Zen Life Naturals Review – Premium Lab Tested Kratom

About The Vendor
Zen Life Naturals
Address: 2451 N McMullen Booth Rd,
Suite 300A Clearwater, FL 33569
Email: [email protected]
United States
Website: https://zenlifenaturals.com/

As the popularity of Kratom grows day by day, more and more vendors are springing up to cater to the increasing demand of Kratom products. While some vendors choose to open up brick and mortar offline shops, others stick to online shops to provide maximum accessibility to customers.

Zen Life Naturals is a vendor that recently launched its website for online delivery in January 2020. What prompted them to launch a website was the success of their product line that started from their brick and mortar shop in Florida. Based on the ‘kava bar capital of the world,’ Zen Life Naturals has achieved success in an extremely competitive environment.

The team at Zen Life Naturals believes that the benefits of Kratom are vast and its prospects endless. Everyone at Zen Life Naturals has used its products, worked with them, and understood them correctly. This is why they think of educating their customers regarding the benefits of Kratom as their duty.

How to differentiate between different Kratom Products?

When it comes to Kratom, it’s never as simple as just buying it without any information. Kratom all over the world is available in various strains and forms.

These strains are usually determined by where the specific Kratom leaves originated from and the process of their extraction. For instance, Borneo Kratom comes from the Island of Borneo in Indonesia.

Simultaneously the effects of Kratom are also determined by the veins of the Kratom leaves. Kratom veins include red vein Kratom, white vein Kratom, green vein Kratom, and yellow vein Kratom. The vein of a Kratom determines its potency and its effects as a consequence.

White vein Kratom is the most potent strain and is considered to be an acquired taste. It is harvested from young tree leaves that are dried entirely indoors with no light.

On the other hand, red vein Kratom is considered to be the mildest of the Kratom strains. It is processed using a lot of sunlight or a UV lamp. Green vein Kratom stands right in the middle, being a moderately stimulant strain. It is typically harvested after the Kratom plant matures, being dried indoors first and then outdoors. Finally, Yellow vein Kratom is made when two veins of Kratom are combined or when red vein Kratom is dried differently.

What does the product line look like at Zen Life Naturals?

One of the defining features of any good quality vendor is the selection of their products. Variety is vital to attract customers as having a free choice is more likely to result in customers getting what they want.

Since different customers have different reasons to try Kratom, a wide variety of products is critical to satisfying their requirements. Zen Life Naturals does just that by offering different strains of Kratom at reasonable prices. At the same time, you can grab their Mix N Match Premium Kratom Kilo Pack to acquire 250g of 4 different strains. Below is a table showing all their Kratom strains and prices.

Maeng Da Kratom (Green, Red, White, and Yellow)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg
Zenergy! Blend Maeng Da Kratom (Green and White Kratom Blend)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Zen Blend Full Spectrum Maeng Da Kratom (Green, White, Yellow, and Red Kratom Blend)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Borneo Kratom (Green, Red, White, and Yellow) Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Malay Kratom (Green, Red, White, and Yellow)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Bali Kratom (Green, Red, White, and Yellow)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Zen Chill Blend Maeng Da Kratom (Red and Yellow Blend)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Thai Kratom (Green, Red, White, and Yellow)Powder$9, $25, $45, $70 and $12050g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg  
Red Maeng Da KratomPowder Capsules$20, $4050g, 100g
Green Maeng Da KratomPowder Capsules$20, $4050g, 100g
White Maeng Da KratomPowder Capsules$40100g

How attractive is Zen Life Naturals’ social media presence?

In the 21st century, social media is perhaps the most crucial avenue to market your products. Not only does it allow vendors to maximize their outreach, but it also allows them to receive and assess feedback by their customers.  This can be very advantageous for an infant vendor as they can mold their services according to popular opinion to attract more customers. 

Zen Life Natural’s social media presence is impressive. They are active on all platforms, including the most important ones; Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. They respond to customer queries and consider their feedback to improve their services consistently.

This is precisely why most of the reviews on Zen Life Naturals are positive and satisfactory. At the same time, you can also leave a review on their website, which goes to them directly. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, there are not many wrongs; you can point out in Zen Life Naturals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kratom purchase becomes more straightforward as you get more and more information. There are, however, specific questions that every beginner has in his/her mind when trying to find the perfect Kratom product. The answers to these questions will help you in finding the ideal vendor to get Kratom from.

Are the products of this vendor lab tested?

This is one of the most important questions customers have in mind when it comes to Kratom vendors. Third-party lab tests are essential to determine whether or not a retailer’s products are safe to consume. These tests check for contaminants and any harmful contents that may be present in the product. 

Although Zen Life Naturals claims that its products are lab tested, they offer no proof on their website. Most vendors would give you access to the lab test reports on their website, unlike Zen Life Naturals. This is one of the drawbacks of this vendor.

Is vendor GMP Certified?

Good Manufacturing Process certification is also a testimony to the quality and authenticity of a vendor’s products. It tells the customer that their manufacturing process is safe and regulated. Not all popular vendors are GMP certified, but GMP certification should bump a vendor on your list of choices.

What is the return policy of the vendor?

To boost your accessibility, you should look into the shipping and return policy of a vendor as well as payment options. While some vendors allow for a return until 14 days after purchase, others are more lenient by allowing it until 30 days after purchase.

Zen Life Naturals is the latter with a reasonably basic return policy of products being needed to be in an unused condition before the return. As far as the payment options are concerned, Zen Life Naturals, like most vendors, allows for Visa and MasterCard payment.



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