10 Unique Ways To Mask The Taste Of Kratom

Kratom is another name for the herb Mitragyna Speciosa, which is extracted from the deep-rooted grounds of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

People have been taking kratom for a very long time for its diverse effects on the body. It is specifically popular amongst the labor class.

A lot of frequent kratom users might agree to the fact that the taste of kratom can be a bit challenging, especially when your taste buds aren’t used to this kind of different flavouring. Many newbies also feel like they need to cleanse their palette after taking kratom because of its pungent taste.

The taste of kratom is muddy and unpleasant, depending on the type of strain. The range of mild to neutral to high determines the intensity of bitterness in kratom leaves.

The good part is that there are multiple ways of masking the actual taste of kratom so that it doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste and gives a pleasant experience of devouring kratom.

Famous methods of Kratom consumption

Kratom has been in use since the nineteenth century and up till now, there have been multiple methods of consuming the herb. As the herb was used on its own, no heed was paid on the earthy taste that it had. The popular methods are

  • Raw leaves

Chewing of raw leaves was considered as a traditional method of consuming kratom. It is believed that the surface area gets increased and the mixing of the leaves with the saliva increases the effects of ketum.

  • Powdered form

Kratom powder is the crushed form of kratom leaves where small grains are formed so that it is easily dissolved and absorbed in the body. The powdered form is taken with water.

  • Capsules

Kratom powder coated with a covering in the form of a pill is the capsule. It is odorless and tasteless.

  • Kratom tea

The most convenient way of taking kratom is kratom tea. It hardly takes 15 minutes to make but doesn’t cut down on the bitterness of kratom.

Even though these methods are suitable for your daily kratom dosage, many other ways have been improvised so that the taste of the herb can be made better and is bearable.

Let’s dig in to find out about ten unique ways to mask the taste of kratom!

10 Ways To Mask The Taste Of Kratom

1. Kratom capsules

This is by far the easiest and convenient way of avoiding the taste of kratom. The best part is that kratom capsules are mostly available with every other vendor and saves you from the hassle of doing any extra work. Kratom capsules hide the taste of kratom altogether, allowing you to exempt the ingesting part and directly moving to the effects it gives off.

The coating of the capsule hides in the kratom powder, and a colorless and odorless pill is presented to you for consumption.

2. Kratom honey balls

Kratom honey balls is also another way of consuming kratom, in a way that doesn’t allow the strong taste to be dominating. The making of these honey balls is extremely fun and convenient and requires everything already available in your household.

What you need is kratom and honey to be mixed in a bowl, well enough that they don’t fall apart. The honey coats the grains of kratom and masks the original taste that it has.

As the name suggests, the honey helps in neutralizing the bitter taste that kratom has and also caters to the sweet cravings.

3. Kratom in oblate discs

This method has been recently discovered by kratom lovers but turns out it was used way before kratom became popular. Kratom in oblate discs is an ancient Japanese method of consuming kratom.

The kratom powder is placed right in the middle of the oblate disc (edible paper). It is then folded and re-folded until it scrunches. Honey/water/saliva can be used to join the edges. It is consumed with water directly or can be taken with any juice.

Oblate discs cover the powder, and the process is entirely tasteless and odorless.

4. Kratom chocolate milk

Yes, you heard that, right! Kratom chocolate milk is the most interesting form of kratom that exists. A lot of people prefer chocolate as it balances out the bitter flavor that some strains might have.

The process is very easy. All you have to do is add a tablespoon or two of chocolate spread at the start. This is so that the kratom powder doesn’t stick when it comes to mixing. After that add a measured amount of kratom powder (preferably 2g for starters).

It is optional to add a bit more chocolate spread or Nutella (if you’re a chocolate lover then go for it). The final step is to add milk. Mix it well so that all of the kratom dissolves properly.

5. Kratom tea

This is not a normal kratom tea. This is the kratom tea that you’re going to make along with adding your favorite sweetener. While making your kratom tea with your most preferred strain, add a generous amount of honey or any other sweetener you like in the glass.

Top it up with strained kratom tea that you have just boiled. Mix it well so that it gets diluted. Sip it up while enjoying the balanced taste of kratom.

6. Peanut butter with kratom powder

It’s just as simple as it sounds. People have been raving about this way of consuming kratom as it is super easy and yummy to eat. It efficiently conceals the taste of kratom and makes you feel like you have normal peanut butter. Since the taste of peanut butter is strong, it becomes easier to hide the taste of kratom underneath.

All you have to do is mix the kratom powder with peanut butter and eat it with a tablespoon just like you’re eating a snack.

Make sure the amount of kratom powder you add is measured according to your dosage.

7. Kratom milkshake

It just gets better and better. Kratom milkshake is another way of taking your kratom dose. It is as normal as adding your protein powder in your milkshakes.

The only difference is that instead of the protein powder, you add kratom powder. The taste is delicious as the other ingredients overpower the taste of kratom. This way of consumption is highly recommended.

8. Kratom with almond milk

This recipe is for all the health freaks who are looking for a method that is a 2 in 1. Almond milk is a very good creamer which masks the taste of kratom. It is enriched with essential nutrients which help in giving you strength as well.

Mix your desired amount of kratom powder into a glass of almond milk so that it gets diluted properly. If the taste is still a bit bitter for you, add two-three drops of honey to balance it out, and it’ll work well for your daily dosage of kratom.

Even though the kratom powder is fit to use in both cold and warm milk, but it is recommended to use warm milk as it helps with the kratom to get dissolved easily.

9. Fruit juices instead of water

As you are well aware of the famous method of kratom consumption called toss n wash where water is used to engulf kratom powder. In this method, instead of using water, fresh fruit juices can be used to wash off any extra powder that gives a bad aftertaste and also to lessen the bitter taste of kratom while taking it.

With this method, you must be a little careful. Certain fruit juices can intensify the effects that kratom might already be giving off. Even though grapefruit juice is preferred, it is important to do a little research before using it as the effects can be a little over the top. Instead, some other juices can be taken like apple juice or mango juice.  

10. Kratom in yogurt

Add your favorite kratom powder to plain yogurt as it is to mask the bitter taste effectively. Plain yogurt helps with giving an energy boost as well.

If you don’t like plain yogurt or you feel like the purpose is not being fulfilled, you can opt for any flavored yogurt of your choice. Still, if you think the unpleasant taste is there, you can add any sweetener or honey, and it’ll be good for consumption.

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