The Kratom Syndicate

If you have decided to do online shopping for Kratom, then I can understand how confusing it can be. I have been through this, and during my search for the best Kratom products available online, I came across the fact that you could not order from just any online Kratom store. Different sites are full of sellers dealing with Kratom, but finding the right one can take a lot of efforts.

I came across the brand “Kratom Syndicate” from where I ordered my first batch of Kratom. I owe this responsibility to all of you to show how amazingly this Kratom has worked for me.
You cannot find Kratom products everywhere, and most of the time, you cannot even trust the quality of the product.

Due to this sole reason, I believe that sharing this review will save a lot of from the hassle. Let’s begin reviewing Kratom Syndicate so that you can quickly know what this brand has to offer to a lot of people willing to buy it. Before that, let’s get first-hand knowledge about the brand and the Kratom itself.

About The Kratom Syndicate

Kratom Syndicate operates in Hillsboro, which has mastered the art of dealing in quality products of Kratom. The company aims to fulfil the requirements of their customers in the best way. Not only products but this brand have specialists that help people to order from their website. Hence, the customer service of Kratom Syndicate is exceptional in every sense.

Apart from it, they do not take months to deliver your order, instead of it, you will your products shipped to you in no time. In short, if you are searching for motivated, top quality and trustworthy Kratom companies, then Kratom Syndicate is one of them.

A Glimpse About Kratom

A herb that belongs to the coffee plant is best known for its therapeutic and recreational effects on the person’s health. Kratom is utilized for a lot of purposes. The Kratom tree is found in sticky atmospheres such as in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many others.

There are several names for Kratom, among which speciose and Kratom are the most famous ones. Do not get yourself confused by its so many names!

Key Features of The Kratom Syndicate

Does it matter if a brand has an appealing website? No. What matters the most if they have the product that you want to purchase and if you can trust the vendor.

It is the only reason why we are mentioning the key features of this brand, so you know what you can get from them. In this section, I will discuss the essential features of this brand so you can make the best decision for yourself.

1) Product Range and Forms

Those who have no idea about Kratom, it comes in multiple forms such as capsules, extracts, powders and others. At this brand, you can purchase different types of Kratom so that everyone can find something for themselves.

They have an extensive product range, including super-enhanced powers, CBD Kava, Kratom leaves, capsules, tints, and much more.

You can also order in bulk from Kratom Syndicate as they deliver the product in kilos as well. It is good news for those who only order in bulk to save money and time!

You can purchase green, white and red strains products from the brand’s site along with a range of products. You can also buy a pack that contains several strains in it.

Either you can choose the strain to be added in your pack or the brand will do it themselves.

2) Price Range

This brand deals in wholesale price. If you are worried about getting scammed by the brand, then that will never be the case. The prices offered by this brand are competitive if you compare them with other top brands.

If you have checked their website, then you must have an idea that you can buy their products even if you have $40 in your pocket. The price range of this brand is exceptional, considering the quality of Kratom that they are offering to their customers.

Kratom in kilos is available for less than $140 and above, which is remarkable. Even if you think that this price is not much appealing, still it is competitive.

So, if you do not want to experience the low-quality Kratom, then you must go for this brand.

3) Social Media Presence of Kratom Syndicate

When I planned on ordering Kratom from this brand, I could not find any of their social media account on any social media platform. The only way to order Kratom from them is by ordering from their official website.

4) Discounts and Coupons

Even though this brand is one of the leading names in the Kratom market, still, they do not give any discounts or coupons to their customers.

5) Lab Test Reports

Even though I suffered no adverse effects on my health but for those people who are very reluctant to order products without any medical proof might not want to shop from them.

This brand is offering amazing products on their site, but since there is a lot of debate on the use of Kratom, many people ask for medical proof that ensures the quality of Kratom.

No lab reports are posted on the official website of this brand, which is the reason why many customers might not trust this brand.

However, if you search for this brand on Google, you will see that they belong to top Kratom vendors. I have read many positive reviews about this brand, which is why I convinced to shop from them.

You will rarely find any negative reviews about the product; however, if you do not feel comfortable buying this product, then this is totally up to you.

6) Shipping

This brand not just offers top quality products but also provides amazing shipping services to its customers. I received my product in such a short time that I was shocked to the core. They value their customers and promises to deliver the best services to them.

The brand also offers free delivery on orders over $50, which is a bonus point. If you are ordering products in bulk quantity, then the shipping cost can also be a burden on your bill, but free shipping over $50 of purchase is a plus point for Kratom lovers!

If you wish to track your order, you can do that as well by using Aftership. With Kratom Syndicate, you do not have to worry about anything.

7) Payment Procedure

You can easily pay cash on delivery for your orders or in cryptocurrencies. You can also pay e-checks through Zelle and Bitcoin.

You can trust Kratom Syndicate in terms of payments due to the safe and secure payment options that they have provided for their customers.

How to Use Kratom Syndicate

You can find Kratom Syndicate in different forms on the website, which is why the usage for every Kratom form will be different. I am mentioning a few ways through which you can take any Kratom. Since Kratom Syndicate comes in various forms, here are some ways to help you take the herb!

If you have purchased Kratom in powder form, then it’s better if you consume it with water, juice, tea or coffee. You can also gulp it down by taking it alone through your mouth.

If you have purchased it in the form of capsules, then you can drink it as any other medicine, for instance, with water, juice or any other liquid.

You can also take Ketum powder with your favourite milkshake or drink to get over the taste of the herb.

Taking Kratom Syndicate with water, juice, tea or any other liquid has no adverse effects on the person. In fact, when I took this with milkshakes or juices, it helped me overcome the taste of the Kratom.


Kratom is used for a lot of purposes, but for it to be valid, you must make sure that it is bought from the best of places. Here’s the overall review summed up for everyone so they can get a better idea about Kratom Syndicate in a glance.

  • Easy to afford
  • Extended range of products
  • Different strain products
  • Good payment options
  • Small batch available for testing
  • Inconsistent product quality
  • Not so good shipping policy

Kratom Syndicate - Final Verdict

As I was on the search for top class Kratom, I found a lot of positive reviews on the internet about this brand. I learned more about them by visiting their site and found that they offer products in affordable rates, which is why I preferred them. Apart from it, the website was easy to navigate so that customers can easily shop. In short, if you want an excellent Kratom, then this brand will not disappoint you.

However, you must know that shipping policies and product quality might cause pain sometimes. Hence, overall, the product is perfect if you are new to Kratom. Try purchasing a small batch first to check if this Kratom is what you were looking for!

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Andrew Coria is the main partner at SNB and a dedicated Warrior in the fight for Kratom. He has served thousands of customers during his work in the industry and yet still thinks of himself as a customer as well. His work has been featured on popular kratom blogs such as Kratom Guides and Red Storm Scientific actively discussing trending botanical topics in the industry. Andrew works only with highly vetted farmers whom he trusts to make quality their #1 factor for the customer. His expertise is practiced by providing the cleanest products on the market, backed by industry-standard lab testing.


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