Kratom Helper Review – Buy Customer Friendly Priced Kratom

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is a plant-derived product that has taken the US botanical market by a storm. There is a lot of hype surrounding the product, and the demand for it is increasing day by day.

The product itself originates from the tropical and temperate forests of the Southeast Asian regions of the world, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, etc.

As the demand for the substance increases, consequently, the number of Kratom vendors are increasing at an astounding rate.

New vendors are popping in the market like corn. This market saturation results in many bad vendors selling substandard quality Mitragyna to stay in the mainstream. For this purpose, it is imperative to check out the reputation of a specific vendor before you purchase with them.

A vendor that is being talked about a lot is Kratom Helper. If you are debating whether you should buy from the vendor, below is an in-depth review of the brand with all you need to know before making a purchase.

About Kratom Helper

This brand started as an offline retail store for Kratom based in the Czech Republic. From there, it gained a lot of popularity because of its professionalism and product quality. The brand then expanded to an online store as well that ships to an international clientele.

Expanding from an offline store to an online retailer – the brand ensured that it extended its salient features of professionalism, approachability, and quality to its website. Their success in doing so can be seen from the tremendous number of positive reviews that the store has garnered during its operation.

What are they selling?

Mitragyna is nature’s treasure because it can be used in so many ways and forms. There are numerous strains of the plant, and they can be used in several ways depending upon the customer’s preference, i.e., can be used in the form of powders, capsules, tinctures, etc.

Kratom Helper understands the diversity that exists within customers and is looking to expand its product range.

However, currently, their range is not as diverse as other vendors in the market. They have a handful of Kratom strains in powdered form and just two strains in the form of capsules.

The primary strain that the vendor focuses on in its product range is Maeng Da, and it has green, white, and red Maeng Da on sale. Other than these, Kratom Helper has capsules that have blended Kratom from two different compatible strains.

As far as the other products on the website are concerned, many herbal and botanical products also have effects similar to those of Mitragyna. These herbs and botanicals include Blue Tea, Kopi Luwak, and Guarana, etc. These substances are also opted by customers to be used independently or alongside their Kratom.

Is the brand ethical?

You will hear the word “Ethical” a lot when buying Kratom. In simpler terms, it means that the Kratom you are purchasing has been imported from quality farms in the Southeast Asian countries of the world while following all the guidelines provided by the FDA,

Kratomhelper online store follows all the guidelines provided by the FDA and DEA to ensure that there are no legal issues the brand or the customers face. 100% organic Kratom is imported from the most trustworthy farmers in Borneo, Thailand. The team of the brand has personally picked these farms.

What are some unique features of Kratom Helper?

If you have been in the Kratom world for some time, the professionalism you see on the Kratom Helper website will give you a pleasant surprise. Several factors distinguish this vendor from others in the market. They include:

The website design

When shopping online, website design can matter a lot. Kratom Helper has an easily navigable website that is the perfect blend of professionalism and sophistication. There are no flashy advertisements, and the vendor has categorized the entire webpage into sections to make the navigation process easy.

Approachability of the vendor

One of the tell-tale signs of a substandard vendor is the lack of approachability and honesty. The better the vendor, the easier they are to contact.

Many substandard vendors sell the product to the customer and then disappear. Kratom Helper is the opposite of that. The brand has several ways available with which a customer can contact the vendor in the case of complaint or query.  


The brand prides itself on the quality of the products they are selling. They travel to the best farms of Borneo to identify the best strains. Kratom Helper believes in quality over quantity, and they do not stand by having a vast product range with substandard product quality.

Helping the customer figure out their strain

This is perhaps one of the unique features of the vendor. The brand has described the effects present in each strain in the form of bullet points under that strain. This ensures that you find what you are looking for without having to go through any confusion.

Guidebook and blog

For beginners and experienced customers alike, the blog present on the Kratom Helper website is intriguing. There are articles on every facet of Kratom to provide information to the customers. From Mitragyna legality issues to myth-busting – the blog section of the vendor’s website has something informative.

Customer Friendly Price Range

When buying Mitragyna online, not only is quality a primary concern but the price range as well. All customers look for a product that will not be heavy on their pockets, and hence they can repurchase it. Kratom Helper knows this and has a significantly reasonable price range with their capsules and powders starting as low as 20 USD and 16 USD, respectively.

Social Media Activity

In the current time and age, it is vital to have a social media presence to ensure maximum growth of your business. Kratom Helper understands this and is active on both Facebook and Instagram – which are two primary online business tools. All major announcements regarding new strains and sales are made there.

Is the quality guaranteed?

Vendors that provide quality guarantee signify the trust they have on their products. Kratom Helper urges the customers to come into contact with them in case of any complaint or concern they have. In the case of a damaged or wrong product – they also provide a complete cash back.

Are the products lab tested?

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying Mitragyna. Kratom Helper does not have any of their lab tests on display on their site. This feature provides a lack of verification, which can confuse customers. However, they do state in their FAQs that their local laboratory tests their Kratom for salmonella or contaminants, and neither have ever been found in their products.

Negative points of the brand

  • The brand is still coming on par with the leaders of the online Kratom market. It lacks the AKA GMP certification, which makes the competitors have an edge.
  • The brand does not have any lab tests on display or any verification that they conduct such tests in the first place.
  • The brand has a minimal product range, and there are chances that many customers may not find what they want.

Final Words

Even though there are concerns with the brand when it comes to the lab tests, there are only positive reviews regarding the vendor to be found on the internet.

Moreover, the fact that they import their Kratom from handpicked farms of Borneo says a lot about their quality. If you are looking to purchase from the vendor, I recommend you buy a small amount of a strain to see if it works for you first.



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