About The Company

The founders of Purity Kratom had their lives changed by the miracle plant before they began their company. After getting frustrated with the inconsistent quality of various kratom brands in the market, they decided to open their own company that provides customers with the best Kratom.

The founders took a trip to the home country of Kratom i.e., Indonesia, to learn more about the plant. After talking with the most experienced farmers of the region, Purity Kratom came into formation.

The company makes sure that their kratom products are 100% organic and of the best quality. They follow a seven-step procedure to make sure that their Kratom is of superior quality.

The name “Ultra Kratom” has been given to the Kratom being sold by the brand. To formulate it, Purity Kratom sources their Kratom from trusted farmers of the Southeast Asian region.

The harvest time is cautiously selected to ensure the best Kratom reaches their customers. Mature Mitragyna trees are chosen to provide high alkaloid content, and the soil is used.

What Are They Selling?

The product range of any kratom brand is significant. Mitragyna speciosa is nature’s treasure and can be used in multiple ways. Farmers in Indonesia chew on the fresh leaves of the plant to get an instant boost of energy.

Purity Kratom is selling its Mitragyna in two of the most consumer-friendly forms. The brand has both kratom powders and kratom capsules present in their online store.

The green, white, and red veins of various strains of Kratom have been meticulously categorized to ensure the comfort of their customers.

The brand is selling the following strains in powdered and encapsulated forms:

1) Green Vein

  • Ultra Green Elephant
  • Ultra Super Green Borneo
  • Ultra Green Maeng Da
  • Ultra Green Entikong
  • Ultra Green Scarlet
  • Ultra Green Horn

2) Red Vein

  • Ultra Red Maeng Da
  • Ultra Red Bentuangie
  • Ultra Red Balai
  • Ultra Red Elephant

3) White Vein

  • Ultra White Malay
  • Ultra White Maeng Da
  • Ultra White Horn
  • Ultra White Samarinda
  • Ultra Super White Borneo

Purity Kratom prioritizes the comfort and ease of its customers. The website has been designed to make sure that the customers get all the information they require.

There are detailed descriptions of every strain present on the site of Purity Kratom. Both the pros and cons of each strain are mentioned, and this allows customers to better choose the strain they want according to their needs and preference.

The Price Range Of The Brand’s Products?

In the kratom industry, the quality of the Mitragyna being sold by a vendor is not the only important factor. The price range of the products should also be nominal so that a customer can easily buy them.

Purity Kratom has some of the best prices on their website. Not only are their products of superior quality, but the price tags of the products are also reasonable. Most of the brand’s kratom powders start as low as 7.99$ for 25 grams.

The prices of the kratom capsules from Purity Kratom are also nominal. For instance, 60 capsules of the strain Ultra Green Maeng Da are retailing at 19.99$. Most of the brand’s capsules have the same starting price.

There are also coupon codes released by the brand. Apart from that, if a customer subscribes to the newsletter from the vendor, they get 10% off on their order. These factors make Purity Kratom and attractive brand to buy Kratom from.

Are They Reliable?

The reliability of a kratom brand is shown by its transparency and confidence. Many substandard, shady brands in the market provide false contact information and make it impossible for customers to reach them in case of queries or complaints.

Purity Kratom ensures that it is easy for their customers to reach them. The brand has its number displayed on the website along with a separate contact page to help customers get in contact with them.

The brand also has a detailed FAQ section to deal with frequent queries of its customers. From ordering to delivery, the brand makes sure that the kratom buying journey of its customers is as easy as it can be.

Is The Quality Guaranteed?

A kratom vendor that guarantees the quality of its products can be trusted irrevocably. This feature shows the confidence a vendor has in its products.

The vendor ships all of its Kratom via USPS priority shipping to ensure quick delivery to its customers. It also offers free shipping on all orders above 80$.

In the case of an unsatisfactory product, the vendor provides a 100% moneyback guarantee. However, the customer is required to resend the product in proper packaging via USPS mail before 30 days of the arrival of the product.

Furthermore, 70% or more of the original product should be returned to receive a refund. If a customer has any insight on how to make the products better, Purity Kratom encourages them to get in touch with the brand.

The brand more than welcomes positive criticism, and they are continually looking to improve themselves.

Are The Products Lab Tested?

This feature is perhaps the most critical factor that decides whether you should buy a product or not. Untested kratom products can cause medical complications as well as other problems.

Purity Kratom understands the importance of lab testing their Mitragyna. All of the Kratom being sold by the brand is tested from independent third-party labs to ensure that there is no kind of contamination or deterioration in their products. The brand tests its products against microbes, heavy metals and any toxic organisms.

Furthermore, they also check the alkaloid concentration of their Kratom to make sure that it is potent and packs the required punch.

Final Verdict

There are hardly any red flags when it comes to Purity Kratom. The brand has some of the best Kratom currently available in the kratom world. It has a good reputation and has garnered a lot of positive response over a very small time of operation.

The reasonable prices are an added perk of being a buyer from this vendor. The brand has details and information regarding various strains of Kratom and Mitragyna in general, and this proves advantageous for new users.

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