best Kratom strains are there at your service.

Insomnia is undoubtedly a nightmare that makes your following day awful. This will make you feel misty, irritated and fatigued the whole day. Kratom is the right solution that many fortunate users have sworn by.

It is popular for its pain-relieving and sedative properties. It gives calming effects and promotes low-frequency waves that induce sleep.

Kratom not only helps you fall asleep but also gives you an undisturbed sleep for longer. However, the key to this is to spot the right strain.

Here, we have compiled the top 5 sedating strains of Kratom. Knowing about them will solve the riddle for you when you visit a local shop or book your cart online.

You will also find the recommended dose and method of use. But first, you should understand what causes insomnia and how does Kratom fight it.

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What Causes Difficulty In Sleep?

Being unable to sleep is a cause of concern because it affects stress and anxiety levels. Lack of sleep also leads to a feeling of irritability and depression.

All of this makes you fatigued and lethargic causing your day to be miserable.

In addition, sadness, worry, guilt, emotional trauma, etc. are the feelings that don’t let you fall asleep regardless of how physically tired you are.

Various syndromes also involve sleep deprivation as one of the major symptoms. These include insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, breathing-related disorders like obstructive sleep apnea etc.

Furthermore, medications prescribed for the treatment of pain like oxycodone, morphine etc. disturb the sleep cycle. Irregular sleep aggravates pain and together both conditions become difficult to treat.

Kratom effectively tackles this sleep-wake disorder, easing pain and inducing slumber at the same time.

Sleep deprivation further triggers other symptoms like exhaustion, weakness, decreased clarity and alteration in mood.

Kratom does wonder to provide a solution for disturbed sleep caused by anxiety, stress, depression etc.

However, for medical conditions like narcolepsy, you should first consult your doctor for an in-depth analysis of your condition and needs.

How Does Kratom Help You Sleep Well?

Kratom consists of constituents such as alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenoid saponins and several glycosides.

Alkaloids are the pharmacologically active constituents that are mainly responsible for its therapeutic benefits.

Alongside inducing sleep, these alkaloids bring about various other effects that assist in improved sleep.

Kratom, particularly the red-veined types are considered to give you physical ease, stress relief as well as provide sedation.

These strains are rich in Hydroxymitragynine alkaloid which provides physical comfort. Users describe this feeling as being ‘wrapped in a cover’ which gives them a deep sleep.

Stress and anxiety are common factors that hinder sound sleep and lead to insomnia.

Kratom’s stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties hence, work best to fight against insomnia. Taking Kratom regularly, regulates sleep thereby, considerably reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Using Kratom is also beneficial for you if you don’t have insomnia yet you want a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

Alongside that, Kratom also possesses incredible pain alleviating and mood-boosting properties that aid in the process of better sleep.

Conclusively, Kratom’s sedative quality combined with all the other merits makes it a marvellous alternative for the treatment of insomnia and disturbed sleep.

“I have trouble falling asleep, what would be the best Kratom for sleep and insomnia?”. If you are searching answer to that question, then here are 5 best Kratom strains for sleep (according to user experiences).

Top 5 Kratom Strains for Sleep

1) Red Borneo

Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo comes from Borneo, the third-largest island in the world, which is also the producer of white and green Kratom. The red strains are differentiated by the red color of its veins.

The Red vein Borneo is the type of Kratom largely used by the natives for its remedial properties of mental stimulation and relaxation.

It is also known for relieving pain and anxiety as well as easing ailments like hypertension, fibromyalgia, depression etc.

As reported by the users, red Borneo is highly effective for insomnia. It is also known predominantly for the elevation of mood, reduction of stress and a boost of energy. All of this is helpful in the promotion of sleep and alleviation of insomnia.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start with 2 grams of kratom. You can then increase the dose to 3-5 grams if the desired results don’t show up.

Frequent users who develop some tolerance have reported taking 7-12 grams, however, this is not recommended for beginners.

2) Red Bali

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is another mild strain that hails from the island of Bali in Indonesia, as the name suggests. The tree of this strain bears large leaves allowing it to be produced abundantly at a lower cost.

While offering a plethora of health benefits such as mood elevation, pain relief etc., one of the most significant effects it provides is relaxation.

Red Bali is known to provide a clear focus and sedation at lower doses.

Whereas it gives a calming effect, relaxes muscles and provides better sleep at a slightly higher dose.

Red Bali is widely used to combat sleep issues. Along with providing sedation, Red Bali’s potent analgesic effects are also excellent for helping you sleep if your cause of insomnia is pain.

Stress and anxiety also cause people to be deprived of sleep. According to users, Red Bali’s anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties are better than any medicine.

Its pain-relieving and sedative properties together will also contribute to freeing a person from headaches and migraines.

This strain is thus considered an excellent alternative to sleeping pills, which have a host of side effects.

Taking it before sleep will allow your body to relax and have a comfortable sleep. This will enable you to wake up fresh and ready to face the demanding tasks the next day.

You should start with the lowest dose and observe the results on you, then gradually taper it up to achieve the desired result.

3) Gold Bali

Gold Bali Kratom

Gold Bali is essentially the same strain as Red Bali. The difference comes in the drying process of the strain which changes its color.

Other than that, the alkaloid composition of Gold Bali is also different from Red Bali, which makes it an entirely different strain altogether.

It does, however, have potent insomnia-relieving effects. It can provide a spark of energy or it can help you calm down and drift off to sleep, depending on the dose you take.

Low doses will have a stimulating effect, whereas medium to high dose is needed for calming and sedating effects.

Additionally, Gold Bali also relieves anxiety and provides pain relief. Users vow by its effectiveness to provide good quality sleep for longer.

Gold Bali can also help Ayou stay motivated and energetic during the day as well as act as an appetite booster.

You should ensure that you are aware of what dose to take. About 1.5-2.5 grams of Gold Bali Kratom is recommended as the first dose.

Since this strain is more potent than others, extra care is advised even for experienced users and the recommended dose for them is 4-6 grams.

4) Red Bentuangie

Red Bentuangie

Found in Indonesia, Red Bentuangie is also called, Superior Bentuangie or Tropical Blend. It is also a red strain with very strong benefits.

Users vouch for this strain to have made ‘a world of difference’ for them, giving them calming effects as well as making them pain-free. Many consumers also swear by Red Bentuangie to be worth given a try.

Red Bentuangie does have some similar characteristics with the other red-vein strains, but its effects are also a little unique.

It is used to induce a feeling of relaxation and pleasure in a way that makes you want to sleep. Bentuangie Kratom will help relieve anxiety so that you can have a pleasant sleep.

It also acts as a potent pain reliever, enhances mood and gives a feeling of happiness.

This versatile strain is a slow-releasing herb and is mild in nature. Thus, it does not pose overdose issues unless taken in very high doses.

If you want to relax, elevate your mood and ward off depression, then you should go for 3-5 g of Red Bentuangie. However, for strong sleep and sedation you should take 6-7 g, but always remember to start low.

5) Red Banjar

Red Banjar

Red Banjar is an exclusive strain. It is also a mild herb, just like most of the other red strains. Many consumers pledge for its relaxing and sedative effects.

According to them, Red Banjar produces sedation quickly and provides a deep sleep. Many users prefer Red Banjar kratom over prescription drugs for the treatment of insomnia and sleep issues.

It is said to have good pain relief and anti-anxiety properties along with excellent slumber-inducing qualities.

How Do You Use Kratom?

There are several ways for you to use kratom. If you are using kratom powder, you can measure the amount you want to take and add it to your tea.

Kratom tea is very popular and it often tastes good as claimed by the users. Other than that, you can also use Kratom powder to make shakes and smoothies. It can even be added to your food in which it will generally not give any taste.

Kratom also comes in capsule form. These capsules have an enteric coating that dissolves in stomach acid and allows Kratom to distribute its effects all around the body.

Taking Kratom capsules is a very efficient way to use Kratom because they come with a pre-measured dose.

Some of these capsules also have multiple strains of Kratom combined to give a cumulative effect which can be difficult to proportion manually.

You can also purchase kratom in the form of crushed leaves and use it to make tea. Your purpose of using kratom should be clear to you. This way, it will be easier for you to time your dose.

For example, for a good night’s sleep kratom should be taken 1.5-2 hours before going to bed.

On the other hand, if you just want a bit of a calming effect, you should take it 3-6 hours before sleep.

Kratom Dosage Recommendations for Sleep

Since kratom is a highly effective and powerful herb, it is imperative to use it in the right dose in order to achieve your desired results.

The right dose of Kratom for inducing sleep varies from person to person. It is different for different body sizes and weights.

Your age and tolerance levels will also have an impact on the appropriate dose for you.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to experiment with the dosage, always starting with the lowest dose.

The beginner level dose is from 1.5 to 3 grams, which is also the dose you should go for if you are trying a new strain. You can gradually increase the dose until you pull off your aspired results.

The dose for each strain is different, however, for relieving stress, anxiety and pain, the general dose is approximately 7-9 grams, which would again differ according to your body size and mass.

Also, it is imperative that your kratom dose is as accurate as possible in order to avoid the undesired side effects and prevent the risk of overdose.

Inaccurate estimation can lead to intoxication or side effects like nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc.

Having said so, you should be careful to scale the right dose with the right tool. Avoid using your personal estimation or measurement using a spoon.

Rather, you should use a weighing machine to scale out the accurate amount of kratom powder and then add it to your drink or dessert.

If you are reluctant to measure the dose of Kratom every time or just want a ready to use form of kratom, you should go for Kratom capsules.

Most of the capsules consist of 500-666 mg of Kratom powder. The other jumbo-sized ones consist of about 1000 mg powder, however, you should reassure the amount from your vendor.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom has got tremendous support, far and wide in the United States.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still skeptical about the herb.

The FDA believes that the alkaloids in Kratom such as mitragynine (MG) and 7-Hyrdoxymitragynine (7-HMG) work by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain, bringing about effects similar to opiates.

Hence, the organization has issued warnings about Kratom for users and has not approved of any of its products.

Despite the continuous analysis of the research done on kratom’s safety, the FDA thinks that there is still very little knowledge of its effects and drug to drug interaction.

The FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottliebin reports that the FDA has proven data related to kratom which manifests its dangers.

The agency has thereby, gone a step further, taking into custody hoards of allegedly contaminated kratom supplements. It has also sent warning letters to the vendors selling illegal products.

On the contrary, the advocates of Kratom pledge for its merits and medicinal uses.

Most of the users find it immensely useful as an alternative to opioid withdrawal. Others consider it a tool that relieves them of the severe pain they’ve been suffering from for years.

However, there is a lot of vacuum in information about Kratom that still needs to be filled. The FDA encourages further research on Kratom to make its image clearer so that further regulation can be directed.

Is Kratom Legal?

The legal status of Kratom is a complex issue and has many aspects to it. Users are concerned for its legal status within their region and are in the hunt for authentic information related to the herb.

Due to the lack of evidence about Kratom, it is considered to be an alternate of cocaine and cannabis by some countries who classify it as illegal.

Although Kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia, there is a lack of long term studies about it. This prompts many countries particularly in the west, to ban its use.

It is the vague picture of kratom that enforces governments to keep it banned for the protection of people.

In the United States, the concern of kratom legality has been sought by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

It has also been seen with a suspected eye by the FDA which prompts other governmental organizations to take action against the supposedly medicinal herb.

In August 2016, the DEA proposed adding kratom in the list of suspected Schedule I drugs like heroin. However, this was reversed two years later on October 2016.

The government organizations, after analyzing the studies on Kratom have validated its benefits of alleviating pain etc.

However, they claim that kratom’s merits do not eliminate its risk of overdose and dependence.

Kratom is legal in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii etc. In the state of California, it is legal except for the city of Oceanside and San Diego.

Likewise, it is legal in Florida excluding for Sarasota County. Kratom, on the other hand, is banned in Indiana, Vermont, Alabama etc.

Other states like Michigan, are considering the regulation of the herb.

Whether Kratom is legal, regulated or banned, each state has unique laws of its own. Thus, it is advised that you research the laws of your state before resorting to Kratom use.

Important Considerations for Kratom Shoppers

If you are recently trying to get into Kratom, you need to keep some of the things under consideration, which are as follows.

  • Make sure you buy kratom from a reliable vendor. If possible, check reviews for your local vendors and ask around from people who have been using Kratom for a while.
  • Take part in conversations and discussions about Kratom in forums like Reddit.
  • Ensure that your vendor has his products third party tested to verify their purity.
  • Even though Kratom is legal in most parts of the US, it is regulated or banned in some areas. Make sure you are aware of the laws in your area.
  • Do your research on all the different strains of Kratom. Even if you do not find the best possible strain for yourself, you can at least narrow down your options to a couple of strains.
  • Do not stick to one shop or vendor. Reduce your options to a couple of different vendors and then compare them before settling for whoever you think is best.
  • Remember that Kratom is a stimulating substance and still a lot of information is not available about it. If you think it harms your body in any way or if you are undergoing some chronic medical conditions, make sure you talk to a health care professional before investing in a full batch.

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