The 10 Best Vape Mods/Box Mods in The Market (High Performing)

Since the era of e-cigarettes became popular, innovation follows. Vape mods are the better version of e-cigarettes; it has a different range from beginner up to veteran types of mods.

It is more significant compared to your traditional vape pens and tube mods — features the temperature setting, voltage, and wattage.

The vape mod lasts longer than the smaller vapes since it is one of the most potent vaporizers, and it holds large batteries.

Box Mod Vape vs. Vape Pen

The vape pen is a long and slim vape that looks like a pen and known as the e-cigarette. The box mod vape is a larger box-shaped mod. If you are the type of person who does not use the vape regularly and prefer something small or slim — the vape pen is the right one for you.

But when it comes to durability, you should go to the box mod vape that can carry up to four batteries and can support higher-power.

Since the vape pens are slim, they do not require many batteries compared to the box mod vapes.

Mod vapes have circuit boards that allow you to manage your vapes settings depending on your style, while the vape pen is just like any of the unregulated vapes.

If you are more into power and technology go for the box mod, but if you want a simple vaping experience go with the vape pen.

How Vape Mods Works

The vape mod allows you to change the batteries, tank, and atomizer depending on your desire. You can control the temperature to optimize your vaping experience.

Aside from that, you can also control the wattage, which allows you to control the power of your vaporizer. Here in this article, we will enlist the best vape mods available in the market.

Different Types of Mods

There are two types of the vaping mod — the regulated, and unregulated. Its electrical design categorizes it since it is different in internal design and vaping experience. If you are new in the vaping world, this might help you in getting your first mod.

Regulated Mod: These mods with chips add a lot of unique features and functions to the mod. You can quickly determine if the mod is regulated because it has an LED screen that displays essential information like the temperature and wattage of vape.

You can also control the power and temperature with the regulated mod. It also features some safety system to protect you from any harm.

Unregulated Mods: Unregulated mods or mechanical mods are advisable only for advanced vapers since they have the proper knowledge when it comes to this and in that case, unregulated mods are not for beginners.

The unregulated mod does not control the batter, meaning when the battery is full, it has a power of 80W, and when it gets weaker, it will function at 67W and 42w until there is no juice left.

Unlike the regulated, this one has no chipset, meaning you cannot control the power and temperature, and it has no LED screen.

If you are looking for the best vape mods to use whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are in the right place. Here we have listed the 10 best mods for vaping. You can find more useful info here.

10) VooPoo Drag 2

This newest version of VooPoo Drag retains the original look since the first version of VooPoo Drag was successful, and it features the same fast-firing Gene chip.

Although it retains some of its trademark looks, it also improves the design to make it ergonomic. When it comes to the design, you can choose from 8specular designs with many resins plates, Island, Flame, Dawn, Scarlet, Fire Cloud, Puzzle, Aurora, and Ink.

Your convenience is their priority; that is why they made it slimmer and lighter compared to Drag. With the newly upgrade mod, it will be easy for you to carry and use it anytime you want, and that makes it user-friendly.

The innovation is not only in the external feature but also in its external features.

Say goodbye to 157W and hello to 177W of the maximum power range, and even though this mod is powerful, your protection is their main priority that is why it features short-circuit, over-temperature, overcharge, over-discharge, and more protection from its eight security system.

The mod has a product dimension of 88.3mm x 51mm x 26.5 mm and requires 2x of 18650 of battery.

The VooPoo Drag 2 price is $79.99.

VooPoo Drag 2

9) SMOK T-Priv Mod

This mod has hollow design and is a dual battery mod. It has all the options that you need in the new mod, and it the fresh design makes it stand out.

The T-Priv mod has a product dimension of 86.6mm x 48.1mm x 32mm; it fits on the mid-sized category, and will perfectly fit on the hands of both men and women users.

This one is a regulated mod, meaning it has OLED screen at the top where you can see the details about the power, temperature, and battery. You can also customize the LED lights to add some cool effects while using it.

This mod is available in 6 different colors, black, blue, red, purple, silver and 7-color. This mid-size mod weighs 210g, convenient to bring for your daily usage.

With maximum output power up to 22W and two modes available for you, you can enhance the temperature mode.

To make this functional, it requires 2x 18650 batteries, and since it is from the family of the regulated mod, it features multi protection.

You can get this mod for as low as $42.99 since they have this clearance sale ongoing.

SMOK T-Priv Mod


This regulated mod VAPOR STORM PUMA 200W TC is constructed from lightweight ABS body box with up to 200W max output.

This mod with the funky design is for direct lung inhalation, it is tough, and even if you drop it, there is only a small chance of damaging it.

Just like what every regulated mod, VAPOR STORM PUMA 200W TC features a small LED display at the body part to display the information of your vape. With a dimension of 80.7mm x 40.3mm x 40mm, you can say that this mod is user-friendly.

The power output ranges from 5 up to 200W, and the power output is from 0.6 up to 3 ohms.

This mod requires a 2x of 18650 high amperage batteries which are not in the package when you purchase the mod.

The micro USB port is for charging with a rate of 1.5A, and for some software updates if needed. It also features safety protection from overcharging, over-current, over-power, short-circuit, and a lot more of protection to avoid harming yourself.

The temperature output range is from 212F up to 600F, supports Ni200 Nickel and Ti01 Titanium.

You can buy this mod for only $29.99.


7) Hammer of God V3.2 Trinity MOD

The Hammer of God V3.2 Trinity MOD is an unregulated type of mod. It is the upgraded version of the famous original version of HOG. This mod is created to celebrate the expansion of Vaperz Cloud’s in Uk and Canada since HOG V3 3.2 is still the best in the HOG line.

The mod is made of zinc alloy chassis and requires 4x of 18650 batteries. The wired batteries in a dual series-parallel configuration and that doubles up the amperage limit, voltage output, and battery life.

The hand-painted cerakote finish mode has a product dimension of 94mm x 42mm x 42mm and a ULTEM firing button.

Since it is the newer version of HOG, the battery plate is upgraded to enhance the performance. When it comes to its style, the engraved design is the trademark of HOG.

Since the para and series, the maximum voltage is only 4.2V. For everyone’s safety, this type of mod needs guidance from people with extensive knowledge in unregulated mods.

You can get this mod with a price of $224.99.

Hammer of God V3.2 Trinity MOD

6) Innokin BigBox Atlas 200W TC Vape MOD

The Innokin BigBox Atlas 200W TC Vape MOD with honeycomb design is best from Innokin. This mod is the next big thing in the vaping world because of its extraordinary design housing, a large amount of power that vapers would love, and the latest technology that follows the innovation of mods.

There is nothing more satisfying by getting the aesthetic mod with rugged housing made by resin, and it is convenient when it comes to the weight and size.

The 24K gold spring-loaded 510 pins are to secure the connection with any attachment and stainless steel 510 threading. Since it is a regulated mod, you can see an OLED display screen on the side with incredible feedback, and three buttons.

To secure the battery of your mod, it has a magnetized door; inside of it is the battery bay that holds 2x 18650 batteries, and micro-USB port for charging with a 2A fast charge rate.

This mod has a dimension of 3 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ x 1, and maximum wattage of 200W. It supports Ni200 Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium for full temperature control.

Get this Innokin BigBox Atlas 200W TC Vape MOD for only $69.95.

Innokin BigBox Atlas 200W TC Vape MOD

5) Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Mod

The regulated Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Mod is the updated version of the popular Revenger mod. If you are a fan of the old Revenger mod, you will love this since they keep all the best feature of the old Revenger, and add a modern touch with the responsive haptic vibration touch buttons.

The Omni board 2.2 chip is a super fast chipset that allows a massive wattage with a range of 5W up to 220W along with 0.05-ohm minimum resistance.

You can upgrade the firmware by using the USB connection. The output options available are full TCR suite and the Ni200, SS316, and titanium is for temperature control. If you want the Bypass mode, it is also available at CCW and CCT.

Since it has a modern look with smooth design, it has an adjustable brightness on its 0.91″ OLED screen. One fantastic feature of this mod is the touch buttons; it works like similar smartphones and with eight different vibration patterns.

To power this mod, it requires two 18659 batteries, which is not in the package and the magnetic door keeps it safe in one place.

The USB connection is for charging with a 2.5A quick charging technology and for updating your firmware. People who are looking for a modern style mod should try this.

You can get this mod with a price of $52.99.

Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Mod


The Wismec Luxotic Surface is the smallest mod squonk mod with only 0.49″ OLED screen. It is compact, ergonomic enough, and powered by a single 18650 cell.

With a product, a dimension of 78mm x 43.5mm x 25.5mm, the same height as your credit cards. The WISMEC LUXOTIC SURFACE can fire up to 80W, which gives you a more powerful output ever.

When it comes to protection, this one features multiple circuit protection system. It will protect you from overcharging, over-discharge, over 10s, short circuit, over current, reverse polarity and temperature protection.

You will love the different beautiful design and patterns that make your vaping life cooler. Each package includes a user manual, wismec luxmotic surface mod, warning card, and e-liquid bottle.
Get this mod for $57.98-$69.00.


3) USV-L MOMA 75W Box Mod

The USV-L MOMA 75W Box Mod supports 0.1 up to 3.0ohms and a product dimension of 83.6mm x 44.6mm x 25.4mm box type mod. It supports Ni, TI, SS 304, 316 and 317 TC mode coils. If you are seeking a game changer type of mod with an elegant design, you may try this.

The adjustment buttons and ports are all concealed, and the lines give a sleek appearance.

Customize your USV-L MOMA 75W Box Mod depending on your style. The cover plates from aircraft-grade aluminum, are swappable, and it allows you to change the look of your device.

The VO chipset in the USV-L gives advanced features that authorize you to customize your draw with the VPC mode. It also provides super fast ramp-up times with a 97% efficiency along with the advanced auto control of the temperature.

The power range of the mod is from 5W up to 75W, with a temperature control range of 100°C – 300°C.

You can get this mod for only $49.99.

USV-L MOMA 75W Box Mod


If you are not a fan of box type mod, or extensive mode checks this SERIES-B DNA 75W. Created to deliver outstanding performance, it is an executive class vape mod perfect for people who want some classy vaping style.

Get the elite performance with evolv’s leading DNA75 chip that secures you an efficient and premium performance. Made from premium materials and to give not only stunning performance but also an elegant look whenever you are vaping.

Just like any vapes nowadays, it also allows you to customize your mod with its Evolv’s escribe software. You do not need to worry about the temperature since you can it has a temperature control function.

The DNA75 evolv chip is famous around the globe for its fantastic performance. Power your SERIES-B DNA 75W with a 18650 battery.

It features a high drain cell that supports constant amperage of at least 20A. Overall, this product is best for vapers who want to be fashionable in an elegant way.

Get this mod for only £54.99.


1) Blade 235W TC MOD

Blade 235W TC Box MOD is a high-performance TC mode with power up to 235W and maximizes the use of dual 20700, 21700, and 18650 batteries.

Made from aircraft grade material that makes it light, and durable with a product dimension of 93mm x 52mm and weighs 112 without the battery.

You can choose from Crimson, Swift, Illusion, and Puppy design. It is a regulated type of mod that is why it has a display screen that allows you to see the information on your vape. It also has a function button, 510 connection, fire button, and USB port.

Do not judge the vape mod in its physical appearance alone, although it looks like a piece of artwork because of the design; there is more power inside of it.

When it comes to performance, this is perfect for powerful, cloud chasers, and hot vapes because of the power output of up to 235W. It has five vape modes, the TC, VPC, TCR, Bypass, and wattage.

The Blade 235W TC uses an AS chipset that is very responsive; you can change it easily from vaping mode and wattage setting. This device is advisable for intermediate vapers.

Get yours for only $43.90.

Blade 235W TC MOD


There’s a huge range of vape mods in the market, both regulated and unregulated. It can be hard for you to look for the best in the market, but with our list of the best vape mod, consider your problem solved.




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