How To Get Opiates Out of Your System Fast?

Considering the fact that opiates originate from both synthetic as well as natural sources, it is easy for it to accumulate in the body.

In pharmacology, it refers to any kind of drug that people drive from opium. A natural compound of opium poppy, the opiate, has various components, including morphine and thebaine.

They aid in reducing all kinds of body pains, along with relieving the brain of all the stress. However, it is necessary to put it out of the body as soon as possible, or else they may lead to unsorted complications and negativities for the entire system.

What are opiates?

Where many people are unaware of the opiates, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about the synthesis, working, and components of opiates.

In simple words, opiates refer to the drugs composed of poppy plants of opium. Initially, they were used to soothe the body pains, later their usage was found in a plethora of other functions as well.

The primary function performed by the opiates is that of blocking the pain signals from transferring from the brain to the rest of the body.

Thus, they are conveniently prescribed to treat moderate as well as high-intensity pains.

However, opiates are not that easy to use as they are filled with numerous health risks and issues. The more regular one is in using them, the more is his body adapted to it.

As a result, the system of the body ends up developing resistance, which further leads to requiring higher doses for efficient working.

As a result, eventually, this leads to addiction. The opioid disorder can be developed if a user continuously fills his stomach with it, in the hope of getting rid of the pain.

However, despite the hazards, physicians recommend a low dosage of opiates to get rid of the pain that is initiated post-dental surgery. Apart from this, grave sports injuries and the pain extending from it can also be mitigated with the help of a low dosage of opioids.  

Alongside, the pain caused by chemotherapy to cure cancer can also be lightened through the opioid usage.

By following the instructions of the doctors, it is possible to get the maximum benefits out of the opiates and eliminate all the possible negativities and side effects. 

Why is it necessary to get opiates out of the body?

To ensure a healthy and vibrant working of the human body, it is necessary to ensure that all the opiates are excreted out of the body.

At times, the consumption of these drugs gets essential, owing to their ability to mitigate body pains. However, ensuring that they leave the body system is mandatory.

If not, they may end up affecting the other vital organs of the body, leading to irreparable damage.

However, all the opiates are not equally efficient when it comes to moving out of the human body.

Different drugs take different time duration to be active and then move out of the body. For instance, morphine requires much more time to show its effect on the body compared to heroin. In the same manner, it requires much more time to move out compared to the other drugs.

Thus, it is necessary to wait for the time it requires to complete its tenure, inside the body, and move out.

Since these opiates can end up building up in the tissues, especially the fatty tissues, makes it vital for the users to sweat them out.

With the excessive usage, their tendency to affect the tissues by building upon them and blocking them enhances manifold. 

5 Ways to get opiates out of the system

The process of metabolism excretes the opiates out of the human body.

The faster a person’s metabolism is, the quicker one would be able to break down the particles of opiates and excrete them out of the body.

Here we have listed the 5 quickest and most efficient ways to flush opiates out of your system fast.

1. Using the intravenous system

One major step where most of the opiates are expelled out of the body is through the first phase of metabolism.

This refers to the process through which a large part of the consumed opiates is moved out of the liver, thanks to metabolism, and doesn’t become a part of the blood.

Before absorbing in the stomach wall, the particles of opiates are metabolized out of the human body, without becoming a part of the blood circulation.

The opiates that become a part of the body through the intravenous system, most of the time, are moved out through metabolism before they are absorbed in the blood.

2. Through excessive urine

The liver of the human body works towards cleaning the blood and remove all the impurities that are a part of it.

All the opiates that have been absorbed by the blood can be absorbed by the liver, which would eventually move out of the body through the urine.

Drinking an excessive amount of water would lead to the creation of more urine, which will take the opiates out of the system while being excreted.

3. Stopping the usage

One obvious way to get the opiates out of the body is by preventing its usage.

Opiates are difficult to remove from the body once they are accumulated in the system.

Thus, one reasonable way to enhance their excretion is by reducing their further addition in the body. This will give the body the required time to metabolize the available amount if opiates inside the human system and eliminate it effectively.

4. Regular exercise

Another effective way to get rid of the opiates from the body is by indulging in excessive activity.

The more a person exercises, the more he can enhance the circulation of blood in the body, which eventually makes the metabolism process faster.

Eventually, the excretion of drugs from the body gets efficient and proficient. Alongside, the sweat that is produced when a person exercises also lead to the excretion of the opiates from the body.

5. Hydrating the body

To remove the accumulated opiates from the system, it is necessary to hydrate the body as much as possible.

Choosing those flavors of teas that have detoxifying characteristics is also one way to remove the toxins from the body.

Cranberry juice aid in urinating more. It further helps a person in cleaning the opiates from the body.

Three to four glasses of this juice will help in removing toxins from the body and accelerating the metabolic system.

6. Add Epsom salt in the bathwater

Epsom salt is known to open the pores of the body and let the toxins move out of the body.

Adding two cups of Epsom salts in the bathing water and then soaking in it for half an hour will help in removing all the toxins accumulated in the pores.

Epsom salt is readily available in the market and is quite a cheap option to opt for when it comes to removing the opiates from the body.

Factors that affect opiates removal from the body

There are still a few factors that affect the efficiency with which the human body can remove opiates from the body.

These can, however, be overcome by taking the right steps at the right time to ensure toxins leave the body as soonest possible.

The dosage

Now, this is a prominent factor. The more a person consumes the opiates, the slower is he able to get rid of it.

Most of the time, the physicians offer their clients an appropriate amount of opiate, which is just enough for the kind of treatment the individual is going through.

However, at times, the clients tend to go hay ware and consume them excessively, which leads to their accumulation in the body.

The higher the dose, the more the time is required for the body to remove them from the body.

Speed of metabolism

The Speed of metabolism is directly proportional to the removal of opiates from the body.

This means that the faster a person’s metabolism is, the more comfortable and efficient it is to get rid of the opiates from the body.


For a younger person, it is easier to get rid of the opiates compared to an older one.

This refers to the phenomenon that when a person is young, he has a faster system of metabolism, which breaks down the opiates efficiently, excreting it out of the system.

However, as the person ages, it gets difficult for him to get rid of the accumulated opiates inside the body, as well as to get rid of the addiction signs of consuming opiates.


Genetics of an individual is also one of the significant factors affecting the excretion of opiates from the body.

This is since some genes make the inside of the body efficient in the metabolic breakdown of the opiates, while others are just slow inherently.

Recommendations to make the process fast

There are many ways to make the system of opiate excretion more quickly, which aids in ensuring that the toxins are removed from the body soonest possible. Some of them include:

Lifestyle change

Adding nutrients in the body aid in making the process of opiate excretion from the body much faster and efficient.

By adding fruits and vegetables to the diet, the user can replace the opiates with the nutrients. Green leafy veggies, Chia seeds, Yogurt, and Berries can be added to the diet to make the efficient body system in removing the opiates.

Avoiding coffee and cigarettes

Individuals who look forward to making the process of opiate removal faster should look forward to avoiding the toxic habit of drinking excessive coffee and smoking.

Sleep more

Only a healthy body can remove the opiates from its system effectively.

Getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep will make the body fresh enough to remove the accumulated toxins and excrete the opiates in the most efficient manner possible. Hence, it is recommended to take enough sleep to fasten up the excretion of opiates from the body.

Consult a nutritionist

Detoxification can be speeded up by choosing the right options in life.

However, a lot of people are not aware of the right choices that they should opt for to make the opiates sweat out of the body. In such a situation, consulting a nutritionist would be a much better option to choose for.

A proper lifestyle and diet change will aid an addict to get rid of his addiction and remove all the toxins from the body.

The opiates accumulated in the body will, in turn, be switched with the right kinds of nutrients as needed by the individual for a healthy lifestyle.


Taking opiates, at times, gets necessary as one needs to mitigate the pain caused by a pathological process.

Some physicians offer opiates as legitimate drug options to reduce the intensity of pain. However, enhancing the required limit, as suggested by the doctor, leads to significant problems.

Excessive usage leads to the accumulation of the drug in the body, which is needed to be excreted out of the body efficiently. Numerous natural ways are available to move them out of the system. However, to religiously opt for a lifestyle change will help in speeding up the excretion process.



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