Top 5 Teas That Make You Feel High

Most of you must have heard of or even experienced getting high. What does the word high brings to your mind? Alcohol! But what if someone wants to get drunk but not by consuming alcohol?
Here comes the expression ‘Tea drunk’!

Tea High or Tea Drunk, although controversial, are the terms used to define a state where a person gets high by drinking a significant amount of a particular tea.

Various teas can be used to relax and alleviate mood, so here we bring forth a guide for those who want to get high, but not Alcohol-High, instead Tea-High! Before we discuss the Top 5 Teas that can make you high let me ask you:

What is this ‘High’ feeling?

To give it a name, this feeling is expressed as tea drunkness. Of course, teas do not contain any alcohol. Still, few components in the herbal teas induce a blissful feeling where a person feels euphoric (happy), more like flying in tranquillity and harmony.

A sense of being out of the world. The feeling that no one wants to leave behind! This is mainly due to the presence of caffeine, antioxidants and L-theanine found in the tea.

By now, you might be craving for this feeling, so let us discuss a few teas that can help you achieve the state of being high.

Are you excited to dive into tea drunkness?

Let us dig into the top 5 teas that can make you feel high

1. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is more popular in China and Taiwan than any other part of the world, therefore widely produced in China and Taiwan; however, it is also produced in a few other countries such as India, Srilanka, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand.

The fame of oolong tea is primarily due to its far and full health benefits. Oolong is more widely grown in mountainous regions in rocky terrain and cold weather. And, this harsh and unique environment is believed to give the oolong its rich flavours.

You may find a variety of oolong tea varying primarily in flavours and aromas. They can be different in level of their sweetness, aromas and colour depending upon their style of production and the region they are produced in.

Upon drinking this tea, you will feel and experience the significant health benefits it accompanies. Among the many other perks associated with taking oolong tea are that it aids digestion, promotes healthy hair, lowers cholesterol, helps fight diabetes and prevents tooth decay.

Users of this tea also reported feeling energized and boosted. To conclude, Oolong tea is undoubtedly an incredibly tasty and healthy addition to your lifestyle.

2. Matcha Tea

Matcha is a Japanese green tea and its existence and use date back to the 12th century. The leaves of matcha are harvested, steamed, dried and are then ground up into a fine powder.

This means that unlike the other green teas where teas are infused into the water, in matcha tea, you are drinking the entire leaf.

Matcha tea has a vibrant green colour with a strong, grassy flavour similar to that of wheatgrass of spinach. Matcha tea is also known for its health benefits. It supports metabolism, brain health, alleviates mood, etc.

3. Salvia Tea

Salvia tea is prepared from leaves of sage, a plant belonging to the mint family. The origins of the sage plant can be traced to Mexico and parts of south and central America where it has been used for ceremonies for centuries.

It is often used for its hallucinogenic effects as it alters consciousness. However, using salvia to brew the tea will help you avoid the strong effects and also the bitter taste. This tea has a couple of health benefits with known positive effects on memory, cognition and oral health.

It also works against anxiety, high cholesterol and diabetes and for a few other therapeutic benefits. Salvia divinorum is one of the salvias with the psychoactive effects. People report alterations in the perception and behaviour, immersing its consumers into a dreamy state.

4. Kratom Tea

Kratom comes from a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia. In the past kratom was used to improve productivity, relieve fatigue and treat the common medical issues like diarrhoea, diabetes, fever and pain.

The many health benefits due to its extensive properties have made the kratom tea talk of the town. It helps in relieving fatigue, relieving pain, helps fight depression and in general, alleviates your mood. High doses of kratom can induce a ‘high’ feeling giving a rush of euphoria.

5. Kava Tea

Kava Tea - Teas

Kava is a member of the nightshade family of plants, native to south pacific islands. It has been used in the pacific islands as a ceremonial drink for hundreds of years. Traditionally the roots were chewed and then spat out to prepare the kava drink.

Nowadays, the roots are harvested dried and ground to make the powder which is used to prepare the tea. Kava has a strong pungent and bitter flavour. So it does not taste good. It even has a muddy brown colour making it even visually unpleasant

However, it feels good. The roots of the kava plant contain kavalactones, a compound found in kava, which is mainly responsible for many of kava’s beneficial effects. It can even induce euphoria and make you feel mildly high.

Kava can take you to the world of tranquillity as it is a stress buster. It makes you feel calm and content, therefore known to treat people with anxiety and insomnia.

The stress relieving and relaxing effects can last longer while the euphoric and uplifting effects of kava may be felt for anywhere between 1-3 hours. Historically, kava tea was prepared and also gulped for medicinal purposes.

The beauty of these teas is that they let you get high without actually getting high. All the five teas we discussed above, alleviate mood and prompt the feelings of calmness, deep sense of relaxation and mental clarity.

The anxiety fades away, and the consumer sinks into a fantasy world free of worries and full of happiness. In other words, these are legal ways of getting yourself mildly high. The best part is, unlike alcohol and other drugs, these do not carry any severe health hazard.

Are you someone who loves both tea and alcohol

Why not make a combo out of them both!

Mixing alcohol with teas

Tea- infused spirits are trending for a few years now. Reflect your creative side by preparing the mix at your home. Alternately, different tea-infused wines can be easily found in the market.

Alternatively, to enjoy your two favourite drinks together, you can mix alcohol with your hot cup of tea. There are a variety of teas you can choose from such as black, white, green, oolong, chamomile and many others.

Pouring some alcohol over your favourite tea will not only allow you to soothe your alcohol urge but will also provide you with specific health benefits. The beauty of this mixture is that you can choose from a variety of drink and tea of your choice.

A few trials and error will ultimately lead you to a perfect combo suitable for your body and nerves. So get creative with the combinations!

Nevertheless, just to get you started, we have some suggestions.

One of the most common warm alcohol tea is the hot toddy tea, which can easily be prepared and combined with alcohol.

For this tea, feel free to choose rum, scotch, whiskey or gin. Also, play around with the additives by adding sugar, lemon, cinnamon etc. to adjust the flavour to the whims of your taste buds.

Similarly, a few other options are mixing rum with black tea, mixing bourbon and earl grey, mixing red wine and rum, mixing whiskey and green tea and many more combinations. You can even opt for different herbal tea like the Japanese matcha tea.

As far as the question stands ‘which alcohol goes best with the tea?’, let me tell you, whether it is whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, it depends upon your preference and taste.

Some people prefer to pair lighter tea with lighter wines and darker tea with darker wines. The goal is simple; find a combination that your taste buds and brain appreciate the most.

What are some of the effects of gulping tea-infused spirits?

The term tea drunk is correctly used to describe the effects one may feel by taking beverages having a combination of tea and alcohol. The drink can induce strong positive and euphoric feelings.

Users may be able to focus more and feel more relaxed. It will help you alleviate your mood and will give you a sense of contentment.

You will feel uplifted, motivated and happy in general, which will make you more creative and emotional. In essence, considering the positive impacts, getting tea drunk is a better alternative to drinking.

On the contrary, some people, especially those who take the beverage excessively, have felt adverse effects like nausea, dizziness and unpleasant sensations at times.

On an ending note, it is a safer option to go for herbal teas to get high. Though these teas have milder effects, they carry far less risk of affecting your health negatively.

The teas that get you high not only have far less adverse effects, they instead carry positive effects too. So, enjoy your beverage!

Drink and be merry!

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