If you are out there searching for Kratom, then there is a high chance that you might end up purchasing from a less-reputable or shady dealer.

You cannot trust anyone who is selling Kratom as they can be padded with some dangerous and life-threatening chemicals. If you are searching for Kratom online, then there are a lot of businesses that deal in high-quality Kratom, which is a blessing for many.

I am presenting a review of Kwik Kratom, which is one of the oldest Kratom vendors having a reputable position on the internet. I have read a lot of reviews about them, but not every review is good.

Kwik Kratom is a well-promoted brand, but they rebranded themselves as “Kwik Botanicals” back in 2016. Now, if you open their website, you might think that this is not the same old Kwik Kratom, but trust me, it is.

I take Kratom for various reasons, which is why I ordered from Kwik Kratom in 2015 when they had not rebranded themselves.

My experience with Kwik Kratom was satisfactory; however, I would like to write a review to help people order the best Kratom for themselves.

About Kwik Kratom

Kwik Kratom was founded in 2014; however, the company rebranded itself as Kwik Botanicals in the year 2016. Kwik Kratom promises to deliver the best quality Kratom and other botanical products to its customers in an affordable range.

They offer multiple Kratom products and believe in reliable customer service. Kwik Botanicals deal in wholesale products and prices, so if you are someone looking for Kratom in bulk, then this is the brand for you!

From Kwik Kratom to Kwik Botanicals

Kwik Kratom was one of the top Kratom sellers; however, their rebranding of the brand as Kwik Botanicals caught the attention of many. When I recently opened their website, it was hard to find any of the Kratom products on their page. Their entire site is filled with tea and matcha products, wonder why?

Kratom is scrutinized sand criticized in many parts of the world, which is why the Kwik Kratom was rebranded as Kwik Botanicals. If you want to purchase Kratom from them, you have to sign up or become a member of their website to see the Kratom products or purchase them.

Transparency counts the most when you start making purchases online, and if the vendor is not open about their products, then customers are reluctant to purchase from them. The same happened to me when I opened their website to purchase Kratom.

There was no official site’s history page, and the forceful account registration to buy Kratom appears like a scam. It’s up to you to purchase from them, but their branding puts a question mark on their product’s legitimacy.

Key Features of Kwik Kratom

When you first decide to order form a brand, you look for multiple features, and if they suit your needs. You look for price, products, and other essential details to see if you can purchase from them.

I am very picky about the products I buy from an online store because you can be scammed at any time. It is necessary to look for several features before you make a purchase, which is why I am summing up all the key features of Kwik Kratom to help you better understand this brand. Let’s get started with it.

1) Prices

Price is the first feature that everyone looks for when they make a purchase. I was extremely surprised to see the price of teas starting from $7.99 for four ounces at Kwik Kratom.

If you continuously purchase Kratom, then you will be shocked as well since it is suspiciously cheap for Kratom leaf. It raises a red flag, and since there is no proof on their website about the authenticity of their products, it makes customers reluctant to shop from them.

Their Green Maeng Da cost around $115, White Maeng Da costs $19.99, and Red Maeng Da expenses from $35 to $195. This is not it, all the other products cost differently, but the prices are still reasonable.

2) Products

Kwik Kratom is not the best when it comes to offering fantastic Kratom products. They mostly deal in powder forms and capsules. You can find standard products in Green Malay and Maeng Da (Red, White, and Green).

Their White Maeng Da might not be as good as Green Malay since some of their products are made with weak strains. This is not it; I read a lot of reviews about how their Indo Sumatra tea does not even taste or look like a Kratom leaf.

Several people have also reviewed their Green Maeng Da to be non-effective, but still, it is their best seller product due to its reputation in the market.

3) Shipping

One of the many problems that people face with Kwik Kratom is their slow shipping. If you have ordered a small batch of Kratom powder, don’t expect Kwik Kratom to deliver it fast to you.

Their local shipments mostly take four days, international deliveries 7-14 days. Their domestic shipments are mostly free.

4) Lab Tests

You cannot find anything on the website except for their products. The lab tests are missing from their website, but you can expect it from Kwik Kratom as they are reluctant even to share the roots of their products.

5) Social Media Presence

You can check the official website of Kwik Botanicals. Apart from it, there is no social media presence of Kwik Kratom.

6) Customer Service

Many of the customers have reported that they received the wrong products even after complaining about it. Most of the time, the requests were directly ignored or avoided by the customer service representatives of Kwik Kratom. It also happened with me when I reported a fault with my product; it was never addressed.

However, there are many positive customer reviews as well, so it’s more like taking a chance on your own.

7) Payment Methods

You can pay through American Express, Visa, and MasterCard for safe and secure payments.

Can you Trust Kwik Kratom or Not?

Nobody can vouch for a brand that shows so many discrepancies. To trust a brand, you must know everything about them. Even though Kwik Kratom has an excellent reputation in the market, still, it does not overshadow the fact that they are keeping their customers in the dark. Their website is even missing the basic introduction or an about section that can raise anyone’s suspicion.

If you are purchasing products from Kwik Kratom, then you have to be ready for the kind of service you will get. It’s not like you cannot trust the brand, but it’s more like to be cautious beforehand. Before making a purchase, it’s better to read the reviews of former customers so you can make a better decision for yourself.


After writing a whole review, here I am summing it all up for you so you can get a quick idea about what the product is offering. Before I start writing it, you must bear in mind that not all customers have the same reviews about Kwik Kratom. Where some customers were reluctant to shop again from them, some could not stop praising them.

There are mixed reviews about the quality of the products that Kwik Kratom is offering to its customers. Hence, you must not avoid the good things about the brand, which makes it stand among some top brands.

  • Good range of products
  • Extremely affordable prices
  • Good market reputation
  • Several payment options
  • Wholesale products
  • No lab reports
  • Lack of authenticity
  • No page for Kratom products unless the customer signs up
  • Poor customer service
  • Late shipments

Our Verdict

As I mentioned above, my experience with Kwik Kratom was satisfactory. When I first purchased Kratom from them, it was hard to believe if I was ordering from the same website, but later I got used to it.

The results of Kratom were not quick, and to be honest, many of the products did not even feel like Kratom. I am not willing to purchase again from their website, but then I have friends who have good experience with Kwik Kratom.

You can purchase different varieties of Kratom from Kwik Kratom, which is a good thing. You do not have to search for various websites to order your product, as it is most likely that you will find them here.

Kwik Kratom is a questionable vendor that you cannot trust blindfolded. They have continuously disappointed their customers and have concealed information from them, which is a negative point of this brand.

You have to be smart to order Kratom online, and if you are purchasing from Kwik Kratom, then you must stay aware of the consequences.

Some of their products are of exceptional quality; whereas, some are just ineffective. You need to read a lot of reviews and make a list of their best products to make a purchase.

Don’t rush into buying Kratom online. Better look for other brands if one does not satisfy you and choose wisely.

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