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About The Brand

Kratom is a stimulating herb. With so many benefits, Ketum stays at the top of the debate. Despite all of it, thousands of people around the globe are enjoying the positive effects of Ketum on health. In the U.S., where Kratom is banned in various states, this herb is becoming more and more famous day by day.

You will find a lot of vendors selling Kratom online or local stores. Since this herb is not legalized – it is challenging to find Kratom in large marts. Buying Ketum from headshops or other shady places is always a risk, which is why you must consider buying it from online stores.

Although there is no 100% guarantee that the product will be safe and authentic, but a little research about the product can help you make the right decision. This review is entirely dedicated to telling people about the famous ‘Monarch Kratom’ – a retail brand – selling Kratom powder through online means.

Monarch Kratom is a well-known name in the market with mostly positive reviews. Offering different strains, this brand has maintained its reputation in the market. Let’s take a look at its features.

Shop from a Wide Range of Strains

Monarch Kratom sells Kratom in powder form only. The brand deals in multiple types of strains, including Monarch Bali Gold, Monarch Green Maeng Da, Monarch Red Bali, and Monarch White Elephant. All of these strains have different influences on the body, so you cannot use the same strain for all your problems.

Bali Gold Kratom is known best for its analgesic properties. Any person who wants to experience deep relaxation, proper sleep, good appetite, and perfect well being – Bali Gold Kratom is a must-have for you. At Monarch Kratom, you can purchase the Bali Gold strain in premium quality. Those who have tried this product ensure that they experience a positive influence on their life.

Green Maeng Da Kratom has energizing effects in it that help the person to show better productivity. It also helps in releasing muscle and skeletal pain, which is the common reason why people opt for Ketum. Here at Monarch, you will get excellent quality Green Maeng Da that can help you solve all your problems in the blink of an eye.

Red Bali is not any different from Green Maeng Da or Bali Gold. It has similar energy-boosting and pain-relieving effects on the person. Monarch Kratom ensures that the customer gets instant relief from their problems, which is why all their products are well-researched and widely used by customers.

Coming to the last and most important Monarch product – their White Elephant Kratom. The name refers to the veins of this plant. It is widely known as a stimulant and anti-depressant, but it functions differently from other Kratom strains. Monarch Kratom sells White Elephant Kratom in its best form so customers can enjoy its enormous benefits.

Order Monarch Kratom from ‘The Herbal Place’

As mentioned earlier, Monarch is a retail brand, but it has no website or local store. It is because of this reason that it is mostly sold for resellers at headshops or online stores. The best way to get your hands on the Monarch Kratom is by ordering it from ‘The Herbal Place.’

They are very famous resellers of herbal products with a good name in the market. If you want to avoid any hassle of searching for authentic products, then this reseller is it for you!

Here are some points that you need to know before purchasing Kratom from this reseller.

  • Premium Quality Speciosa at Best Prices

If you are looking for something reasonable, then ‘The Herbal Place’ is the best option for you. Their pricing is absolutely affordable, considering they are resellers so that everyone can buy something for themselves from them.

At this reseller, you can purchase any strain of Monarch Kratom in either 60gms or 120gms. If you want to buy it in bulk quantity, then you can increase the amount of these Ketum packets. Their price range lies in between $29.99 to $49.99, which is somewhat close to what other resellers ask for.

  • Enjoy Fast Shipping Services

Here is one of the best things about ‘The Herbal Place’ – no shipping charges in the U.S. Yes, you heard it right!

If you are living in the U.S., then you do not have to pay any shipping charges; however, there is one bad news. As we all know, Kratom is not FDA approved, which is why it is banned in many states; thus, this reseller does not deliver their products to Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Vermont, Indiana, Alabama, and Arkansas. Maybe get it through your friend or any other relative? You cannot miss out on this fantastic product!

  • Lenient Return Policies

‘The Herbal Place’ has a very transparent 30-day return policy. You can easily return any product that you receive, either defected or damaged. It’s easy to contact the reseller – that is – through their email. Just send an email to them, giving your information and stating the reason for the refund. The brand is excellent in responding to their customers in time, so you will not be ignored.

Also, you will have to pay the non-refundable shipping charges. Apart from it, you will be charged for a 15% return processing fee if you have opened the product, the product was not damaged, or the reason for refund was not found in the product. You must be sure before sending them products as they pass them through strict scrutiny.

  • Discounts or No Discounts?

They do not offer constant discounts, but they do offer to save some bucks every now and then. Keep a strict check on their website to get discounts!

  • Social Media Presence

These resellers are quite active on the INSTAGRAM. You can follow them there and keep checking their new updates or discount offers.

  • Excellent Customer Service

No matter how many times you inquire from them, you will always get a response from these resellers. You can contact them through their official email, which is [email protected]. You can easily reach these resellers to track your order or to get any other information about their products.

  • Lab Test Reports

Due to a whole list of scammers, it is a requirement to check if the Kratom is tested before selling it in the market. A lot of vendors comply with it and show their lab test reports on their official website as a proof. Sadly, there are no test reports of Monarch Kratom on the reseller’s website.

The original Kratom sellers must check the quality of their products through tests. Even though both Monarch Kratom and The Herbal Place ensures that they test their products, but there is no proof of it. This case can create problems for those customers who hate taking risks.

If you can compromise on this one feature, then Monarch Kratom is the best option for you.

  • Payment Options

You will not get many payment options at ‘The Herbal Place.’ Currently, they only accept payment through Green eCheck, which can cause trouble for many people. However, ordering products from them is very easy and simple.

Our Verdict

Let’s sum it all up.

Monarch Kratom is a good name in the market, but they do not have any store or online shop of their own. In this case, you will have to look for resellers that are selling Monarch Kratom’s products.

Now the question comes if you can trust the reseller or not. Hence, shopping from a retail brand that no shop of their own requires more effort.

Even though customers have reviews that Monarch Kratom is excellent in taste and works very well on the body, but who should you trust to purchase it from?

‘The Herbal Place’ is a famous reseller brand that sells Kratom, CBD, and other botanicals from multiple brands. You can easily get Monarch Kratom from them without any hassle, but it has its own pros and cons.

For instance, these resellers do not give multiple payment options or do not post lab test reports of Kratom. In such cases, customers have to put in extra effort to find their answers.

From what I believe, if you can compromise on a few things, then buying Monarch Kratom from The Herbal Place is not a bad option. They offer high-quality Kratom, great taste with great customer service, and whatnot.

When the package comes with so much in it, then it is okay to avoid little loopholes. Shop from Monarch Kratom and get the best shopping experience through ‘The Herbal Place.’ It is one of the best places to shop Kratom from, so don’t miss out on the chance!



  1. Monarch Gold Bali is absolutely hands down the most disgusting Kratom we have EVER tasted!! It is like no other, it is actually disgusting & it sticks with you the taste doesn’t want to go away. Avoid this. The Red Bali is okay


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